(Closed) Anyone ruin their proposal? (The sad story of the best/worst night of my life)

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aw so funny. I love your story. Girls are such overthinkers and emotional. Men are the worst at keeping secrets and making big moves haha. 

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mggBoyles:  OMG you should not feel like you ruined your proposal!  Why was he acting like that?!  I think anyone else would have felt the same way!

Everyone that I know has something that they did during their proposal that caused a hiccup in the guys plan.  

My BFF had been taken out to a nice dinner by her then BF and he asked her to walk down the sidewalk with him along the water for a ways, but it was winter and she was too cold so he just got down on one knee and proposed in the parking lot!  IT’s hilarious because she had been on him to propose for awhile and then she made it a little-less romantic by complaining some more!

For me and DH’s engagement, he put my ring on my cats collar with a different tag that said “will you marry me” REALLY early one morning.  Well I noticed that the tag was making a different noise than it normally does so got out of bed to see if everything was okay with the collar/my cat.  DH rushed out of the bedroom after me expecting me to find the ring but I just pet my cat and didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t see the tag or ring and was so tired I just went back to bed.  Well then my DH was too nervous the cat was going to lose the ring or play with it so he picked the cat up and set him down on my chest until I finally saw it.  I’m blind as a bat.

Looking back it’s hilarious, and after you’re married your engagement is less important than your wedding so don’t sweat it!

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After a very long date we were sitting in our favorite spot downtown and after we had been there for 15 minutes in below freezing weather I said, “Can I tell you something crazy? I thought you were going to propose tonight!” and he just lauged and said that I was being ridiculous. We sat for another few minutes with me desperately asking to leave because I was freezing and he said he wanted to stay a little longer. Lo and behold, 20 minutes later he proposed and I felt like an idiot. Luckily it really didn’t ruin anything; I just felt bad for saying something. It took him a whole hour in 30 degree weather to get up the guts to ask.

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mggBoyles:  I’m not engaged yet, but honestly, your story made me so happy. Its ridiculously adorable.

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Hahaha I love your story! I think it’s awesome! 

I almost ruined mine! Fiance was being so annoyingly airheaded for a few days and I was getting so angry that I basically had a meltdown and screamed at him to “turn his effin brain on” little did I know, he was being so stupid because he had something HUGE on his mind and he ended up proposing the next day. whoops. I felt awful. 

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Yup I ruined it.  FI hinted that he would proposed to me on our anniversary but I had waited one year and we have the god damn ring. I keep waiting and waiting, thought he would do it in Vegas but nope, nothing happened.   I finally can’t wait any longer (even knowing he will proposed the next day).  I bomb him with text msg that if he doesn’t want to marry just say it because I dont’ need pity from others and not like nobody want me at all.  It’s something I really want but he just won’t propose and if he never will, just tell me then I won’t drive myself crazy


so he got really upset and told me he is goign to propose to me tomorrow and now I ruined the whole thing and give him sh*t 


He still put the ring on my hand because that’s the date he wanted to but…..yeah, wasn’t a pleasant experience.  The whole night at the restaurant, I keep thinkign would he propose in the restaurant. Nope, nothing happen. So when he drove me home just before 12 am… he said he want to have the ring on hand and kinda force the ring on my finger … 

he said he will promise me a formal propose but…… yeah, 2 more weeks before we tie the knot but nothing happen (at one point, I think he forgot… about the promise.. I had to remind him after our marriage course and he apologize) 

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mggBoyles:  You didn’t ruin your proposal!!! I think it’s a great story. Way cuter and more memorable than mine (proposed at dinner on Valentine’s day). I’d tell the hell out of that story – it’s great!

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I did 🙁 

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mggBoyles:  You poor thing!  Before DH proposed I felt like he was hiding something from me.  He had the ring for about 2 months before proposing.  He was waiting until our 1st anniversary (we went on a trip and he proposed then)  We ended up getting in a huge fight a couple of weeks before the trip because I just felt like something was off.  I snooped through his things (bad bad, I know! But I dated someone before who turned out to be a pedophile so I don’t always feel like I can trust my own judgement) Luckily, I didn’t find anything about the ring and he was very understanding about my trust issues.  A few weeks later we flew to Panama and he proposed.  

I bet this sort of thing happens all of the time.  It makes sense that guys would be nervous or that girls would pick up on them hiding something.  Afterall, if you know someone well enough to marry them you probably know them well enough to know if something is off with their behavior!

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I didn’t spoil the suprise, his mum did! We were planning on going to london for the weekend and on the Thursday night before we popped to his mums as he needed to pick up some clothes he had there and she said “are congratulations in order” she was holding the front door and I had already passed her and had my back to her and my Fiance, I turned around and my Fiance wasn’t looking at me and made some brush off comment about not hearing from a job application. My suspicions were raised but as he hadn’t looked at me to gage my reaction I thought maybe not!

Cut to Friday night, we had booked to go on. Jack the Ripper tour and Fiance kept saying lets go to Westminster Bridge. (London is where we had our first ever holiday together in the same hotel we had this time and our first new year was on Westminster Bridge) so I thought maybe….. Then we got stuck in terrible traffic had to abandon the taxi and run to the tour meeting point. We then spent two and a half hours going round the East End of London in January, very spooky and cool, and I thought guess I’m wrong. THEN after the tour he says let’s go to Westminter Bridge now, it was 10.30pm but I thought why not.

we got to the middle of the bridge and he gets all serious and starts saying he loves and THEN it poured with rain! So we ran to a taxi and got back to our hotel where we had a room with a balcony with views over the city, in the taxi we agreed we’d get room service. So we we got back to the room I go straight to the menu as the tiny part of me that thought maybe is now thinking no you are just wishful thinking and he is out on the balcony calling me out to look at the view, when I went out he proposed! So the best place, our first and favourite hotel with spectacular views! Then I found out he’d carried the ring around plus a 3/4 bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses in his jacket all night!

so glad he wasn’t phased by set backs and glad I didn’t hug him too tight when I was scared during the tour!

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mggBoyles:  That story is adorable. It’s honest. I love it! I don’t mean to make light that you thought he was leaving, but it’s beautiful. My Fiance did the same thing, sort of, it’s way more complicated than I will post on here, but I really love your story. Your man seems great!

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mggBoyles:  mine was similiar to yours, however he had the ring and I knew it and he hadn’t proposed yet.  So I felt like he was being forced into marrying me.  I was under this impression that he didn’t want to marry me but felt he had to because we had a child together.  We had talked about getting married before I got pregnant, but it wasn’t a definite.  so when the ring arrived April 15th, and he hadn’t proposed yet, even though several people had asked about when we were getting married,  I was convinced he didn’t want to marry me.  So 4:30 am on easter, he proposed, after I blubbered and cried like a bitch because I thought he didn’t want to be with me.  Whoops.

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