(Closed) Anyone that used a doula before? Or is planning on hiring one?

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I’m hiring a doula! My husband and I are also going to go through the Bradley method classes. I just feel like a doula will help advocate for me and help me try alternative solutions that will help me avoid interventions. My husband wasn’t completely on board at first but when I told him how much it will alleviate my fears he agreed.

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I was considering it. My reasoning was that my husband seems to feel really anxious about helping me through the birth (at one point, a while ago, he even said that if/when we had a baby he didn’t even want to be at the birth, during the pushing part! His mother sassed him good for that comment, lol.)  I think he will come around but he just really doesn’t feel comfortable about it. Not that I blame him really, he doesn’t have girl parts, the thought of birth can be scary for some people, and he’s never seen it happen before. So that was what made me want to hire a doula, just in case he doesn’t really come through for me, I need a labour support person. But then I realized that the midwifery practise I am with is very much a teaching practise, and not only will there be 2 midwives there during the birth, but they will each have stuent midwives shadowing them! Adding a doula into the mix, plus my husband, seems like things are starting to get quite crowded… I can opt out of having student midwives if I want to, but that seems like kind of a jerk move. So I’m probably not going to get one. But I would say, especially if you are using an OB rather than a midwife, definitely hire a doula! The OB is not going to be there much till the very end, and the nurses will come and go, and who knows if they will even be very nice or supportive. 

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I had a doula and really couldn’t have done it without her! We had a natural no-intervention birth in a hospital and she was amazing. Everything from keeping me comfortable during contractions to advocating for us when the nurses tried to push pitocin. 

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I have hired a doula.  I really think she will help me and my husband.  We will be a team.  I don’t think my husband will be left out at all.  So far she has already helped me to prepare my mind and body for the big day.  I’m having my baby at a hospital too and think that having someone there that has been through so many birth will be better able to advocate for my husband and I.  Good luck!!

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We’re in the process of interviewing doulas. Darling Husband and I both want one to help us understand and minimize interventions as well as support both of us through labor.

Most doulas offer phone and email support before and after the birth, and will do a post-partum checkup to make sure you’re successfully establishiong a bf-ing relationship if that’s what you plan on doing. You can also hire a post-partum doula for more visits…they’ll pay more attention to helping you out with newborn care and give you a break to do some self care if you need it.

Any doula worth his or her salt isn’t going to interfere with the dynamics between you and your partner in the delivery room – you discuss that kind of stuff beforehand.

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Nothing to add except- I am just so happy to read all the bees who are pro doulas! Yay!

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I’ve already hired our doula! We’re very excited.

(1) I can call her whenever I want before the birth to ask crazy questions (it’s part of her package), (2) she actually knows what is going on and will be able to translate doctor-speak and (3) if labor goes long she will be able to give Darling Husband a break! Extra bonus points for the woman we hired because she specializes in massage. YAY!

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We hired a doula and three months later I can still say it was one of the best decisions we made.  The nurses come in and out while you’re laboring but the doula is all yours.  Like your own personal labor expert.  I had 15 hours of excruciating (drug-free) back labor and besides the emotional support, it was SO nice to have an extra set of hands pushing on my back.  She was worth her weight in gold just for that.  In the end, I needed a c-section (baby came down sideways and got stuck), which I was afraid would render a doula useless but I loved having her for that too.  She told me what was happening every step of the way and  took great birth pictures:)

As long as in your budget, I would definitely go for it.  My husband was skeptical and afraid she would “take his place” but now tells everyone he knows how great it was.

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We didn’t hire a doula and we sort of wish we did. My labor stalled and we wish we would’ve been able to get it going again, by the time it stalled we were both frustrated and tired a doula wouldve had a clear head for us. I still love the experience we had together getting through my long labor and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I do recommend Bradley classes though. They were great for us! 🙂

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