Anyone get weird reactions to your ring?

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Worker bee
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So your ring definitely isn’t my style, but I can still admire it, it is beautiful! It looks gorgeous on you! And it’s never cool of others to diss anyone’s ring. Ever.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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adriannamonet :  

Your ring is truly dazzling, I love it!  It does look lovely on you.

Imagine the wretched, unhappy little lives some people are suffering through; to feel compelled to make snark over someone else’s great good fortune.  Pity.

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adriannamonet :  I totally understand how you feel since I get weird remarks about my engagement ring all the time. People are just rude -.- but don’t worry! Your ring is beautiful!:)

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Busy bee
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Though I wouldn’t personally choose your ring as my engagement ring I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and would love a ring like that to wear when I dress up. It’s beautiful! I think it’s just a little different. If you adore it I woulnd’t worry too much about people’s comments!

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Your ring is gorgeous.  The comments I get are mine are “too plain”.  That there’s nothing unique about them, they look “dated” due to the tellow gold, etc.  I think mine are timeless and classic…which is exactly what I wanted.  

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Busy bee
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I don’t get weird reactions to my ring so much (although actually I probably do, they just don’t register with me as negative because I really don’t care and actually quite enjoy confusing people – it’s asscher cut which most people haven’t seen before in my crowds) HOWEVER whenever people compliment it I just cannot help myself but to say, “Thanks, I designed it myself!” and THAT ilicits some very strange reactions. Where I am it is the total norm for rings to be picked and paid for by the guy and for it all to be a surprise. So people are generally perpexled/unimpressed that every single part of my ring and propsal process (including paying for it) was a joint thing between us. People love to be judgey, I say let em!

Your ring is stunning! I considered Heidi Gibson but decided I needed something simpler in the end. However Swarovski currently have some very HG-esque jewellery at the moment including a ring and stud earrings that I’m considering treating myself to! 

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Worker bee

When I first got my ring I got nothing but compliments. After having it a few months I have now started to get reactions from people insinuating or flat out saying they think it’s “fake” which. Is just so damn rude I can’t believe people actually do this.

I was on the subway recently and this woman sitting beside me goes “Oh! That’s a cool ring! Where did you get it?” I looked at her startled for a hot second cause – I mean – it’s on my left hand ring ring and looks very obviously like an engagement ring. But I said “Uh, I’m not sure, it was a gift.” and she gave me the dirtiest look and goes “Ok girl…”, lol. 

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My future mother in law said it was fine that we chose a sapphire because we would “obviously upgrade it” later. I think it broke my fiancé’s heart a little bit. 

But everyone has their own style. Brush off the negativity as best you can. That ring is gorgeous anyway! 

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Helper bee
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morablue :  Yikes. I have a sapphire too but it’s been nothing but positive comments, luckily

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Bumble bee
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morablue :  I DARE someone to say something rude about my sapphire! To me, it’s more precious than a diamond because of the color.  It truely is one of a kind.

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Busy bee

Wow. That is so weird that people need to comment. I think your ring is stunning, O.P., and in fact  every ring in this thread – beautiful!

I’ve not had many comments at all, or many people notice my ring. But I live in l.a., and mine is a fairly modest size for my area. 

The only thing that happened that was odd (and uncomfortable) was when I was sitting at a lunch with friends. a friend of a friend wanted to have a closer look, so I took it off and handed it to her, and she looked and looked and looked from every angle (which- I get why she’d do that- it’s handmade and slightly different all over-) but meanwhile everyone kept talking about other subjects and I’m sitting there for the LONGEST time, starting to wonder if she’d give my ring back. Hahaa it felt like forever – was really probably only 5 minutes or so -but long enough for me to start thinking “uhhhhhhh what should I do?!” 


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Bumble bee
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ahsoka :  Haha I had a friend who did a very similar thing except she took my hand and got real close to it and just stared at it for what felt like forever. Usually when someone asks to see the ring, they just look at it and then make a nice quick comment. When she was done analyzing it she said, “hmm” and that was that. We were at another friend’s wedding with other people around so I didn’t want to make it any more weird but man was that strange! 😂

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Helper bee
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Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one!!

i always go by the rule – what other people think of me is none of my business. You love your ring that’s what matters. It is a very unique and beautiful style.. I personally LOVE it !! I think it’s amazing and would rock that so hard but there will always be people who don’t like what you do / wear or have .. and that’s fine. I’m sure you see people with haircuts of fashion you wouldn’t choose for yourself. 

I love unique and standout pieces and yours is such a statement lots of people will notice it. I think embrace the individuality of it and wear it confidently. Don’t worry about anyone else. 

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I completely know what you mean. My ring isn’t a traditional engagement ring (it’s a gray diamond) and while some people have been incredibly kind and wowed by the ring, others have made obviously underhanded comments like “that ring is… very you” to just flat-out rude comments like “what stone is that? oh, it’s a diamond?” 


I think your ring is beautiful – but then, I appreciate something unique. There are people whose rings I don’t love, and that’s ok too, because it’s not my ring, it’s theirs. Ultimately, an engagement ring is a sign of love and thought and care from a significant other and as long as you love it, everyone else can sod off 🙂

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