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Most of the treatment options are symptom specific (constipation vs diarrhea predominant).  Non-pharmacologic treatment options for diarrhea predominant IBS include avoidance of foods known to irritate the GI tract (fatty foods, spicy foods, acidic foods), avoid caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners (sorbitol, fructose, mannitol).  Options for constipation predominant IBS inclde increased water intake, increase dietary fiber to 25g/day if you’re an adult female between the ages of 19-50, and increased exercise. 

It may be beneficial to record the changes that you make that way you can take it with you if you see a doctor in the future.  There are medications approved by the FDA for IBS- both OTC and prescription products.  Also, the diagnosis is typically based on symtoms and often ruling out other issues.  It may help to track your symptoms that way you can be diagnosed properly.

Note: This is not intended to be medical advice.  Please consult a health care professional regarding your health and treatment options. 

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I have IBS… it gets a lot worse depending on what I eat (I cannot have artificial sweeteners or ginger), how much caffeine I have, and my hormones… not to mention stress!  As far as probiotics goes, I never found yogurt to help but I take a supplement (PB 8) and I found that to helpful.  Yogi makes a “calming” tea that helps settle my intestines when they do spasm. Eating a lot of fiber is supposed to help!  I hope you feel better.

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I do…try something over the counter called align probiotic. It is not prescription like i said but it does cost about 25 to 30 dollars for about a one month supply. You take one pill a day. It is just supposed to help you have more regular, hard bowls. My doctor told me about it because I have IBS-I was always running to the bathroom with stomach pains. It takes about 2 or 3 weeks to work but it seemed to work for me pretty well. My doc first tested me to see if it was my gallbladder, allergic to gluten, or something in my colon I think but it was none of those. I have a friend who had this problem and it was bc of her gallbladder. for me ibs runs in my family. For IBS having to do with diarreah which is what I have she said there is a prescription but it can end up doing more harm to you than good in long run? If it is ibs that is constipation then there is supposed to be a good drug for that. but unfortunatly and embarrasingly mine is diarreah so I feel your pain…like literally. 😉 Anyways, really try that. It works!!!

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I’ve was diagnosed with IBS about 4 years ago. Mine all started after I had emergency gallbladder surgery at 18. There is no definitive test that they can do to diagnose you, but they will do an inventory of other tests to make sure that you don’t have anything else. As my doctor says, it won’t kill you, but it will surely make you miserable! They say that it gets better over time as you age, and I have seen this over the past couple of years. The best thing that I have done to make it better was to go off of the Pill. I had taken one form or another for about 6 years. Since going off, my IBS symptoms have been so much better. I wouldn’t have believed that this would have helped if I hadn’t tried it myself, but for me, it has been great. Good luck…just keep trying different things and find what works for you! 

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Yup, hormones can be a big aggravating factor.

I eat plain oat bran for breakfast with a handful of almonds–great source of fiber, which does help.

Imodium may be as good as some of the meds your doc can give you, tho I do have those as well but I don’t like them, they make me tired & crabby.

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I don’t, but Fiance does. His triggers are fried foods and carbonated drinks. I try to cook healthy meals, but when we eat out he definitely pays the price. He started taking fiber pills, and that seems to have helped him a lot. I just heard about a book called “The Specific Carbohydrate Diet” that seems to work well for people with IBS. You might check that out and see if it helps you.

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I’ve been diagnosed with slight IBS after celiac and chrons (sp?) were ruled out.  It used to be much worse and I adjusted my diet so rather than spending hours in the restroom, I’m happy if I can go once a day, I don’t know which is worse.  My major thing is I take two fiber gummies in the morning and try to watch my fiber intake and I have found that running helps regulate me as well.  It’s just what has worked for me in the past couple years

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Sounds like you need some medication babe =(. Stick it out til February I guess!

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I do….for about the past 19 years. Stress, food and hormones can be triggers for me.

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Just about all the females on my mother’s side suffer from this.  Most of them have diarrhea, but I have constipation.  At one time I was really dysfunctional because of it.  There doesn’t seem to be any prescription medication that helps us.  All of us noticed tremendous improvement when we cut back or eliminated caffeine.  I personally noticed a big change when I started making sure I was getting my fiber.  I rarely drink a soda and no artificial sweetners (these also give me terrible headaches).  A salad a day, eliminating processed foods, and a reasonable amount of exercise (I’m no gym rat) really made a difference to me.

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I don’t have IBS as such, but I do have some digestive sensitivites that mean I have to watch what I eat.  I try and stay away from too much dairy, animal fats, sugar, fruit juice / sweet drinks and additives.  How would you get on if you only natural foods and reduced all the processed stuff?  Good luck!

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Really what will happen is you will be questioned, examined and tested to rule out other things.  It is really a diagnosis of exclusion (meaning once you’ve ruled other things out you go with it).  There is a description but other (either more serious or treatable) things have symptoms that could be confused with it. 

You may end up being right but self diagnosis via books or the internet may lead to a wrong diagnosis with these things by NOT considering things.  For example it could be something as simple as lactose intolerence (which starts around college age) or it could be something more complex like a type of  inflammatory bowel disease.  If you are on meds, it could be that (like iron used to cover heavy bleeding causing constipation or other meds causing dysmotility) or if it started after antibiotics for a UTI for example, it may be a bowel infection that needs treatment (overgrowth of a type by killing others). 

Yeah…not everything can be done with books…questions, examination, tests…they help.

Good luck

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