Anyone TTC 35+?

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37 year old here. We’ve been trying since September 2017 right after I turned 36 and right before our wedding. Still no luck. We’ve just finished all of our testing and have “unexplained infertility.” We start IUI next cycle if I’m not pregnant this month. Pretty sure I’m not as I have zero symptoms and got a negative test yesterday (period is due Sunday). 

So, I don’t have any success stories to offer, but I am optimistic we’ll conceive with either IUI or IVF. And if not, we are open to adoption. I think how lucky we are to be living in this day where being unable to conceive naturally is not the end of the road for us!

May I ask what supplements you are taking? I’ve been taking Vitex for the past 7 months, and I am pleased that it’s lengthened my cycles from around 25 days to 28 days. 

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Hi, I am in the same age group!  36 and will be 37 in November.  On the pro side, once you are pregnant a lot more tests are covered by insurance because it is considered a ‘geriatric pregnancy’.

On the con side, there is more pressure to ttc for both partners.  There are several things that you can do beyond supplements that help maximize your chances, and the biggest one is figuring out when you ovulate.  I had a friend (36) who was trying for months and were about to see a specialist, when they realized that she was ovulating a lot later than they originally thought.  OPKs and the monitors can detect the LH surge and BBT can confirm when you ovulated.

The stats are outdated, but it is still harder and the risk of miscarriage is a bit higher than the early 30s. It is good to be cautious! Then you can always be pleasantly surprised 🙂 Try not to think about the stats as much as you do about all the sexy sex.  

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I conceived my last 2 children after 35.  One was conceived at 38 & the other at 40.  I did have high blood pressure with my 2nd (not unusual for me since I had a heart attack in my early 30’s)  I also had gestational diabetes but once my baby was born, neither he or I had any issues.  

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I was in a similar situation a few months ago. I got married at age 36.5, and wanted to TTC right away due to my age.

I took supplements like ubiquinol and pre-natal vitamins. I charted my basal body temperature for 10 months and used OPK’s for about 5 months to find get ready for TTC.

I was expecting TTC to take at least 6 months because of my age. I was going to be ready with lots of data to take to a fertility clinic if necessary. I had discussed IUI with my fiance, and steps we would take if we had trouble.

I knew based on my charting that I was very likely to ovulate 1 or 2 days after my wedding. I wanted to start early with TTC the week of the wedding, but we decided that a few days didn’t matter and that we wanted to make it special by getting married first.

I knew it was going to be a long shot that first cycle because we would only have at most 2 days of fertile time to work with, plus the stress if a wedding.

Well… I ended up getting pregnant the first time trying. Not only that but it was literally the first time I had sperm in me.

I was pretty shocked at how lucky I was. 

I’m currently 10 weeks 3 days pregnant and so far it’s been pretty easy, with just mild morning sickness. I got an ultrasound and everything is normal.

I’ll be 37 when the baby is born. My husband is about 5 years younger, but I’ve read that a younger father doesn’t negate the older mother’s age much when TTC.

I think I underestimated our fertility. Luck had a lot to do with it too. But being over 35 doesn’t mean it will take long.

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I’m not in that age group but commenting to say that my mom had me at 38 and I’m her only child. She actually never planned on having children but changed her mind when she found out she was pregnant with me. Because of her example I plan on being an “older mom” myself. Good luck! 

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We started TTC when I was 34 and Darling Husband was 39. We took fertilaid and some other supplements (I can’t recall what all I took). We got our first BFP right before I turned 35. We’d been TTC for 9 or 10 cycles. 

The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage because our little one had some genetic abnormalities. My dr asked me to hold off trying again because during that pregnancy they discovered an ovarian cyst that she wanted to keep an eye on. We waited for 3 months and once we were given a green light to TTC again, we conceived on the first cycle. 

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl. I’ll be 36 when she’s born and Darling Husband will be 41. 

Every good wish to you as you TTC. It can be hard and stressful at times, so be gentle with yourself!

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Just turned 37 in May and have been trying for the last year…have had 2 miscarriages but we are going to keep trying!

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I turn 39 later this month, and just started TTC last month.  I’m nervous about the increased risk of miscarriage, and have never been pregnant before, but am hoping all goes well!

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I had a baby last year- one month before my 40th birthday. It took me 10 months to conceive, which all things considered was not super long.

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I feel like I always comment on these but I’m an over 35 success story. Got married at 38 and started ttc. I did have a MC, then conceived my daughter, who’s now 4 (she was born when I was 39). Then at 40, I had another MC, then got pregnant with my son, who was born when I was 41, and he’s now 2. Both are happy, healthy, and crazy smart 🙂

i would recommend taking your temperature every day as well as doing the ovulation predictors. It gives you lots of information and helps you maximize your chances each month. 

I’d also suggest reading Taking a charge of your Fertility and/is The Impatient Girls Guide to Getting Pregnant. Both explain things very well and give tips on how to maximize your time. 

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