(Closed) anyone out there who have (dental) veneers?

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I don’t have them, but discussed them with the dentist when the bonding on my front tooth kept chipping.  She does Lumineers– this is a brand were they cover the surface of the tooth without having to remove/file away any of the nautral structure. 

Long story short, even though I am happy with my other teeth, she said that it’s unadvisable to only cover one or two teeth.  Evidently, the veneers are so perfect, they make your regular teeth look bad.  The estimate I got was $8-10,000, so I definitely had to pass. 

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LOL πŸ˜€  No, that was the total.  She recommended covering the teeth that are visible when you smile (8-10). 

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  I have veneers and I LOVE them!!! I have similar tooth issues- braces for 7 years (caused major teeth yellowing), missing 7 of my permanent teeth, 2 mouth surgeries to fix teeth/straight mouth so I actually have two fake teeth in the front which pretty much made veneers my only option if I wanted a white straight matching tooth smile.  

I got mine in 2007 and I have had no trouble with them at all since.  Everyone says that my smile is so much brighter and more cheery since then!  You do have to get your whole "smile" area but I only got the top b/c my bottom teeth don’t look to bad and you can’t really see them in pictures.  I got 9 veneers and 1 dental implant with a veneer so my total was about $15,000 and lots of dental appts. I started getting ready for them in Aug 2006 and go then placed in June 2007 so it is a bit of a process but mine was longer b/c I needed the dental implant ready and in place.  

Even though it seems pricey the doctor I went to was absolutely amazing and had an stellar reputation with cosmetic dentistry and I figure since they are right on my face and everyone stares at my teeth they were well worth the investment!!!   


If you have any questions about the procedure, pain, etc feel free to message me! 

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I have two veneers on the top front of my teeth (its the teeth that are next to my two front teeth). I think they look great!  I used to have a gap in the center of my teeth but I closed the gap with braces and the ortho moved that "gap" to the sides of my front teeth so then I got the two veneers to fill in the extra space and make those teeth the size they’re supposed to be (they were kind of small). 

The process of getting them wasn’t all that bad.  They did mine in 3 visits.  First you go in and they take an impression.  Then at your 2nd visit they prep your teeth (they numb you and shave down the teeth that the veneers are going on – the noise was kind of unnerving but you can’t feel a thing).  Then they use temporary veneers that were made from the impression they took on your 1st visit to make sure it will fit and look good.  You leave that day with the temporaries and you wear those for 1-2 weeks while your actual veneers are being made.  Then on your 3rd and final visit, they take the temporaries off and glue your permanent ones on. 

At first I was SUPER cautious with them.  Like I was scared to bite out of a sandwich because I thought they’d come off but since then I’ve relized that they’re glued on there pretty tight  πŸ™‚  You can’t bite into an apple or anything hard like that but that doesn’t bother me because I’d rather have my nice teeth πŸ™‚

I say go for it!  You’ll love it in the end!


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