(Closed) Anyone Who Conceived Successfully After 40?

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My aunt had my cousin at 40

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  @KoiKove: (Reply # 28) —> 100% this

Altho there are certainly women who easily have babies after 40, it isn’t everyone.

And the reason your Dr told you that you guys aren’t “Spring Chickens” is because, ya you aren’t

You body only has so many eggs, and the quality of the eggs drops dramatically after the age of 35, and your cycles will change as well… 

Many many women go into perimenopause in their late 30s.

Additioinally, guys have a similar thing that happens to them as they age… mostly tho that is about QUANTITY of sperm not always QUALITY

With you being 38 and him being over 50, seriously I’d look at SOONER rather than later if you plan to be a Mom

Your situation might not be ideal now, but it may not be any better in 2 years time either, when your fertility is even lower

AND you may find yourself facing what others have had to deal with… the EXPENSE of IVF on top of everything else.

Truth is you are in “the spot” (35 to 40) where even single women find themselves often having to make the hard choice to get pregnant of maybe recognize that this just might not be a thing that will happen for them down the road

Stuff to think about.

Here is some insight from a leading Infertility Dr. on the matter


— — —

Someone mentioned Halle Berry… yes she just had her 2nd Birth at 47, her other child a daughter is 5. (so she was over 40 the first time).

So yes it can happen, but for most of the Celebs you read about, you have to remember that they have a lot more CASH AT THEIR DISPOSAL… SO AS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN than the rest of us.


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My mother conceived my twin brothers when she was 42/43.

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@mimi123:  you said:

As for now, we are not using any birth control so a “surprise” is theoretically  possible but not likely as I am not trying to time sex with ovulation.

Lol, then don’t be “surprised” if it should happen.

Because even tho you might not be trying to time sex with ovulation, this is indeed the time when both Women & Men in a relationship are most drawn to one another.

You by nature… him by the phermones you give off.

If Lady Luck & Mother Nature is in your corner, you will probably end up pregnant.

Just saying.


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@mimi123:  my sister is 40 and is currently pregnant (i believe she is 4 months..??)  


and my mom had me when she was 45! i was born healthy and am now 27 years old. she calls me her “angel”. haha. love my mom 🙂 

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@amandasouthcarolina:  i should also mention that neither used fertility drugs, it was natural. but as i read in one of the prior posts, my om already had 3 children and so does my sister. 

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@mimi123:  My mum was 40 when she had my brother; my aunt was 40 when she had my cousin (her first and only child).

Women can and do get pregnant after 40 all the time; however, my advice would be to start actively trying sooner rather than later if you definitely want children. Female fertility is constantly declining, but sharply declines after 35. While you will hear plenty of success stories, IMPO you are better off looking at the facts, and making your decision based on that; as it is, the chances of conceiving within 1 year of trying aged 35 are over 50%; at 40 this drops to around 36%. Given that you have PCOS, your chances will be even smaller; and if you do need fertility treatment (very possible) then again, chances of success will be much higher now than in 3-4 years time.

Obviously, if you are not in a position to TTC then you aren’t; and I do agree that if you are arguing this absolutely needs to be resolved before you even consider having a baby. However, if/when you do work through your issues, it is not something I would delay any longer than absolutely necessary.

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My mom got pregnant with me at 38 and my brother at 41… and I am 31 so reproductive medicine (and norms about when to have kids) were way different back then!  I agree that it is nerve-wracking, but it can be done.  She did have a miscarriage in between me and my brother, I think when she was about 40.


Have any women in your family had kids on the older side?

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@mimi123:  isn’t Halle Berry like 45 now and she’s pregnant with another baby. 40 isn’t that old to conceive. Lots of celebrities do it….but I don’t know anyone personally

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My mother fell pregnant at 40, sadly it ended in miscarriage, one year later she fell pregnant with my sister, she’s now a back-chatting, snarky, cheeky 11 year old. And by no means does my mum seem like “an old mum”. i think having a child when she was older has helped her to embrace life for longer, where most people are settling down and perhaps traveling, she is STILL getting to watch her child grow and develop and explore the world. 

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You will be fine. What’s going to happen WILL happen. The less stressed you are, the likely you will get pregnant. If you are stressed out to the MAX at 38 but may not be a 40 or 44, you will have similar results. 

From what I know, the GnRH hormone triggers FSH and LH that play a key role in conception. GnRH is in the hypothalamus and does get affected by your stress levels. So if your brain has reason to believe you are really super stressed, it is not going to introduce pregnancy. Very little chance. 

So relax. Fix relationship with DH FIRST. You two will ALWAYS come first before the kids. So if that isn’t working out well, the kids aren’t going to fix it. In fact they will make things worse. You need a very strong, powerful relationship firsthand.

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