(Closed) Anyone NOT get morning sickness??

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I am 20 weeks and I had no morning sickness at all so far. Just in the first trimester I had no appetite, food in general did not appeal to me. But no actual sickness

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fridaythe13bride:  I’m so glad you started this thread, as I’m absolutely terrified of throwing up as well. Last time it happened I was 6 years old and I have yet to figure out what caused it. I was traumatized because I threw up in front of my entire class so now, in addition to the act itself, I’m also scared of being around people if I do ever get sick (let’s hope I never do haha). I’ve gotten better over the years but I still distance myself from people who are sick or if I’m the one feeling sick. I prefer to be alone, which is why morning sickness terrifies me because it can happen at any time during the 9 months and it doesn’t matter if I’m around people or not!

I’m not pregnant yet and thankfully we have a couple of years to go before we try, but the bees in this thread have been amazing with all their tips!

I’m also wondering if there are bees who haven’t thrown up in YEARS (10+) and then did while they were pregnant. I know of a few girls who threw up during pregnancy but they have weak stomachs as it is. Now I’m super curious if my chances of not having MS are increased due to how well I’ve been able to keep it together throughout the years.

PS my mom knows about my fear and always tells me “you won’t get MS because I never did” which I don’t believe is true because when my grandmother was pregnant with my mom and uncle, she was miserable until the third trimester to the point of not being able to eat anything because every little thing sent her running to the bathroom. Yikes.

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I have severe emetophobia (fear of vomiting). I was so scared about this.  I did not get morning sickness, I felt great. Until 38w, then I developed late 3rd trimester morning sickness (it’s not that common). I got a prescription for Diclectin (similar to Zofran) and it worked like magic.

If you’re scared of vomiting, try not to worry too much. The medication the doctor can give really helps. Also, you may not get it. I typically have a very strong stomach, I think that helped.

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I never had MS. I was slightly on the nauseous side, but that wasn’t too bad, and it was usually after I ate a lot. It didn’t last the whole time either. I was definitely lucky. My mom had MS with both of us, but one of my grandma’s never did when she was pregnant with my dad.

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fridaythe13bride:  I have had 3 kids, very successful pregnancies and never had a lick of morninig sickness!

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I didn’t have any at all. Ever. I do consider myself lucky though. My mum had none with 1st, some with 2nd then full force for me (I must be the trouble child). But… everyone is different and every pregnancy is different too. Finkers crossed you don’t have it when you get KU.

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fridaythe13bride: A friend told me that her doc recommended 1/2 a vitamin B6 and 1/4-1/2 of Unisom as a cure for nausea.  I was so terrified of MS that I bought these in advance before I was pregnant.  I ended up not using them because it really wasn’t that bad to resort to meds.  What terrifies me more than MS is having a sick, vomiting child.  Will my motherly instincts kick in, or will I run away and leave my husband to attend to our poor child?  I’m hoping it’s the former.  I pray that God will give me the strength to get through it and be a good mother.  

To all the emetophobes: I never thought I’d find others like me!  When I tell people that I don’t like throwing up, they say, “no one does.”  But I REALLY don’t like it.  I will do everything in my power to avoid it: get fresh air, put my head between my legs, not talk or move, etc.  I prayed to God when I was about 10 to never let me throw up again.  He answered my prayer for a time.  I only dry heaved twice: once from drinking and once from a bad reaction to getting my wisdom teeth pulled.  Then a few years ago, I had a terrible case of food poisoning, and it couldn’t be avoided.  I couldn’t hold anything down, not even water.  I somehow managed to drive myself to the hospital, and they gave me iv.  I had diarrhea too.  It was so awful.  I hope I never have to experience that again.  However, I think God was trying to prepare me for pregnancy and motherhood.  I’m going to go cry now, haha!

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fridaythe13bride:  I had morning sickness on and off and that in itself was very worrying to me. I decided to get a scan done wheb symptoms stopped again and discovered I’d lost the baby. My point being that MS is good and very reassuring. I prayed every day for it!! 

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I’m at 11 weeks and no morning sickness so far. A few bouts of nausea, but if I eat something they tend to subside. I take my prenatals at night before bed which I think helps. I also make sure to carry small snacks like almonds or crackers with me in case I feel nauseous. 

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i never had morning sickness. i would feel a little yucky, but not pukey, just hungry, in the morning, but i would eat breakfast as soon as i got up and i was fine. my mom didn’t have morning sickness, nor did my cousin, or half of the ladies i’ve talked to over the course of my pregnancy. my friend had bad morning sickness for the first 3 months and both she and i are having girls, so it’s a total crapshoot.

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I’ve got some nausea, but it only really started after the doctor had me taking iron pills for anemia.  Before that, nothing!

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I hate none, not even a hint of quesiness, in my entire pregnancy. I’m 20 weeks so if it hasn’t happened yet I don’t think it will. I was fully expecting morning sickness or at least some kind of nausea or food/smell aversions but nothing, I felt completely normal the whole time. So, it is possible!

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