Anyone trying for 10+ months success stories?

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zoey0317 :  I hear you.. it’s totally contradictory. like “well it’s pretty hard to relax with you criticising me constantly about not being pregnant and even gossiping about it with your friends.”

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zoey0317 :  I have a sort of similar frustration with my mom… We’re on cycle 11 and I’m taking letrozole for the first time this month and when I told her about it she said, do you really want another baby that badly? Um, seriously? That’s nothing! When I first mentioned to her a few months ago that we had been trying for (#2) awhile with no success, she said, maybe if you put on nice clothes and some makeup your husband would want to have sex with you and you’d get pregnant (we were on FaceTime and I was wearing workout clothes). No f’ing joke. And the crazy thing is, she’s generally a very sweet, supportive person. We talk a lot and are close so I hate that I feel like I don’t have her support in this. But she just doesn’t get it. She never struggled to get pregnant. 

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zoey0317 :  TTC is honestly the most stressful and emotional rollercoaster ever! We were NTNP for 2.5 years. I actually think I had a very very early miscarriage during that time but it wasn’t confirmed. Then we were actively TTC for 10 months before we got pregnant, and it ended at 6 weeks as an Ectopic. We’re not cleared to try again for at least another 8 weeks and honestly the thought of it possibly taking another 10+ months is enough to send me over the edge.

Like you, all my blood work came back normal as well as DH’s SA. I was literally waiting for AF to arrive that month so I could schedule the HSG when I got the BFP. My OB has advised that the next step was an HSG and then Clomid if we didn’t concieve within a 2-3 months after (because and HSG has been known to “clear” you out). We will have to have an HSG done before we TTC again.

One thing I’ve learned is that there basically isn’t *anything* anyone can say to make you feel better. Right after the Ectopic if one more person said “well at least you know you can get pregnant” I was seriously going to punch someone in the face. Same thing when all the inital tests came back normal people would say “well at least everything looks normal, that’s a good sign”….um ok well then why am I not pregnant yet?

I am getting ready to change OB’s, because I really really disliked the one I’d been seeing. She was very dismissive and even when she told me I could do an HSG (right before I got pregnant) she was super rude and bitchy about it because it hadn’t been a full 12 months yet – despite that we’d been not preventing for *2.5 years*. My experience has taught me to speak up and fight for what I want. Once we get this HSG done if we go another two months without getting pregnant I will absolutely be moving forward with seeing a fertility specialist. I’m getting ready to be 32 and have no interest in letting this agony continue.

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zoey0317 :  Exactly! A couple of my friends advised me to lie and tell them it had been 12 months already, but I went in the honest route. I actually always saw a PA in my office, and that’s who ordered all my bloodwork and DH’s SA. She was really sweet and encouraging and completely willing to be proactive about running some tests when I went to her after only 7 months and we still weren’t pregnant. When it all came back normal, she had to refer me to an OB in the office – and she’s the one who was such a stickler for the “12 months”.

I get it, it can take normal healthy people a year to get pregnant. It’s just I think that there are certainly cases where you know your own body. I had an IUD for 5 years, and upon it’s removal immediately started tracking my cycles – and continued to do so the entire 2.5 years we were NTNP. I can always feel when I ovulate, and while TTC used OPK’s to confirm ovulation. I’m super in tune with my body, and so when I had a feeling we were going to have trouble getting pregnant – I just sort of knew.

Trust your gut, and fight for what you want! Like I said, I’m getting ready to turn 32 and I hear a lot the “you’re still young”….but I REFUSE to keep plugging along listening to people tell me I’m still young….until I’m not “still young”.

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It took us 16 cycles, including one ectopic and one early MC when we were TTC #2. Darling Husband had a good SA and we were both pretty young so we were unsure why it was taking so long. I had an HSG to make sure my tubes weren’t blocked after my ectopic and that was normal. 

I ended up seeing an RE after about 12 months of TTC. He did blood work and turned out I was hypothyroid and also diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. My dr had me try Femara for 3 cycles and that did not work. We decided to take a break from the Femara the next cycle and that is when we got pregnant naturally. I had been on my thyroid meds and vitamin D for about 2 months so maybe that was all I needed.

We are about to start TTC #3 and I am worried it’s going to take a long time again. Have you seen a fertility specialist or anything? Sometimes all you need is some bloodwork to correct a hormone imbalance. Let me know if you have any questions I don’t mind talking about our experience. Good luck!!





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Not my personal experience so I don’t have all of the details to pass along, but I’ve had several friends in the last couple years who had been dealing with challenges getting pregnant (two of them had been struggling for 5+ years) and/or with staying pregnant. It was a hard journey and discouraging at times (all of them shared .some of the ups and downs of their experiences with me) but all of them have since had babies. My mother was at a party and spoke with a woman who was on her own journey for several years (and through several pregnancies). She told my mother that she just knew that she was meant to be a mother, no matter what and how long it took. I know that my friends had various types of medical support to have their babies. They’d been hoping for the natural method to work and a couple were disappointed that that would not be their experience, but they were committed to making the baby and parenthood happen (and they were fortunate to be able to afford the treatments).

Good luck on your journey!

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 My aunt and uncle got married and started trying late (late 30’s). After 2 or 3 miscarriages and over 5 years of trying, they were able to keep a pregnancy without any medical intervention and they now have the most beautiful 2 year old little girl. On the other hand, my FI’s parents struggled with infertility and eventually chose to adopt two beautiful boys, one from the Philipines and one from Korea. If they hadn’t done that I never would have met my Fiance. So keep trying bee, you will have your child! But remember that there are so many options out there. And in the end you and your husband will choose the right one for your situation.  

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my friend and her husband tried for 1+ years (dont know exactly the cycles) and they thought it would never happen. Tests came back fine. They kept charting and bding on fertile times and finally is took and she had a healthy pregnancy. 

My Darling Husband and I didnt really “try” but more just took away birth control with the intent to get pregnant, and I mentally knew my fertile times from CM and would occasionally check LH. It took 1.5 years after stopping birth control to get pg. We were just starting to get worried and talking about fertility treatments, I have underlaying issues but they are all treated. The month we finally got a positive I was in disbelief. I didnt think it was ever going to happen without an medicated IUI or even IVF. I kind of just took the test out of routine and was so shocked when it was positive. We are now due in August. 

There is definitely hope! I wish you the best of luck! 

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zoey0317 :  No postive story here yet (I am on cycle 16 and still TTC). Have you tried preseed or the cups? That seems to help. Did you get your results yet on the HSG? (also when did you get that? If it was clear the next three months up’s your chances of getting pregnant since it “cleans” you out). Did you get any blood work to show hormone levels? Also do you temp at all? Did they check to see if you truly O? Don’t feel discourage… and ignore the people who tell you to relax. It’s a fustrating process. Have you and Darling Husband talked with a ferility specialist yet? Good luck!

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