(Closed) Anyone shop at Say Yes to the Dress Kleinfeld?

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I did say yes to the dress at Kleinfeld’s! I had a terrible experience at David’s and has a serious case of  dress regret. After years of watching the show I made an appointment on a whim Figuring I had nothing to lose.  The website does say $2500 but my consultant Debbie, pulled dressed for me that were as low as $1,600 (around that mark at least; can’t remember exact figures!); the appointment is free and they will charge your card $50 if you no show. I think they put the $2500 figure mark on the site so people understand it is a designer salon; they do have plenty under that price point and of course you aren’t obligated to buy. I felt no pressure to buy from my Debbie. The salon is gorgeous and I went on a Sunday so it was very quiet even though there was a trunk show going on. I ended up purchasing Maggie Soterro’s Ettiene. It was the 3rd dress pulled for me and I fell in love.

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The first thing that is striking is how small Kleinfeld actually is! The main room that seems huge on the show is actually relatively small. They have the mirrors and couches arranged to create the illusion of space on TV. It’s also a bit weird because you are assigned a room where your friends and family can either come in and watch you change or just loiter in the hallway. For those moments where they take the bride in front of the mirror, you’re actually waiting in line for a mirror to free up–it’s actually super chaotic.

I went to a lot of boutiques and designer studios in NYC and Kleinfeld was by far the worst experience. They were SUPER pushy even though I straight up told them it was my first day shopping and I wouldn’t be making a decision that day. The consutlant basically told me I was being an idiot for not buying that day (even though my wedding was a year away at the time!), so I walked out of my appointment early.

I did get to meet Hayley Paige though (who is so tiny and super nice!) so that was the best part. Overall, it was a fun experience because it’s “Kleinfeld” and my family got a kick out of it. I would never want to buy a dress from them though as it’s pretty obvious they’re all about the show and the $$$.

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I bought my dress at Kleinfelds a month ago and have nothing but great things to say!  I was actually very hesitant to go there because of the tv show and didn’t want to be involved in any type of circus. I ultimately decided to go because they do have a really large selection of gowns and I wanted to get my dress shopping done in one day if possible. I went on a Saturday so it definitely was a bit busier but once I was inside my room and trying on dresses everything ran very smoothly. My consultant was amazing!!  So kind, patient, and knowledgable. My appointment ran over the aloted hour and a half window we were given but nothing was said nor did I feel rushed.  And yes they definitely have gowns in all different price points even though they say nothing under $2,500. I think this is just a ploy to keep out people that aren’t serious shoppers. 

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I went for both my sister and myself. They’re kind of goofy and over the top there (I had to start my appointment by literally applauding my fiancé because “he was the reason we were there” – what??) but as with anything out really depends on the consultant. My sister’s was really pushy. Mine was not and overall I liked her. One thing that bugged me was that because they have so much half the appointment was waiting for them to find dresses (although they do give you an hour and a half). And they definitely are way more helpful to people who go on the show. But overall they were similar to the other big places I went. 

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rednell:  I had a very similar experience – it was horrible!!  we ended up leaving our appt earlier too.  I’m so grateful it was not my first appt of the day or I would have been put off of dress shopping for a while. 

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I didn’t have a good experience despite having a healthy budget and telling my consultant I was willing to go over. I also had Debbie, and I did feel like she thought I needed to spend more despite the fact that I don’t like beading which tends to make things more expensive. I had a very clear style that I wanted, illusion cap sleeves, and she only brought me one dress like that. Granted this was 2012 and that style wasn’t really around yet, but there were at least a couple designers making them at the time. She ended up pulling a lot of dresses that were from a particular trunk show that day, and she pushed me to buy one that was the opposite of what I wanted. I felt like she was nice, but just didn’t really listen. The selection just wasn’t enough, and they really do push you to customize everything. Like I could’ve completely hated a dress and she would run down a list of a million ways to change it and I just kept thinking…how about just finding a dress that I actually like instead!? It just so wasn’t for me and I had a much better experience going directly to the designer’s shops that I liked.

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I shopped at kleinfeld twice and had an awesome experience both times! Kat was my consultant and I have nothing but great things to say about her. The first time was just for fun with my BFF and then about a month later I went back with the lady that’s like my mom for the sample sale and ended up buying a pnina. Since I went with just one other person, they just sat in the room with me so we weren’t fighting over mirrors or anything. They were filming when me and my BFF went, so that was fun to see!

I ended up having dress regret though. I live in Atlanta so I went to Bridals by Lori (SYTTD ATL) since they were the only store in the state that had the dress I wanted. I had a bad experience there before, so I didn’t want to go back, but I also didn’t want to travel again. I will say that when I went back, I knew exactly what I was looking for and it was a great experience. I got a picture with Lori and Robin, Flo did my hear and I got to chat with Monte. They also allowed me to come back a month later and meet Lazaro and he did a sketch of my dress for me! The alterations department was also as sweet as good be! Overall, I would say I liked loris better because it didn’t seem such much like an attraction as kleinfeld did.

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I used to love watching SYTTD until I went to Kleinfelds in May of last year and it was honestly my worst dress shopping experience.

When your appointment starts you get led into what feels like a room at a doctor’s office (there are atleast 10-15 of these rooms down the hallway), the consultant asks you the standard questions, and then you have to wait for forever for them to pick out dresses for you. While I was there, the consultant kept telling me that she knew of dresses I would like but wasn’t going to pull them because they were over my budget (7K) even though I specifically told her that I would go higher if needed. It was all very pushy and very sales oriented versus just wanting you to find the dress that you love.

My advice is to go to a smaller boutique shop and skip Kleinfelds unless you are going to be on the show.

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That is so intresting. I am in LA so not where near going there. I have watched the show for ever. ALways intrested to here if its all for show. Realities show. It does seem like the women on the show are spending a lot of money. 

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I had a similar experience to some of the other posters on here. I am a huge fan of the show so I saved the store for last in a long list of shops I visited while my mom was in town (I live in NYC) since I hoped to buy the dress there. The second I walked in, though, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. It was a complete zoo, and I just couldn’t picture myself buying a dress somewhere so crazy! I will say, though, I did have a really fun time since it was exciting to just be there in person after watching it so many times. 

I went into a little room with my consultant (Camille) and showed her my inspiration pictures and mentioned specific dresses I was interested in. At that point, I had basically narrowed my dress options down to two that I’d already tried on, and I wanted to see one of them again in the appointment, but I was hoping she’d pull some other exciting styles I hadn’t seen yet. 

She did bring the dress that was already my favorite, and I tried that again, but I still wasn’t sure on it. She brought maybe 2 others and then basically said my appointment was over and there wasn’t anything else to show me. I felt like she just gave up beacuse she thought I should buy the dress I came in liking, even though the whole point of coming there for me was to see dresses from their huge selection. 

Also, whenever I came out of the room to show my family, I had to share the spot with another bride. My family was on the couch and hers was like hovering over the couch and we were going back and forth on the little step. It was pretty awkward, especially for them probably! 

So, all in all I enjoyed it, but I was kind of letdown by the fact that I wasn’t presented with many options. I know there must have been more in my price range/style too, so it was weird. However, it was definitely worth the visit, at least as a spectacle! 

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robineliza: I have an appt there in a few weeks. My sis bought her dress there about 6 years ago, and my mom bought hers from the store when they were still located in Brooklyn. Both really enjoyed there experiences. My sis bought a Pnina dress and Pnina came up to her to discuss it just like she does on the show. She added beautiful lace straps for free. She’s so cute too!

I’m worried it will be way more crowded now than it was 6 years ago, but I made an early appt, so here’s hoping. I will update next month =) I have a few appts at other shops before then so I’ll be able to compare.

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I have to chime in!!

My experience at Kleinfeld was wonderful. I ordered my dress in January, so I haven’t done alterations yet. My consultant was Megan and she was awesome!  My budget was $3,500, and she kept to it.  I appreciated that she spoke with other consultants to get their opinions.  

They kept to my appointment time and didn’t keep me waiting.  They schedule the appointments so that all the brides in the main room fill up and empty at the same time.  I think it gave some comraderie to the brides and our guests chatted amongst each othe while they waited for the brides to come back with the next dress.

Yes, it did take a bit for my consultant to shop for me, but, she the found the one!  So, it was worth the wait.  Everyone was nice and it was actually a lovely experience.  I was dreading a circus but it was far from it!!  

I have since visited the salon with my girlfriend who was looking for a veil (she did not get her dress from Kleinfeld), they accommodated us without an appointment and the service was excellent then too!


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I really enjoyed my experience at kleinfeld! I also like going that while you’re in the main room you get to see other brides in their dresses. My consultant Carmela was very accommodating! She had another woman with her helping the whole time. I tried on 6-7 dresses and they stayed within my $3500 budget for the most part. i was very unsure and they never once rushed me or made me feel pressured. I even went way over the appointment time and no one said a word to me. my consultants saw my entourage and I were not 100% happy with the first batch of dresses so they picked a few more including a dress I liked on the website. I ended up saying yes to that dress which is a $4400 Eve of Milady.i went over budget but to me it’s worth it for my dream dress.



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