Anyone stopped getting their period though you aren't considered underweight

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Helper bee
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Running 6-10 miles a day and only eating 1200-1500 calories = eating disorder. Seriously. You are not being healthy. If you told a physician what you were doing, they would likely tell you the same. 

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Buzzing bee

1200-1500 calories at 6’1″ and running 6-7 miles a day sounds crazy to me. Also, as others have said, BMI is a rough guideline. I hover on the cusp between underweight and normal with a BMI of about 18.5, but I never limit my calories and literally couldn’t gain weight if I tried. I’m small-boned and don’t have a ton of muscle, so it’s a healthy weight for me. So much of it depends on your bone structure. 

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Bumble bee

I would say that BMI standards are a great tool, but honestly do not follow the fact that there is no real average. 

eg. I am 5’6 and when I am 160lbs I look like bones. Very thin appearance. Guest what. I am “overweight” at 160lbs. (and yes I know MOST ppl at that height and weight look overweight by alot but I do not at all).

When I hit 175-180 I look normal finally. But I am “very overweight” by BMI standards.

Unfortunately when I hit anything above 180 and I am “obese”. And by that point yeah I look like I need to lose a few. But not too much.

Anyways… So if you stop having a period at certain weights… you are not at a weight for your body to have one. So ignore BMIs. 

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Busy bee
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I agree that it’s not about your weight. So stop focusing on it!

It’s likely the constant over-exercising and surviving on too few calories. Or maybe it’s not even the low number of calories that’s the problem but the quality of what you do eat.  And yeah it’s possible you have too little fat on your body. But I don’t know if you’ll believe us.

I hope you’ll make an appointment with your doctor and that you’ll be completely honest while discussing this. Only that person can truly answer this for you. Not us. We don’t have details of your blood work, body composition, diet/lifestyle, etc.. 

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Helper bee
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Please go to the doctor and get checked out. I also would recommend one of those body evaluations where they tell you what % body fat you are. It sounds to me like you might be low is body fat. If so, eat more foods with healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and increase your daily calories a bit with nutritious foods.  

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mikaylaauel :  I believe that you are relying too much on BMI and not enough on the feedback that you’re getting from your body.  

BMI is really not a great metric.  It’s very general and doesn’t take into account differneces in body composition.  It seems to me that your body is giving you a very clear signal that something has changed when you drop below 150.  It’s something I’d pay attention to and I’d research more.  The most likely culprit is that your body fat percentage is too low, but as bees have pointed out it could be other things.

ETA – holy crap you run a 10k or more every day and think that’s not that much exercise?  And then nourish your body with only 12-1500 calories?  Hon, that’s not enough.  You are breaking your body down, no building it up.  You’ve got to take care of youself.

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