Anyone Still Working from their Office?

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sarathemermaid :  Same here, work in Construction Management and unless closed by government my company has zero intentions of closing. 

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I am a social worker at the VA and I am still coming in every day.  We’ve taken measures to see patients via video or telephone, but I still have to come in.  I get mildly irritated when people post on social media aboutthe importance of staying at home when they also get to work from home.  Not so for many people who work in healthcare.

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kittycatcat :  Similar story for my boyfriend; he is in IT for local government and was told he’ll be among the last to work from home if at all since they are working to set up people to work from home and then will need to provide support for that. He’s pissed because he can typically do his entire job remotely and already has a work laptop and such. They rotate who is the IT on-call person so he already often handles issues from home. 

He did give me some perspective – he is more important to be working and is already set up to work from home, whereas I was frustrated but in my case, 1) I’m not as vital so if I’m sent home without work options, it’s not like the company is going to truly suffer for it 2) I’m not set up to work at home 3) we don’t have work laptops to just hand out 4) I don’t make nearly as much as him anyway. Luckily we have a little flexibility if need be thanks to his income at the moment.

My MAIN concern is that with tests being so limited here in Texas, many people fit the symptoms perfectly but the criteria is more strict than just symptoms so that few people meet it (direct contact with confirmed case, specific travel to like 2 countries, or admitted to the hospital as a severe case). I worry that if someone at my work gets sick, they won’t be able to get tested, will therefore be spreading it without anyone knowing, and our employer won’t consider any leniency/generosity with PTO or anything because that person (and anyone else) won’t be confirmed to have it and ‘may just have gotten some other bug’. 

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Federal government attorney – we are at max telework, but I still have to go in a couple days a week because I can’t do all of my job from home.  It sucks because I’m in a building with a lot of other people who similarly situated and am around more people than I would prefer.  Doing my best to avoid public transportation, but that is also inevitable.  

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I continue to work from home and i could do my entire job from home if they WOULD JUST LET US

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mama2bee71 :  Same here. My bosses still think it’s a media hype. I have the door to my office closed and my manager keeps finding a reason to come in and open it (spoiler alert: no ACTUAL reasons yet….)

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We just got the call to undertake alternating WFH shifts:

Red, Blue + Gold.

Red, Blue = alternating shifts (one week @ office, one week @ home)

Gold = WFH all the time if you’re high-risk and/or live with someone who’s high risk

I’m on team red 🙂

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DH and I both work for a university. Totally different areas, both in roles where we interact with students (me more than him) and work on a variety of projects in our offices. We are on spring break this week, and until today, the expectation would be that we go back to work next week even though there won’t be any students on campus for the rest of the semester. Since our jobs deal with students, it’ll be all corresponding via email and working on projects. My boss (who is LOVELY) just doesn’t see this as a huge deal, and was not open to working from home.


Thankfully we got the email today from the higher ups that all except the most essential staff (which I am not, LOL) will be working from home starting next week for the time being. I feel so much better and was shocked it took them so long.

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I work in finance and my company has decided that it’s “business as usual”. Every single one of my friends are working from home so I’m really annoyed. I can easily do my job from home. 

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We’re in Australia and both still go in to work. I could work from home but DH couldn’t. He works in an appliance repair store and mainly serves customers, deals with deliveries and sending things out.

I work as a Tax Consultant, so while I could work from home (and they are exploring that option), they need to approve it in terms of security (they have the software capability already).

We are not anywhere near how bad parts of the U.S. and Europe are though so aren’t in lockdown.

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I work in a state that went from 50 confirmed cases yesterday to 67 today, with no known cause for transmission.  Public gatherings of 10+ people are banned, and law enforcement has been authorized to see that through.  I work for a law firm and my bosses, however, clearly don’t see coming into a 30+ person office as a “gathering” since we’re all in our offices.  It pisses me of REALLY bad.  We’ve been set up to work remotely from day 1 and they’re just not letting us.  

Our CrossFit gym also isn’t closed.  The sheer level of selfishness, lack of personal responsibility, and willful denial of science I’ve seen on this issue has me flabbergasted.  It’s really made me lose faith that people will do the right thing when faced with a hard choice.  I feel like it’s an example of the larger attitude prevalent in the country right now of “My rights matter but yours don’t.  I have a right to alllll these unnecessary things, but you don’t have a right to your own body/who you want to love/your own health and well-being.”

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Update: my office sent us VPN paperwork and an app to download last Friday, just in case. Yesterday, they sent a business as usual email. Apparently, they think we are spread out enough within our office to be considered “distanced.” It’s ridiculous. Schools are closed in my state until April 15, bars are closed for 30 days, restaurants are limited to half capacity…but we are still going into work. 

Oh, and we should feel comforted…they are having the night cleaning crew do extra sanitizing around the office. Yay. 

Also…my husband works in a pretty high risk field, wastewater for the county. His job is also business as usual, which is frustrating. 

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I’m 29 weeks pregnant with a high risk pregnancy, so I’m definitely in the high risk category.  I work in sales for a home health and hospice agency, and my job involves visiting skilled nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities.  It’s been increasingly difficult to do my job, as so many places I normally go are closed to visitors.  My last day in the field was Monday.  I spoke with our CEO yesterday, I am now entirely work from home, and the rest of our team is on a do what you can in the field, but they recognize it will be severely impacted.  It’s very hard to do our jobs from home since we are entirely client facing.

Basically I’m being paid to sit at home and answer a few phone calls and emails.  If this is still happening at the beginning of April, my work is suggesting that I go out on early maternity leave and start collecting disability.  My co workers may not be so lucky, and I fear that at least half will be laid off.  It’s scary times.  My husband already worked from home about 50% of the time, so now he is entirely working from home, his job is largely unaffected, thank goodness.  

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I’m in Michigan and still at the office even though it’s really unnecessary because the line of work I’m in has basically come to a halt. 

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CEO Email today “business as usual” we’ve sent pregnant staff home to claim sick pay from the government (we don’t pay sick pay) 

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