Anyone regret spending a lot of money on an e ring?

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Busy bee

No, we didnt spend much. My diamond is small and sparkly and perfect for me. 

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  • Wedding: October 2018

Not even for a minute!  My Fiance set a generous budget and because we got my ring from James Allen we were able to get exactly what I wanted well within budget.  He paid cash and because we live fairly modestly he has already recouped what he spent.  We don’t splurge on much.  He splurged on my ring, I splurged on his engagement gift (sound system equipment).

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  • Wedding: October 2018

I didn’t think I would be so picky with liking multiple rings. Fiance wanted to make sure I had the ring I want.It is gorgeous and when I wear it I get compliments on it. However, with my job I do not get to wear it a ton. I work at a hospital and would be afraid of damaging it or losing it. But I don’t regret the style of it and how it turned out. I love it and hopefully will be a family piece!

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  • Wedding: June 2020

Never regretted mine, especially since it only cost (with wedding band) a little over $1000. I got exactly what I wanted and love wearing it every day, and can’t wait to do so for the rest of my life.  Jewlery is much more of  an investment than a single wedding day. 

If he had bought a ring over $3000 I definitely would have felt guilty – especially since money is tight.

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  • Wedding: November 2006

I asked NOT to have an engagement ring when we married because I could not wear jewelry to work. Wore a plain, wide gold band for over 10 years. Took it off every day for work. Loved it. No regret.

Some months ago I fell in LOVE with a simple emerald cut diamond solitaire ring when we were in our local jewelry store. Just under a carat with a perfect crystal suspended in the center on one side, reflecting to the other side. I saw the crystal reflecting like a glowing ember in the stone. Then the light hit that crystal and the ring exploded with light like it was a rainbow on fire – and I was a goner.

I walked out with it on my finger. None of us could quite believe it! 

I added an enhancer with two baguettes on each side a month later to bling it up when that suits me. Wear it with his grandmother’s anniversary ring. And that plain gold band.

I added another half-eternity ring with emerald and rounds alternating in platinum about another month later. All together it was not terribly expensive as such things go. Some of it was pre-loved. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Wear every day. Take off when doing fab work or gardening but I even sleep in them.

We admired a really expensive ring today. Hubby said if I want, I can have. But I don’t.

I love the size and versatility we have built in the collection we have put together. I can wear my huge emerald cut, emerald birthstone ring from my parents with most of it. And my cz sparklies too of course. We are shopping for an art deco setting in white gold or platinum for a one carat, old-mine cut blue zircon we got for a song on ebay. 

I caught the moissanite fever from the thread here and have a couple of those we are looking to get set and one nearly four carat that is already set. I am eyeing a 3.77 carat probably I-J color, dreadful quality, diamond solitaire… It has character. It’s cheap too;)  I like the sleepers best. Stones that look like nothing much – until they come alive and hurt my eyes! It will all mix and match, and we have never had so much fun! 

Sharing our “engagement ring” story because it has been a pretty cheap thrill one piece at a time and we are loving the thrill of the hunt. Ask to look at your local jewelery store’s scrap. Visit pawn shops. Make a shared adventure your very own tradition and save truckloads of money while building memories! We won’t have $2,000 in the whole pile of trinkets if I DO get the latest ring I am eyeing. And we have the story of each piece shared together over the years to enjoy:) Just our take on the engagement ring deal.

I would not regret the very expensive one if it made my heart sing. I would just rather have a mix and match collection of rings – and a nice handgun and a camper;) 

Get the big diamond ring, earrings, splendid dress that makes your heart sing so long as they do not break your bank! Wear them with abandon!

Life can be brutal. Love, joy and beauty are the best of it. Never regret.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2016

Nope! I absolutely adore my ring. 2.5 years later and I still love looking at it. It was well within in our budget and I’ve never thought that money would have been better spent on something else.

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Busy bee

annann91 :  what a bizarre frame of mind. You’re right, that’s such a waste of money! And it’s a gorgeous ring so I’d be disappointed not to show it off! Plus the diamond isn’t THAT big (1 carat?) Huh…how do YOU feel about not wearing it anymore once married? 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

No regrets here, but we spent 1/4 of our budget. I knew I wanted antique and knew I wanted something classic but with interesting design elements. I looked at A LOT of rings and when I saw this one I knew it was my ring instantaneously. It just turned out to be a bonus that it was a fraction of our budget (well, it was 1/2 what we expected to spend, 1/4 of our max budget). It helped too that a major criteria for me was that the ring be low/nearly flat profile (since I ride horses and am in fitted gloves a lot) which means that diamond size was inherently limited to .5 ct or smaller so that kept us away from our max budget anyway.

I am VERY GLAD that we didn’t spend more. I love my ring more then I actually expected to as I’m not a jewellry person, but at the end of the day it’s still just metal and stones. I’m also really glad that I went with a very simple $200 plain platinum wedding band. We had been thinkign of a custom band with diamonds to fit my ring’s unique shape but opted instead to just have a gap and ‘upgrade’ later if it turned out I wanted more sparkle and no gap. I’m SO GLAD we went this route as I now realize I like my set exactly as it is. Good thing we didn’t drop several k for that custom band!!


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  • Wedding: July 2019

greeneyedbee :  Haha! It’s not even a 1 carat. It’s only a 0.7ct. But where I live, the average sizes are from 0.2ct-0.4ct thus why it’s considered big. I have a friend who got a 0.65ct, she doesn’t wear it either cos it is really eye-catching.

Personally, I do feel sad not being able to wear it after the wedding on a daily basis. But my SO has a point as well I guess, as our area is very prone to snatch thieves, wearing such a big ring would attract unwanted attention. 

He is fine with me wearing it on special occassions like weddings but how many weddings are there in a year? Lol. But I respect him, just wished we would spend much less considering our w-ring would also cost roughly that much combined 🙁 

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  • Wedding: November 2017

diamondbeez :  Never. We had it custom made which is cheaper than going to a jewelry store and we paid cash. I know people who have been married for over a year and are still paying off the credit card they bought the ring on. If you live within your means, plan your purchases and pay upfront in cash, you have no reason to regret.

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  • Wedding: May 2012

I’m going to be fully honest. No regrets would’ve been my answer last year, or previous to that. Since getting married several years ago, I have changed my mind about not just the cost, but the perceived necessity of an expensive engagement ring, or any at all. I wish we hadn’t bought it. Either of them. 

We are fine financially, we spent within our means, we don’t finance anything beyond cars and houses. So no regrets on the expense, just the fact that we bought it at all. I became consumed with the notion that I needed a status indicator, and while I do love diamonds, I just regret blowing money on them. Personally, I don’t like what engagement rings have come to symbolize. 

(For example: each and every instance of someone being unhappy with the size of their diamond. They were hoping it would be bigger. So they upgrade if they’re able. I’m guilty of that myself and I hate (but feel better about) admitting it) 


It’s absolutely personal choice. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone their joy over their lovely rings. I still enjoy looking and talking about them. Just if I were given a do-over, a plain band would be just fine. 


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  • Wedding: October 2018

Not at all, but I don’t have a huge ring. I don’t know how much he spent, but he got a nice quality .91 carat solitaire. I think this is one area where it’s okay to splurge, because it’s a piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life, and potentially pass down to your future child(ren). I can see where people don’t want to splurge on a wedding, because that’s just a one day event that is over before you can blink. The ring however will stay with you forever. I wouldn’t necessarily go into excessive amounts of debt for one, but if you have a large budget, I wouldn’t feel guilty. 

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No..I have my one and only wedding set and I will never uggrade or change it. I knew it was forever when I got it.

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I should have done way more research on diamonds.  I made the mistake of having a custom moissanite ering made-and it was only AFTER the fact, that I found out about the second hand or pre-owned diamond market.  I then had it remade [love the remake but it’s a beast] and after all the money I spent on the remake for the original moissanite I purchased a 6 carat champagne diamond for the same cost.  Knowledge is power.  If you can avoid impuse sparkle bomb purchases, you can find GREAT deals on diamonds out there.  I own both-one is not better than the other.  I’m just saying I should have researched ALL options before writing the first check 😀 I love all my glitter bombs though.

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