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Blushing bee

I am not getting engagement pictures either, mainly b/c they were not included in my ridiculously pricey package.  I think if you dont want them then you can probably talk some of the photographers down in the price, and I agree that a good photographer will deliver awesome pictures with or without an engagement session, but if the couple has already worked with them before, maybe they will be more comfortable on the day of.

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Worker bee

Nope. Not doing them. We are having two weddings (one abroad, one in the states) and having 2 photographer. Neither of them included e-pics, and quite frankly, enough is enough. We have been together 7 years, have plenty of pics together, and and some point you just have to walk away from the wedding extravaganza. Not necessary.


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Buzzing bee
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You should definately spend time with your photographer before the wedding day, but he/she should be willing to meet with and just talk with you, show you pictures, without actually taking pictures… 

We actually didn’t think we wanted an e-photo either.  Then my sister drug us along to Sears to get baby pictures taken, and forced us to sit in front of the camera.  Needless to say (we had no warning) we didn’t like the pictures too much.  But the longer we looked at them, the more we thought that maybe we really did want a nice portrait of the "before" us.  So we had our wedding photographer do one – and we are really happy with it.

If you just don’t see the value in it, for whatever reason, I would spend your money on something that’s more important to you.  As far as "forced and posed," I have seen a lot that look very spontaneous.  I think that has more to do with your photographer, and the style of photo that you want, than anything else.  Actually, the more I think about that, the more I wonder if you don’t want to get some actual experience with your photographer before the wedding, so you don’t end up thinking your wedding portraits look  forced and posed.

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Bumble bee
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I really didnt want to do them either, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned, but my married friends convinced me otherwise.  You dont want to be "getting to know" your photog ON your wedding day (and, vice versa, thats why they usually include "free" engagement sesssions).  The E session gives both the couple AND the photog a chance to feel out eachother’s style, see their best angles, and just generally let you get acquainted with eachother.  You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day with your photog, and the E session helps out a lot.  All in all…if its included, DONT skip it!  Even if you dont want to buy any of the pics, you will feel more confident the day of your wedding with your photographer.  You’ve only got one wedding day, you might as well make it as "easy" as possible 🙂

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Blushing bee
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Miss Penguin,

When are you guys doing you e-pics session with Sarah?  I’m such a photog. blog stalker..heehee.

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I think the best part about the e-sessions if they are included, is that it helps you see what types of shots you do and don’t like. My photographer took a wide range of different types of photos, and I’m so thankful that we had the shoot because I can tell her what types of pictures I would like more of on the wedding day. You can get a sense about a photographer from pictures they show you, but to have the opportunity to really see what shots work best for you and your fiance I think is priceless. 

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Busy bee
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We are getting them because even after being together for almost four years, we don’t have any nice photos of the two of us, which is just sad.  I want a few photos of us, as us, not just on our wedding day.

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Blushing bee
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No e-pics for us.  Too much moolah.  I also don’t want to put an engagement annoucement in the paper.  Are many of you doing that?

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2008

We’re not getting e-pics either.   We have quite a few nice ones of us from being at other peoples weddings so we didn’t really see the point. 

Plus there was the whole logistics thing,  our photographer lives in City A, we live in City B and we are getting married in City C.   It was just one more thing that we would have to worry about arranging so we determined we didn’t need it. 

Although we are meeting with our photographer the day before the wedding and she wants to take a few photos of us just to get to know us.  but it will be totally casual. 

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Helper bee
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We’re not doing an engagement session either. We’re planning from across the country and it’s just not worth the hassle.  We’ll likely only be in our wedding city once before the wedding and just don’t have the time.  I certainly don’t think they are necessary.

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Blushing bee
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i was antiengagement photos too!  My photog friend wouldn’t let it slide, so he literally message me every day for two months!  Its a good thing we agreed to as I would have never found out how awkward fiance and I were together in front of people (i would have been mortified had they been our wedding pictures!)  We’re not into pda and quite camera shy, so the pictures showed us tensed and very uncomfortable with each other.  We ended up doing TWO sessions with my friend.  The second time around, we were way better and it shows in our pictures.  It was an eye opener…plus we got some great pictures now too (we don’t have too many pictures together, camera shy). 

Engagement pictures don’t have to be forced or posed as you put it.  It can be candid shots of you and your fiance on a swing or strolling on the beach or whatever you envisioned it.  The first shoot for us was more of the posed kind, and we felt awkward and didn’t do well.  The second shoot was better for us as my friend went into the distance and let us be us at the beach and only getting posed shoot where he thought necessary.  He gave me a few pointers to help me for the wedding to allow our professional photographer to capture us that day.  My friend is a professional photographer on the weekends, but he’s our honor guest, so we didn’t want him working for us.  I’m really glad we did the shoot.  If its free with your package, take it.  Our package includes engagement shoot too, but we already had two with my friend.  We will be meeting our photographer for lunch prior to the wedding to get to know us.

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We aren’t doing them either.  I totally agree with you Bora, a good photographer should be able to take pics without an extra session.  Honestly to me it just seems like a way to add an extra service and charge more.  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2008

whether or not we get them is primarily based on our budget. my desired photog has offered to do them for $100, which is a lot lower than the other photogs and seems to be a good deal.

but i agree that a good photog shouldn’t have to preshoot you in order to get good pics on your wedding day. if you aren’t used to "modeling" for the camera, it might help you feel more natural and comfortable with the whole process. but i certainly dont think they are necessary. only nice if you dont have many nice pics together before hand (we dont)

 Lani- we aren’t doing engagement announcement in the newspaper either. i haven’t decided on whether or not i’ll do the paper for the wedding.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Ours is included with our package which is insanely cheap, plus we get a free 11×14 framed pic of our fave.  We have some pics of us we love, but I’m obsessed with pics so the more the better! I agree that it helps you get used to the photogs as well as being in front of the camera all day. If its included I say go for it, it can’t jurt

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