(Closed) Anyone scared to leave the country?

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@peachbaby4008: Nope… not scared at all.

Bin Laden wanted us to live in fear. You cannot live your life that way. Plus you have OVER a year before you go. Keep with your honeymoon plans.

I’m flying to the UK in 2 weeks and I’m not worried about it.

I’m flying to NC in 2 days and I’m not worried about that either.

I live and work in NYC and I’m not worried about going to work every day, or taking the subway, or walking down the street.

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Bumble bee

I think it’s understandable to experience these feelings of fear if you dwell too much on them. I do get a little apprehensive about flying every time, but really….once we’re on our way it’s mostly just boring. πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Stupid thing to say sure, but I mean it! πŸ™‚  The chances of something happening are pretty slim to none, and what else are you going to do? Not go to Jamaica? Pfffft. You’re going to have so much fun it wouldn’t make sense to miss out on it. You really only have two choices at this point. Either go or don’t. πŸ™‚

I recommend sleeping off the flight if you can or bringing something you can watch movies on. Get a splitter for headphones so you and your SO can watch together.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Please try not to worry.  We have flown overseas a ton of times, even right after 9/11 happened.  Jamaica is pretty safe overall.

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Busy bee
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@peachbaby4008: Go enjoy your honeymoon!

I wouldn’t be afraid of flying or Jamaica. Maybe if you were headed somewhere closer to the Middle East. 

I live by the motto “When in Rome…” While In Jamaica, try to blend in. Don’t talk loudly about being American or wear a prominent American flag if you are that scared. 

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@peachbaby4008: First time jitters are natural. πŸ™‚ My Fiance and I fly all the time (and flew back and forth constantly when we were still in a LDR). It’s mostly boring.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

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Wow, really?


I don’t mean to belittle your fears, they just took me completely by surprise. Perhaps the atmosphere is different in America (I live in Australia) but there is no way that this would have even crossed by mind. Out of the hundreds of planes that fly each day, to hundreds of countries, you are scared that yours will be hijacked? You might also get hit by a car whilst crossing the road, or eat spoilt food and be sent to hospital with bad food poisoning, or cut your finger off in the kitchen or slip in the shower and hit your head…

The whole of life is a gamble and it is much too short to live in fear of terrorism when there are dangers everywhere in our day-to-day life.

I’d much rather die on a plane coming back from Jamaica with my new husband than be sitting at home after the wedding wishing I had gone to Jamaica. 

Life. is. too. short. Just live it!

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It’ll do you good to fly and get out of the country. Plus it’s just Jamaica, no biggie!!!   

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Honey bee
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I’m not. The news makes its money with senstational cases. There is ALWAYS going to be violence in every country. It is our job to take that the news shows us and find the reality behind it. We are going to Mexico. We are going to be safe and enjoy every second.

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Busy bee
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We have decided to go to Rome and my Fiance told me he was scared and I told him you can’t live in fear. I think he has been watching too much tv with his mom. You just have to live your life.

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Buzzing bee
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Don’t worry about it!!  There is absolutely NOTHING to be scared of!  Terrorists, schmerrorists.  Who cares about them?!    I live my life with the motto “If your time is up, it’s up”.   Travel is way too important of a part of my life to let anyone/anything slow it down.   Your chances of dying in a plane crash are so minute, it’s not even worth thinking about.  You could be hit by a car tomorrow, fall in the shower and hit your head, choke on a pretzel, or have a vending machine fall on you tomorrow…. these are all more likely to happen than a plane crash or terrorist incident!  

And as  Tickles  said, I would much rather die doing something I love (travelling) than live my life in fear….  this coming from a girl who has travelled the world over (including the Middle East) many times over.   

Now get out there and see the world – it is so much bigger than the US (says an American ex-pat living in Australia)

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I’m not concerned about my flights.

I’m flying all over the hemisphere this summer (DFW, Houston, Guatemala City, Austin, BWI, HI, LAX, San Diego) and all I can think of is that they’d be foolish to go for a plane going out of Texas, what would they target? Mexico?

I grew up within the 10 mile immediate nuclear fall-out radius of  Three Mile Island (one of the supposed targets at one point after 9-11,) so I’m a bit more cavalier when it comes to situations beyond my control.

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@Everdeen:  I had only skimmed through the responses when I wrote my response, then went back and read the previous responses thoroughly (bad habit, I have a burning desire to say what I want to say sometimes without bothing to see if it’s already been said!) and realised I said pretty much the exact same thing as you!  Must be the Aussie sunshine causing us to all be on the same wave length!  Not that we’re getting much sunshine in Brissy today, but still…. πŸ™‚

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well considering that a lady just shot a man not 5 miles away from me, that broke into her home and waited in the bathroom while she showered and suprised her with a nice little attempted rape and murder, I dont really think I have anything to lose.

Not that I wasnt being serious, but no I am not at all scared to get out of here. We are how these countries make their money and if anything I personally think you are safer on a small island than in a hugely populated city. 

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Don’t worry about it, i’m sure you will be fine.  It’s not much fun to live life without doing things because you are thinking “what if”  Nobody knows what will happen and when in their lives but it shouldn’t stop you doing things!

I was on a plane 2 days after 9/11 (had already booked it) and my plane from North Carolina to LA was normal sized, however there was only me and one other man on the whole flight!  There were far more air hostesses than passengers as people were too scared to fly- but we were fine!  My flight home the next day from LA to NZ was packed tho – all the Kiwis wanting to go home at that time!

Go ahead and book it – you will be fine and I’m sure you will have a great honeymoon πŸ™‚

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