(Closed) Anyone NOT going on a diet for the wedding?

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  • poll: Do you have a "wedding weight loss plan"?
    Absolutely, I plan to actively try to lose weight before the wedding. : (29 votes)
    26 %
    Sort of, I am trying to work out a little more/eat healthier. : (38 votes)
    34 %
    Sort of, I have a general fitness plan I started before engagement : (8 votes)
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    No, I don't plan to lose weight before the wedding : (36 votes)
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    • Wedding: July 2011

    I’m not! I’m pretty anti-dieting in general. I’m all for healthy lifestyle changes, though! 

    But yeah, basically I live a pretty healthy, active lifestyle and I like the way I look and the foods I eat, so I’d never go on a diet unless it was for health reasons.

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    • Wedding: July 2010

    @Jillbean: I didnt and wish i had. I didnt gain any weight before the wedding but i had wanted to lose some (like 15 pounds) I look at the pics now and regret that I couldnt put the effort forth (for the wedding, or ever!). I think alot of it came fromthe fact that my family was pushing it so much and so i kind of dug my heels in thinking…i dont want to do what they want and if Darling Husband proposed to me at this weight he obviously loves me for who I am. I wanted (llike you) to look at the pics and see the person i have looked like for the past so many years and what I will look like.

    but now….ahhhh ๐Ÿ™

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    • Wedding: March 2011

    I am not dieting specifically for the wedding; however, I am trying to eat healthier. I did lose 15lbs by eating healthier, but right now I am stuck and not losing anymore. I could stand to lose probably another 15lbs, but I don’t want to kill myself over it. I think instead of dieting, it is more of a lifestyle change more than anything else.

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    • Wedding: September 2010

    i got married in september, and didn’t attempt to go on a wedding day diet. i actually had just gained some healthy weight back from a lot of weight i had lost unhealthily due to stress, hypoglycemia, etc… and wanted to feel and look like myself.

    just like u said, i didn’t want to look back at my wedding day pics and remember the one short time in 2010 when i was unusually thinner than my normal weight.

    i try to eat healthy and moderately exercise… i did go through a JM dvd kick… but that was purely to gain some muscle and tighten, rather than lose weight.

    i think you should do what you’re already doing and not focus so much on bridal bootcamp that you probably don’t even need/want!

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    • Wedding: April 2011

    i have complained about my weight on here before, but i don’t think i will be dieting or going on a special exercise plan for the wedding. i used to a be a lot thinner than i am now, but i think that a lot of that just has to do with hormones and age.

    i always work out 5, if not 6 days a week, and will continue to do that until the wedding. if i happen to tone up more, so be it. if not, that’s fine. i don’t want to be a special weight just for my wedding that probably won’t last. (the weight, not the wedding)

    i agree with you on the pictures thing! i don’t want to look at my wedding pictures and be like WHOAH, I WAS SO SKINNY FOR MY WEDDING! I want to look like ME. The ME that my fiance loves. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: December 2009

    I have always been very cautious of what I eat and my workouts since I lost 30 pounds and maintained it for the past few years.

    Before the wedding, I made extra efforts though, not so much for the wedding but more because it was a Destination Wedding, meaning spending 2 weeks on the beach, 1 of them with family and friends… I wanted to look good in my bikini!

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    • Wedding: June 2011

    Nope, I will not be going on a diet for the wedding.  I’m in the so-called “normal” weight range for my height, although I’m 10 lbs heavier than I was 2 years ago.  I’m vegetarian and try to eat healthily generally, and I walk to and from my job every day. Beyond that, I think it would be more stress than it would be worth to try to lose weight, even if I was a little bit happier with how I looked before I gained those 10 lbs.  I’ve got enough on my plate (pun intended) right now. 

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    • Wedding: March 2014

    I’m not really trying actively. I’m just eating a little healthier right now. When my knee gets better, I plan to start walking a little. I don’t really want to go on a diet, because when I know I’m on a diet, I usually fail. So, I’m just eating like I usually do, just watching portions and adding more veggies in the mix.

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    • Wedding: January 2011

    I’m completely comfortable at the weight I am now. I couldn’t be called skinny, and I couldn’t be seen as overweight. Smack bang average. However, for the last 2 or 3 months I have been focussing on filling myself with only fresh fruit and vegies and staying well away from processed food and starchy carbs. (and I totally plan to embrace all the Christmassy food that is put in front of me – hello Lindt balls!!) I have been consciously increasing the amount of water I drink each day. All of these slight dietary modifications have been to ensure that I have great skin and a glow at my wedding, not with the specific desire to have one final mad attempt at slimming down.

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    • Wedding: February 2011

    I jumped on a weight-loss plan, simply because in the last 7 years of my relationship with Fiance, I gained about 65 lbs (and my mother was worried about my health, not so much the wedding dress). 

    Though, that’s the reason I did it.  (eeek)  lol  Since then, I’ve lost 30 lbs only using 2 months being REALLY REALY STRICT on it/ other than that, its just watching what I eat (and how often … meaning, I need to eat more times a day!) lol

    I hope to lost another 10lbs by Feb … but, not killing myself to do it.  My Fiance loves me skinny, big, in between, and outside the lines.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I know we’ll both be gorgeous just because we both will feel that way; on the day of. 

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    • Wedding: June 2011

    I definitely want to eat better and exercise so that I look toned in my wedding pics.  Although I’m really lean, I definitely don’t look as fit as I did in my early and mid 20’s…so I’d love to get back to that look ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: July 2010

    I didn’t! In fact, I never felt more indulgent and less inclined toward exercise than in the 8 months prior to my wedding. I gained several pounds between my engagement and wedding dates, and you know…it didn’t matter a bit. I was radiant and felt beautiful, and the photos reflect that. Please don’t starve yourselves, ladies. Be healthy! Diet and exercise in moderation if you want, but love yourselves and forgive yourselves…you’ll be gorgeous no matter what!

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    • Wedding: August 2011

    I accidentally gained about 30lbs a little over a year ago and was already trying to make small changes to lose some of that, so it’s really not about the wedding, just that it’s not going to get any easier to lose the extra weight.

    And really, I’m not doing anything that could possibly be called a diet. Mostly I just try to stop eating when I’m full (rather than force myself to finish everything on my plate). On and off, I’ve been trying to cut back on things that are just terrible for you anyway (like anything that is not real cheese, but considered a cheese product! And pop – pretty sure my cola habit is why I gained so much in a short time) and have been trying to be a little more active (like trying to walk the dog more, or choosing to park a little farther away to add a few steps to the things I already do.)

    The little things seem to be adding up though – it’s been months since I stepped on a scale, but last time I checked I’d lost about 15lbs. I had saved a few favorite pairs of jeans that didn’t fit and I tried them on the other day – I can put them on and they zip again, but still pretty tight. I’m pretty happy with my slow progress, especially with how little effort it has required.

    I can understand what you said about not wanting to look back at pictures of when you were skinny for just a short time, but I’m kind of the opposite. It’s always been hard for me to gain weight (until recently!) and have received more than my share of rude comments implying I had an eating disorder (which I did not), so I’d rather not look back at my wedding pictures and think “oh remember when I was kinda chunky for like a year?” And really, I’m pretty happy with the size I am right now, there’s just a few places that I wish were less squishy, more firm~

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    Hell to the no.  The one time in my life I tried to actively monitor how much I was eating, it was a total disaster.  I went way overboard, got obsessed, got sick, and it’s still sometimes a struggle to fight that.

    Overall, I’m pretty healthy.  I work out a LOT, and eat a fairly healthy diet of pretty massive portions because that makes me feel good.  I’ve been changing my fitness goals a little trying to emphasize agility and speed for a sport, but that’s about it.  I’m not restricting my diet or weighing myself or limiting portions.

    It’s definitely a fight sometimes to get away from the dieting/self-hatred mentality, especially around wedding stuff.  But it’s worth it.   And I DEFINITELY want to look my normal size for the wedding day.

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