Anyone TTC 35+?

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mrsautumn36 :  An RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) is the doctor you go to to start testing if things aren’t happening after a certain amount of time. Hopefully you won’t need that information! ๐Ÿ˜Š

And honestly, 40 isn’t a magic ‘cutoff’, either. If it is, I’m in trouble, haha. It all has to do with genetics, your health, and a host of other factors that are different for everybody. Many women have babies into their mid 40s.

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ajillity81 :  I just want to say Thank You! I had never heard of the show Adam Ruins Everything, so I immediately researched it and watched the baby episode. It was hilarious and informative. I am done having babies, but I will definitely recommend that episode to any of my TTC friends. I can’t wait to watch the other episodes! 

OP, definitely take the advise and watch that episode. I watch it right from my phone just now. 

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Not sure if anyone has shared this article, but it’s VERY informative.

I was 35.5 when we started trying (not sure if that counts?) and my partner had just turned 45. I got pregnant the first cycle, which is obviously super lucky, but also not *that* unusual. I was temping and using ovulation sticks to make sure I knew right when I was ovulating (started a couple months before TTC) and we had daily sex in the fertile window.

I was taking ubiquinol to try to boost egg health, and also evening primrose oil to boost cervical fluid production (didn’t ever get much of that), and we used Preseed too. Maybe all those things were overkill but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Oh and definitely start prenatals BEFORE you start TTC. If you do get lucky on your first or second cycle, you want the folate in your system already  

I hope everyone has a successful and relatively short journey!


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I’m 37 & 17 weeks pregnant.

Started TTC in Feb 2017, got pregnant after 9 cycles. Had a MC at 8 weeks. Took a little time off & then 3 cycles later got pregnant & as I say I’m now 17weeks. 

My grandmother was 37 when she had my dad & he’s her eldest. My other grandmother was 41 when my mum was born. My grand aunt had her 1st at 39 & went on to have 7 children. So there are so many variables. 

Best of luck 

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I’m 37 years old and 32 weeks pregnant.  We got pregnant on our 3rd cycle of TTC.  I was worried about our ages as well, my husband was 40 when we started trying.  I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, temped for a few months before TTC to get used to my cycle (but found it hard to do so I stopped temping and switched to an Ava bracelet), used OPKs, preseed, and guaifenesin.  When I was temping before we started trying, I realized I had a short luteal phase – only 7 days – so I started B6 and vitex.  By the 3rd month TTC, my LP was close to 14 days.  I think it probably helped.

If I were doing it over again, I would have started temping earlier and probably seen a naturopathic doctor who specializes in fertility and/or have my doctor check my progesterone levels.  I think I had low progesterone (short LP and spotting a few days before my period) and the vitex may have helped with that.

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zoraneale :  adam ruins everything is hilarious and very informative.  i’m glad you enjoyed it too!

when i first discovered it,  i watched 4 episodes in a row.  i was addicted.


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35 is the norm where I live (NY metro).  Both women in my group at work had kids over 35.  I was super young having my first at 31.  My OB says 35 is probably on the younger side of his average age that he sees (closer to 37). 


I just turned 35 and it is already taking longer to get pregnant though! I got knocked up the first time last go -around in 2014 (spoiled!).  This is Cycle 2 for us and I already feel like it’s long and not working.  

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I just turned 39 a few days ago and am on my second cycle of TTC.  I’ve never gotten pregnant before (and have never tried before), and am certainly nervous about the stats of higher miscarriage rates and genetic abnormalities in my age group.  But I’m hoping since my mother had both of her children in her late 30’s that I will be similarly lucky to maintain my fertility this late.  Also hoping that since my husband is younger (31), hopefully he has healthy swimmers to make the process easier for us. wink

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I was 37 and my dh was 42 when our first child was born. I used a fertility monitor, but didn’t get much use out of it since I got pg on the second try. 

I was ready to stop right there and not have any more kids, but when I was 39, I got pregnant again. Not planned. Both my dh and I were shocked- as it was such a surprise ! He also was travelling alot for work and wasn’t home alot the month we conceived. He was like…. how did you get pregnant? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even home long enough to get you pregnant. That was really funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Both my pregnancies were easy- no issues of any kind. No nasuea, no vomiting, no weird food cravings, nothing. I was just fat- otherwise I felt the same. The day my dd was born I went to water aerobics in the morning, then I came home and cut the lawn. Then I went to the hospital and had her ๐Ÿ™‚ 

You might read some scary stories or hear some things that make you worry- so I thought I’d share an experience that is reassuring ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I am 40 and my fiance will be 30 in September. We have been trying for a family for the past 3 years. We sadly have had experinced 3 loses and will be trying a fourth time in the late fall/early winter 

They believe I have a autoimmune disorder however our 3rd loss was due to Trisomy 15. So I dont want to discourage anyone but their are risks.

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