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My ex-bestfriend used to try to take it upon herself to discipline my dogs whenever she thought they weren’t behaving and it would make me so mad! My dogs love, love, love people and they like to greet you and sit by your feet and she would try to yell at them and send them to their cage. UGH.

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Buzzing bee
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Anyone who isn’t nice to my dog  will be hanging by their balls/tits on the closest tree. 

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Sugar bee

Anyone who kicks at a dog can take a long walk off a short cliff as far as I’m concerned.

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lolita1027:  I feel the same way! I can’t believe someone would come into your home and kick your dog… What a jerk!

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lolita1027:  In YOUR HOME? Oh, she would have been out on her butt so fast and told that she needs a shock collar. That’s not a friendship worth keeping.

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Yeah, that person would be out of my life.

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Someone that kicks a dog, any dog, cat, or pet for that matter, is out of my life STAT.

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Sugar bee
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OMG this thread hits home. I come from a non dog family but I’ve been a boxer (!) mom for 4 years now. My parents like him ( my dad is the best used to have a boxer but my mom was attacked by a german shepard as a kid so shes not really a dog person but loves my dog)

My siblings look at him like a pest and it drives me batty! They are never malicious but sometimes they dont treat him like he should be – I know it stems from ignorance but im always like stop doing that ( teasing him and stuff like that- never abusive) and they get frustrated super quickly with him as he wants to play non stop as all boxers do. 

My sister talks about getting a rotweiler and I tell her- if you cant handle my small boxer ( only 68 lbs) no way you can handle a 100 lb rot!

To answer your question: If non family hates my dog they can not-so-kindly gtfo of my house lol. My dog is amazing !

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Bumble bee

Someone kneed my dog at the park, maliciously. She then started screaming he was vicious. Dog had jumped on her because she had snacks. Not polite of my kiddo, but don’t knee him. It wasn’t like a corrective knee but rather a flailing kick really. I told her to call down and not kick my dog and she started yelling at me. I raised my voice at her. Then she started acting like she wanted to hit me. I was going to let her so I could get her arrested. Because she was mean to my dog.

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Helper bee

If someone kicked my dog, yes they’d be on my sh*tlist for eternity. No do overs. If they kicked at my dog – as in no contact was made and no contact was ever intended, they we’re just trying to get some distance between my dog and them – then I’d assume they’re scared of dogs and keep mine away from them going forward.

My best friend is terrified of dogs and I’ve seen her do some pretty crazy stuff to get away from dogs, mine included. She would never ever hurt a dog, though, even though a dog hurt her so her fear and reactions are pretty well-founded. When I see people act a little weird around a dog (but not hurting them), I just imagine my friend and my sympathy for her extends to them. Being “rude” to my dog is definitely not enough to make me hate anyone, though

I also know that a lot of dog owners are just terrible about handling their dogs so I give a lot of leeway to nondog people. Not saying this is what happened with you at all, but I took my dog for a walk last summer and one of my neighbors was getting home. He let his dogs out of his yard and  into the street off the leash while he was dealing with his car and they came straight for me and my dog. My dog will likely attack any big dog who comes charging toward her like that, so I picked her up to avoid an incident. Not only did he get offended that I wouldn’t put my dog down to meet his, he started cussing me out for using my knee to nudge the dog who had jumped up on my front off of me. The dog was huge and coming at me at a run. If I was a little smaller of a woman or god forbid a child, I would have been knocked over, my dog would have started a fight and it would have been a sad day for all of us. Like, jeez man apologize for your dog’s behavior and move on, like any decent dog owner would do after breaking the leash laws and having your dog jump up on another person. I still avoid walking by his house because I know I can’t trust him to control his dogs at all.

All that to say, I’ve seen a lot more terrible dog owners than I’ve seen people who are out-of-line mean to dogs they’ve just met.

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Sugar bee
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If someone kicked my dog I would be SO pissed. I’m normally so nonconfrontational but that would destroy me, and cause me to want to destroy them.

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Busy bee

Good riddance. My old friend called my dog a “devil dog” because my dog barked at her when she elbowed my eye (accidentally). My dog honestly thought that my friend was hitting me so she became protective. Let’s just say that girl is not in my life anymore. Ain’t no body got time for that.

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