Anyone TTC 35+?

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Helper bee
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I am 40, and I have an almost 4 month old. My TTC journey started when I was 36. 

36-7/2014 I got pregnant on the first cycle of trying. Had a MC at 7 weeks

36-12/2014 Got pregnant on 3rd cycle. Had a 3 trimester loss. 

37-10/2015 Wasn’t trying to get pregnant because I was still greiving the loss of my daughter. Had a MC at 6 weeks.

38-1/2017 Wasn’t trying so I didn’t keep track of cycles. Had a blighted ovum at 7 weeks.

39-7/2017-Was trying to avoid getting pregnant (usual the rhythm method combined with the withdrawl method) because I was planning on starting IVF. Got pregnant with my rainbow.

I hope and pray that you and anyone TTC has an easier time than I had. It was truly devastating. But you are still young enough, I say that as someone who has been pregnant 5 times after the age of 36, and fairly quickly when I tracked my O cycle. Good luck, and feel free to ask me anything. 

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Not quite 35 but got pregnant with this one at 34, will be giving birth at 35. I took 600mg of coenzyme q10, 400mg folate and 5000mg vit d, and baby aspirin daily, still taking the last 3. 

Conezyme q10 I took the 600mg (200mg 3x a day) for 3 months before trying. GL! Oh and I swear by softcups, preseed and mucinex while TTC. Those 3 got me pregnant fast.

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Busy bee
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Currently pregnant at 37. No issues getting pregnant here –  we were actually using condoms but got lazy 1-2 times (we were going to TTC in a couple of months anyway!) and BAM.

My previous pregnancies (both lost at 18 weeks unfortunately): 1st one at 35, after a few years of being off any birth control but no trying. 2nd at 36, it happened after a few cycles of trying. Good luck 🙂

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Helper bee

No, but thought others might like to share my story.

I had my fourth perfectly healthy child in 2015 aged 44 years, naturally without any interventions. My children from my first marraige were aged 20, 18 and 16 when my bubba was born.

My obstetrician was very pessimstic about being able to have a child so late, and said statistically I had a 5% chance of having a live birth but we were extremely lucky and had a perfect pregnancy.

Having a baby late in life runs on both sides of our families, both of us have grandmothers who had babies in their mid 40’s.

Be hopeful, and I hope your dream of a baby come true. x

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Not yet but we plan to start trying when I the mother will be 35-36 and the father 37-38. My biggest issue is my 2-3 huge uterine fibroid, which didn’t get as bad as they do now until the last couple of years (being in the 30s and never pregnant is a risk factor).

Another not totally serious reason for concern is I don’t want my children to still be in school or otherwise financially dependent on us when we’re ready to retire! I know. There’s no guarantee having children young would mean they’re out of the house before we retire, but at least they’ll be less proud of it. 😛

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My Aunt had my cousins at 39 and 41 respectively. Best of luck on your TTC journey x

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We started trying at 37. I turned 39 last month and we’re still trying, so I guess I’m not one of those success stories. We did get pregnant once, after 8 months TTC, but lost that baby at 9 weeks. 

My one piece of advice, beyond what pp have already said, would be that if things do end up taking a while (and I hope they don’t!), don’t wait forever to start getting things tested. I don’t have any major issues but once I got testing done, they found a host of minor issues that I’m now getting treated. Any one of them could have contributed to my MC. After age 35, most insurance will pay for you to see an RE after 6 months of trying, not a year. Take advantage of it!

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mrsautumn36 :  figured I would share my story since we are pretty similar ages even though I am not currently TTC. We got married in August 2017 at 37 (me) and 36 (him), I started prenatals about 3 months before our wedding because I knew we wanted kids right away, also had a preconception meeting with my doc. For background, I had never been pregnant (not even a scare), regular 28 day cycles, was healthy, with a normal BMI and no medical issues. I got off BC the day after our wedding (mid pack), my period returned in September – it slowed down to basically nothing while I was on BC for 4 years. 

I started using ovulation sticks in September, we got pregnant on our 2nd try in October (we only BD once during our FW too). Ended up losing that pregnancy in December ’17 to a MMC at 8 weeks. I chose to have a D&C and they tested the baby and we lost it due to a chromosonal issue (Trisomy 15). 

We started trying again in February – skipped January for emotional reasons and ended up pregnant on our 2nd try again (although we BD three times that cycle). And I am currently 19+4 with a healthy baby girl – confirmed through NIPT at 10 weeks and our anatomy scan this week. And I will be 38 when she is born in December and I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy except for all day nausea which basically wrapped up a few weeks ago.

Everyone’s journey is different and while I have experienced a MC, that is not everyone’s story. It’s really hard to know what your story will be until you try. I wish you lots of luck and good vibes in your journey (which will hopefully be short).

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mrsautumn36 :  I was 35/36 for our first and he came out fine.  No struggle to get pregnant, no complications, no morning sickness even.  The worst things I had were occasional heartburn and restless leg syndrome (particularly toward the end).  Oh and a cough that went from March to about a day after birth (early August!).  I continued doing everything I used to, and I have a pretty active job.  The only thing I changed was requing my students to clean up after themselves a bit better so I didn’t have to get on the floor too often (I’m an OT).  He had jaundice and a possible infection and spent a week in NICU on an IV because of it.  That sucked but honestly things could have been so much worse.  I was pretty nervous about having a late baby, though my dad was born when his mom was 40 and my Mother-In-Law also had kids at 40/42.

We’ll be working on the second in a month or so (age 37).  Not sure how it’ll go this time as my period never came back.  We’re going to have to wing it because who knows if/when I’m ovulating and I don’t feel like buying pee sticks to find out.  Hopefully I get back on track once I stop pumping on his bday.

The real downside to me is that we never had great exercise habits before.  I barely dropped any baby weight and my husband got bigger right alongside of me.  He used to be really good at dropping weight so either he’s not trying or metabolism caught up with him at last.  I would love to get back to pre-baby weight before we try again, so 12 lbs to go (and I was 10 overweight then!).  Best advice:  lost of greens for folate (not folic acid), keep moving when possible and try not to stress because that just makes it all harder in the first place.

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Busy bee

I had a stillbirth at 33, had my daughter at 34, and I’m 10 weeks pregnant again now at 38. First cycle of trying each time, hoping for the best with this one. I think the risks of pregnancy at 35+ are a bit overblown. There are bigger factors than age. 

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