(Closed) Anyone wanna share your wedding/reception horror story?

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@Pinksapphire: Brother-In-Law thinks the kid shits gold. He can do no wrong… sigh

Another horror story- DH sent the photographer away before we got to take any nighttime shots, which were the shots I was looking forward to most. As a result, we have no photos of either of us alone, and just 2 photos of just the two of us. I am still so bummed about that.

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Blushing bee

mine wasnt my wedding..it was my honeymoon..  I got married Sept 8, 2001 (renewing our vows on my 32 birthday next year though)…  REALLY LONG STORY short.. started our honeymoon sept. 9tth…. almost to our first destination on our cruise…twin towers went down, someone I met the day before on the cruise lost a family member on one of the planes, spent the day praying and consoling … then we got stuck in Mexico because the borders where closed down, we werent aloud to “dock” at our destination until the next day..when we did.. people got off the boats and REFUSED to get back on .. saying they will wait at the borders until they opened…hit a tropical storm and our boat almost capsized.. a idiot was “enjoying the ride” from the storm/swells.. almost went overboard right in front of us.. I was eating dinner when it happened in the big dining room.. everything fell off the tables.. people were panicing… everyone got their life jackets on and went to their stations by the life saver boats… we figured we were also being victims of a terrorist attack… I can keep going on and on.. AND.. I have most of it on my VHS camera … but I went into panic too and was climbing on the floor trying to get to the other side of the room when the boat hit a huge swell.. soooooo much I can tell about my honeymoon.. wish I could put the video of the horrific honeymoon on here.. (except me screaming and crying part..lol).. we HOPE this next honeymoon goes smoother!

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@Sage Marie: THAT, my dear, is certainly a horror story. How awful!! How can your next honeymoon not go smoother? I hope you make so many good memories on this one!!

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Helper bee
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First let me say that we are all great friends and laugh about it now… rofl

My best friend got married when we were 17, it was a very rushed wedding to a then 26 year old man. We had NO clue what we were doing so we winged everything. None of our bridesmaid dresses matched in the least bit, the cupcake frosting fell off, the photographer I hired no showed (found a better paying wedding), one of the rings got lost (we found it in their 9 month old son’s diaper), video camera battery was dead, oh aaaaaand we all thought that our funky colored hair was phenomenal! (I had bleach blonde & pink, another Bridesmaid or Best Man had purple, escorts has blue, and one of the Groomsmen had an apple green goatee thing that he grew out and braided) Did I mention we got caught drinking in the church???

Oh man… it was crazy! BUT, they have been married 11 years and are one of the happiest couples I know! lmao

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@2dBride:  Your description just made my day!

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Disclaimer: My story is not about a disaster, it was the funnest night ever.

Everyone at my sister’s wedding was just soooo hammered. The groomsmen were hanging out at the bar while we got ready and were sweating balls by the time the ceremony came around. My sister got the giggles because being the center of attention makes her nervous so she laughed through her vows (they did sound kinda silly when said out loud). Then while we were taking pictures outside, the sprinkler system turned on and suddenly the best man, who was feeling very drunk protective of my sister, decided it was time to kick someone’s ass for letting the bride get wet. Then the guys got the brilliant idea to smush the sprinklers into the ground, thus flooding areas of the lawn… and we all got in trouble.

At the reception most of my time was spent holding up her dress every time she had to pee, but other than that it was a BLAST.

Then we went back to their room to continue the party, but the hotel had placed our rooms on the same floor as the softballs teams that had a tournament in the morning. So we were too loud and drunk and they called the police. Everyone scattered and ran to their rooms and my sister started crying, new husband no where to be found. My dad and brother ended up finding him down the hall in a room with some guys that I don’t think were even associated with the wedding, playing video games and eating pizza. Good times had by all.

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Sugar bee
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Mine isn’t a horror story. But it bothered me… My parents enjoyed the wedding, but they spent so much time catching up with other people they almost missed all the important events. I was livid. We were about to cut the cake and all I see are my in-laws. So I put down the knife and go get my parents who were talking to my Aunt (it’s been a looong long time since they’ve seen her) clueless. Ok, that’s fine. We were doing the anniversary dance and they weren’t dancing… we wanted to do it so our parents would dance. So I stop dancing and go get my parents who were holding my niece (they live 10 hours away). I told my dad it’s time to dance, he was like, “No I’m holding my grand baby” and I said… “No, you’re dancing. Hold her in a minute. We’re doing this for y’all not ourselves”. Ugh.

Not to mention, most of the “fun” things you do during a wedding, only about 1/4th of the guests even watched. I’m not sure if I should blame the DJ for not getting everyone’s attention, or if people were having too good of a time, or if people were bored. But it bothered me. Oh well!

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@Pinksapphire: Those are some crazy stories you have!

I dont have any to contribute yet, but maybe one day, and I hope they arent from my wedding. lol!

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@Fixin2BMrs.Awesome:  huh?  your 17yr friend who had a 9mth old married a 26yr old – why is a 25yr man having sex with a 16yr girl??

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I have a few decent stories (having been a wedding photog for the past 12 or so years), but the best (worst) stories came from my own first wedding.  Really, where to start?

The wedding went fine, dinner was good, and then hell broke a bit loose at the reception.  My then dh’s immediate family was on a fairly shaky truce at the time.  His bio-dad (an alcoholic and woman-hating loser) was barely on speaking terms with anyone.  His angry half-bro brought a really dumb girl who my own brother must have been mildly friendly towards (he’s not much of a ladies man), so my new half-bro-in-law had his undies in a twist.  Cue the garter toss, and cut to the part where my bro catches it in his teeth and dh’s half-bro tackles him by the neck and drags him down to the floor.  Seems like fun and games for the first couple of minutes, people laughing and thinking the two of them are play fighting.  A minute or two more goes by and people have grown bored of the melee on the dancefloor and have stopped watching the two ‘boys’ (22yrs each) locked in battle.  A friend of mine is on the fire dept, and he comes to me and says “They’ve been like that too long…someone needs to separate them”.  I am on my way over to pull them apart, and then all of a sudden my new bro-in-law releases my bro from his neck-lock, and my bro sucks in a huge, loud breath and starts convulsing.  Nice.  911 is called and he leaves the reception by ambulance.  We subsequently find out that he has been choked until he lost conciousness, and for a week he walks around with the whites of his eyes filled with blood and the blood vessels in his face burst.  He has the worst petechial hemorrhaging the doctor has ever seen in a live patient.  Nice.

Back at the party, half-bro-in-law’s mother (one of my new Step MIL’s) and my aunt are having a slapping match in the parking lot as the ambulance pulls away.  Friends pull them apart and they spend the rest of the night glaring at each other from across the room. 

My mom is crazy drunk and is having a thisclose conversation with the woman my father brought to the wedding (who was also responsible for their break up).  Luckily, this crazy conversation is filled with syrupy sweetness and false friendship.  No fisticuffs there.

A little later on, i notice a bruhaha has materialized in dh’s bio-dad’s corner.  I join the fun just in time to see my new SIL kick her bio-father in the chest and send him flying back into dh.  Obviously bio-dad can’t let THAT kind of insult go, but before he can retaliate, he is being forceably dragged out of the hall by my new husband, his son.  Somewhere in the parking lot, some fists are thrown, and dh returns to the hall with blood all over his tux shirt.  Nice.

By this point the festive mood is pretty much over, and its nearly the end of the night.  We follow my father’s family back to the hotel to continue our visit and have a few (more) drinks.  We are loud and having so much fun together, and of course, we get kicked out of the hotel.  Don’t believe anyone when they say you can get away with anything when you are wearing a wedding dress.  It simply ain’t so.  🙂

We had a Martha Stewart wedding and a Jerry Springer reception.  DH never got over that debacle, and neither did I.  Our wedding memories were always tainted with the stink of remorse. 

Really looking forward to my next wedding, and having a regular reception where no one nearly dies, no one gets thrown out for fighting, and I don’t spend my first morning as a married woman sponging blood out of my new husbands rented tuxedo.  😉

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