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I did, but the old version. I hear the new version is easier, so take heart!

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Sorry for shouting but i did the worst on the math section, and I am in the same feild as you.  if you do terrible on the math section, you might luck out ( like i did) because the school did not know how to interperate the new grades.  the way it works is if you take the computerized version, depending on how well you do, the qestions get harder ( if you are correct) / easer ( if you are wrong). 

Also study the word lists. The verbal section is a hell of a ride ( I was an english major and have an exelent vocabualry, although my spelling is terrible.)

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Practice the math, there are patterns in the types of questions asked, so practice will help.

Also – I did not know going into the GRE that you couldn’t skip and question and go back. This is a huge thing to not forget about because it really comes into the time management aspect of the test.

Good luck

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Actually in the new version you can skip a question and go back….

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I took the older version, and if it helps, the test is designed so that it’s easier to do well on math than it is on verbal.

For example a certain score in Math puts you in the (making these numbers up to illustrate) the 70% percentile, when the same score in verbal puts you only in the 55% (again, example).

Also, get the Princeton Review guide. It tells you what kind of math to expect and gives you tips for how to approach the problems so that they don’t overwhelm you.

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I took it last July, so the very last cycle of the old version.  I am not sure what the differences will be, but in my opinion PRACTICE FOR THE VERBAL SECTION!

The vocab is insannnely hard and the reading comprehension is really difficult too.  I didn’t think it would be so bad (I’m the girl who naturally scored high on my SAT without ever studying for it) but the GRE is in a whole different playing field.  I found the math easy, but I am a math person.  My math score was over 200 points higher than verbal, but I think thats fairly common due to the intensity of the verbal.


Also heres a little personal story about my fun experince.

I had finished the two essays, the math, and was halfway through the verbal when I heard my phone alarm going off in the proctor office.  It was a very faint alarm, the iphone bell tower alarm actually, but i know that with iphones alarms just go on and on.  None of the other testers noticed, but I notice the proctors freaking out, so I raised my hand and ran out there to turn it off.  This was when the lady bitched me out.  In the middle of my timed test.  I finally convince her to let me back in to finish the test, and proceed to anwser the rest of the questions blindly while trying not to sob.

I probably should have complained to her manager.  This also probably helped with my 200 point difference.

Moral of the story?  Shut your phone OFF!!  All the stupid alarm was trying to tell me was to do one of my physical therapy exericses.  Really?  Ugh.  Still upsets me.

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I took the test in October when the Revised GRE had just come out. I have always had amazing verbal scores, so practiced the math. I was so impressed with how I was able to study the types of questions asked and be prepared based on simple test taking strategies. I must say, I did better on the Math than I ever expected. However, because I concentrated so much on the Math my Verbal scores suffered.

My best and really the only suggestion is practice a lot over a longer period of time – this is not a test you can “cram.”

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Are you sure you can get your scores reported to the school that quickly? The grad schools I’m applying to say to allow 6 weeks for scores to arrive.

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When I took it, only two weeks were required to schools to receive scores. But that was three years ago, so it may be different now.

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I took it almost 2 years ago but I am finishing up my masters and specialists degrees in mental health counseling! It’s a great field 🙂 What school are you applying to? 

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I did, but it was (gulp) ten years ago, and I am sure the test has changed some. Grab a couple test prep workbooks at your local bookstore.  I just worked through the workbooks and felt fine once test day came. I also made flash cards for the vocabulary words and I would carry a small stack in my purse, memorize those cards, and then replace the cards with new ones every few days.  Good luck! 

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@WhatMaeBee:  I took it less than 2 months ago.

I took the old GRE in the summer and the new one in december.  honestly they were the same to me. they changed a bit of formating but that’s it.

I did the princeton review and kaplan workbooks to prepare that I got from the library.

I however, also had the opposite problem to you.  BSc. Hons in Molecular Bio and genetics here, so math was easy for me.  The verbal was nightmare as taking science for 5 years I really dont have an extensive non-scientific vocab.  Im also terrible at exams.  I studied verbal for 8 weeks prior and didnt do any math.  The math is basica calculus/algebra you should see in gr.11/12.  Brush up on your basic math skills.  The work books were great for this.  I look over the sections and they have a break down of all the elementrary math skills you need to brush up on.

That being said.. I am AWFUL at exams due to bad anxiety I get when the pressure is on.  Bascially where Im going with this is I did well on the GRE, way better than what my grad school required.  so DO NOT STRESS.   Honestly I found the Kalpan workbook very helpful. Go to the library and get it!  they also come with practise exams. 


If you have any questions at all on more specific things ill be happy to answer since I only wrote it mid-december.


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Definitely get a prep book. I literally sat down in a bookstore with a few to decide which I liked best- I belive Kaplan won out for me, but to each their own. And then just practice as much as you can. Get someone to time you, or time yourself, that way you know how to pace as you go. Also, when I took it (3 years ago?), there were maybe two full tests you could take online through the GRE website for free. I found that to be very helpful b/c when I got to the testing center, it looked exactly like what I had done at home. Plus, the score I got on the practice one was almost identical to my real score, which was not true of the practice one I took in my workbook. Good luck!

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I have taken the GRE, and I now teach the GRE! My biggest advice is to make sure that you know the test. It’s a standardized test, so the format and the question types are going to be the same every. single. time. (Obviously, the specific questions will differ!)

It’s honestly a test of your logical reasoning, not necessarily of your content skills. That being said, you will need to know your vocabulary and math formulas. Practice, practice, practice.

Get a test book (MAKE SURE ITS FOR THE UPDATED TEST). Download the information and practice tests from ETS. Write sample essays. Do sample problems. Time yourself.

 If you had more time, I would have recommended test prep classes and/or tutoring as well. I’ve seen it make a world of difference!

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