(Closed) Anyone shocked by their Ex?

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Sugar bee

@fullyalive:  LMAOOOO…

If I walk outside my office RIGHT now and see my ex butt naked in the middle of the Philadelphia streets beating his penis, I would not be shocked.  Heck, I wouldn’t even look twice.  After his shenanigans when we were married, I am totally unshocked by him through past trauma.lol

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Helper bee
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@Birdi:  Thank you! Same to you!

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Bumble bee
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@MsPanda:  I have a funny story for you…. at least I think it is.

My Darling Husband dated a girl way back in the day. She cheated on him….. with her FIRST COUSIN. Got drunk hooked up with him one night and got pregnant. I think ended up dating or marrying or something.

But when my Darling Husband found out, he was in a bar a few days later with friends….. he SWEARS he sang this to her. (DH used to party in the good ol days) …. If any bees are dating their cousins I apologize!

sung to the South park tune Shut you F***ing face, uncle f*cker –

Shut your f***ing face, cousin f*cker

You even knew he was your cousin, cousin f*cker

You bitch and moan cause I smoke grass, you let you cousin tap your ass!

and repeat!

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Busy bee
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@MsPanda:  Ahahaha, I know it’s gross but it’s also hilarious! Of course they are all living together, I mean: they are FAMILY! Ahaha. Yours is my fave ex story.



@jenilynevette:  White power, aaahhhh class. Well done on dumping that one.


My ex husband was an emotionally abusive narcissist, who in the short three months of our marriage, managed to attempt a hit-and-run where he injured a cyclist and wrote off my car, sleep with half the women he works with, and attempt to use his credentials as a phsycologist to convince me that I am crazy and that no one really loves me. Too bad for him.

A few weeks after I ditched him (only going back to steal my curtains) a mutual friend contacted me to ask how he had gotten her new number, as she changed her number because he was stalking her and constantly asking her out and sending her sexy messages. Apparently it started before I left. Class act heh? Education doesn’t always mean quality. He is fat, balding and still plays in a garage band, where his HUGE ego helps him make a fool of himself regularly. He is approaching 40.


All of my other ex bfs are well, and still a part of my life in some way. Even if we talk once a year online to find out if the other’s families are well. Decent guys, the lot of them. I don’t know what I was thinking; marrying the WORST one.

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Bumble bee
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And for my exes, most of them are probably still acting like they are 18 or dating girls who are… and singing and dancing.

Yes that is right… they were all in musical theatre. Married the first guy I dated who wasnt… thank god.

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Honey bee
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I don’t really know what my exes are up to. I know one serious boyfriend I had moved to California but I have no idea what he’s doing out there. Another one of my exes still lives in New York and recently got married to a girl who shares the same name as me. I know what he was pursuing when we broke up, and I know he was trying to get into grad school. I assume that he did, but I don’t know which one, and I prefer not to know too much. Another one of my exes lives in the apartment building next to us but I have no clue what is going on with his life. I’ve seen him outside maybe three times. I had a few other non-serious exes that I’m not really sure what they’re up to. I prefer not to know too much because I really just don’t care. 

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Honey bee
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@nonapkns: I really did just LOL

@Flanders:  I am glad my total ex could entertain you lol! 

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Sugar bee
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@SoonToBee2013:  5 years of abuse and hell. i do wish him dead, for what he did to me. simple as that.

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Helper bee

I was shocked in a good way when I ran into my ex. He lost weight, stopped smoking pot, and has gone back to school. I broke up with him because he dropped out of school, wasn’t working, and had no motivation. So I’m glad to see he is back on the right track. He hasn’t dated anyone since we broke up 3 years ago, so I hope he finds someone.

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Bumble bee
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The ex I was most shocked by is the one I was least serious with. We dated briefly and it was far from serious, but we knew each other well for several years. He was an attractive, not so bright guy (hence the short, not serious relationship) who everyone always figured would get through life on his looks and meet someone similar. He’s since married a much less attractive girl who has a child that isn’t his. They dated a very short time before getting married, and he was never the type that was overly excited about kids. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with this if it makes him happy, but I can’t help thinking WTF when I hear something about him. 

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Bumble bee
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Can’t say my most recent ex has done anything that shocked me, other than immediately started dating a girl that bore more than a passing resemblance to me (shortly after I left), and they were engaged within mere weeks. The snide, mean side of me thought “oh look, he’s found some other girl sucker to be his maid/nurse/chauffeur/sex toy.” Poor girl.

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@fullyalive:  WOW now THAT is quite a change.  I can’t stop smiling at the mental picture of some dude stripping burlesque style.  HAH!  I have an ex like that, he was a total crapbag when we were dating, I got pregnant and he freaked out.  I ended up miscarrying and he wouldn’t drive the 5 minutes (he was at his mom’s house a few blocks away) to pick me up and take me to the hospital, so I had to have my mom do it.  He said “Good, I didn’t want a kid.” Then I dumped him for sucking, and a few months later, he dates an 18 year old girl with TWO KIDS.  WHAT?!

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Blushing bee
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I was totally shocked by my last ex.  He is, over all, a good guy, stable, honest, hard working, etc.  We dated for about 2 years, but over half of that was a sorry attempt at a distance relationship.  He was happy in his small-town bubble and I wanted more out of my life than that.  I finally pulled the plug because I couldn’t take his insecurity and how needy he was.  We broke up three years ago.  I just found out a couple of months ago that he still calls my father on his birthday and major holidays (Christmas/Thanksgiving) to see how he’s doing and to check up on me – and yes, he knows I’ve been seeing someone else and am now engaged.  I was a little creeped out when I found out!

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