(Closed) Anyone NOT get morning sickness??

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This does nothing to make me less terrified!

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12 weeks and none here, either. I have been a bit queasy at times, but this is now (I hope) over. I think it was mostly due to my prenatals. Snacking helped and right after the prenatals, fruit and fruit juice. I also had to figure out that heavy meat dishes are not a good idea (even though my hungry self would tend to think otherwise).

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fridaythe13bride:  As someone who has anxiety attacks at the thought of getting sick in public, all I can tell you is…it’s not that bad. For years, I have had emetophobia, so bad that I had a Xanax prescription because of the anxiety it caused. I got pregnant, and at 9 weeks, got morning sickness. I threw up most mornings and was nauseous all day from weeks 9-15. Zofran helped me not throw up at work, but it didn’t make the nausea much better.

But honestly, being sick actually reinforced that I was pregnant, and it was probably healthy because my hormonses were doing what they were supposed to, and I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Believe it or not, some days I was actually grateful to be sick. Pregnancy makes you think and feel weird things, but any connection to my baby and my pregnancy was a gift, even if it meant I had my head in a toilet.

It went away around 15 weeks, but I kept taking Zofran throughout my pregnancy because I was scared that it would come back suddenly and that gave me anxiety.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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Equine_Breeder:  Honestly, as awful as it sounds to be sick for months straight, you just find a way to deal and live through it.

I’m not going to say there weren’t some days I didn’t feel miserable because I was sick and exhausted from being sick for so long, but life keeps going, and I had to just adapt.

I just keep looking forward to the fact that at most, it’ll be 9 months of being sick, then it’ll be gone. There is an end. lol

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fridaythe13bride:  I am 26 weeks and haven’t vomited once due to MS.

For my first trimester I did experience some strong nausea on and off but there are ways to cope like preggo pops, snacking regularly, drinking water (infused with fruit was very helpful for me) etc. There is hope!

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I’ve gotten sick once this entire pregnancy (almost 36 weeks) and it was while I was on a boat. Darling Husband and I are still unsure if it was Morning sickness or Sea sickness. It is a total toss up though if you will get it or not.

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I’m almost 25 weeks and didn’t get morning sickness at all. Mild queasiness / nausea on occasion, but that was quickly handled by eating a handful of crackers. I’d say of the 30 or so active users of our August moms group, roughly half, maybe a little more,  got some sort of morning sickness of varying degrees. 

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i haven’t had any MS either but I’m only 5 weeks along so….fingers crossed? but I seemed to already have put on like 5lbs! hopefully that was due to my big dinner….

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I am expecting baby #1 any day now.

Normally I don’t talk about it because I don’t want to be hated by other pregnant women, but I got absolutely no morning sickness with this pregnancy whatsoever. I know every pregnancy is different, and I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but my mother also had zero morning sickness with all 3 of us. 

I did have aversions to foods, and I only wanted to eat certain foods at times.

Just wanted to weigh in from the “no morning sickness” camp. 🙂

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Just had my first baby and I had no morning sickness at all 🙂

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I didn’t have morning sickness. I had problems with motion sickness when riding in a car or even on a plane (early in my pregnancy), but it didn’t cause me to throw up. I was worried about that, too, because I am also very squeamish about it.

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i’m almost 11 wk and have had very mild MS which actually can come up ant time of day. I’ve vomited a handful of times but i really wonder whether it’s been psycho-somatic for me. It seems to only happen when i’m walking around my neighbourhood. I’ve never felt like i seriously questioned whether to go to work or not. I count myself very lucky! I guess i have had nausea since about wk 5 or 6 but like i said it’s been so mild it hadn’t been causing me to fret at all. Eating has been my saviour, i’ve gained a couple of kilos too!

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I’m 31 weeks and so far I’ve vomited twice (once from seeing a photo(!) of a runny egg yolk, once from eating a piece of chocolate while upset with dh). I’ve had days when I’ve felt less than stellar, but that might not have been pregnancy related. I’m hesitant to say I’m in the clear though, because I’ve heard of women who have had perfect pregnancies up until the last few weeks and then boom – laid out with horrible morning sickness. 

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I’m like you.  In fact, I’d say I have a vomiting phobia.  I’m 14 weeks, and I’ve had nausea and queasiness but no vomiting.  A few times, I had to put my head between my legs and breathe through it, but it passed.  Starting last week, it began to subside.  I was terrified of morning sickness too, but I think I’m one of the luckier ones, thank goodness!  Some things that helped were not getting hungry (so I’m constantly eating), not getting too full, and chewing mint gum to get any food taste out of my mouth.  The tricky part was finding foods that I could eat.  Somethings that I normally like, such as fruits and vegetables, would give me this icky feeling in the back of my throat, and I couldn’t eat any more of that food.  I was still hungry, so I’d search for something else to eat.  I also read that having saltines and/or gingerale before you get out of bed helps.  I did both, and it seemed to help.

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I havve been distinctly queezy in the first trimester with both my pregnancies and have found some foods really repellant thoughout but have never actually been sick. 

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