(Closed) Anyone with IBS and worried about wedding day??! I am…..

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  • Wedding: December 2012

A lot of it is due to dairy, especially milk and cheese. I’ve noticed that warm milk, or hot cheese products is what kills my stomach the most.  But also anxity plays a huge role in it too because once I learn we are “going eat somewhere” my mind immediately goes into “omg I’m gonna have the shits” mode and that strikes up my nerves and I should know by now how to handle it but after awhile I just said to hell with it and I eat the crap regardless and deal with the shitty outcome later (lol couldnt help myself).

I have a weird personality, I can joke about anything with anyone from bowel movements to sex talks with my mom.. it just doesnt bother me.

But what concerned me was last year, before I found out I had CEHA and needed a hysterectomy I was having the usual bowel issues but they were becoming very painful.  Like I would be sitting on the toilet, literally rocking back and forth holding my stomach tightly because it hurt so bad.  I would get the chills down my arms through the pain.  It honestly felt like I could feel the poo travel through my intestants, because the pain would move down from the stomach to the lower abdomen.  Once I was done I felt fine though, just alittle sore in the stomach but it would go away in like an hour.

Telling this to my doctor, that THIS was not normal, that I never had this pain before in all the years Ive been dealing with having diarhhea 3-4 times a week.  But once I said “it’s worse with dairy” that’s all he heard and left it at that.

Went back twice and requested a scope but they refused to do it, said I need to limit my dairy for a month and see if it causes the same problem.  Needless to say I haven’t because I find it very hard to limit dairy completely out my diet (I love ice cream, cheese, and ceral 🙁 ) so I just deal with it the best way I can and gripe about it to people lol

But as far as my wedding day, if I have to run down that asile to go take a shit everyone there will understand because they know all about my stomach issues and it’s not like it won’t be funny as hell afterwards because knowing me I’ll end up saying something stupid about it anyways haha


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It’s so interesting to read about your do not eat foods! I haven’t eaten any meat but chicken or turkey since I was about 15 (not health related, just yucky), but I indulge in dairy and gluten all the time. The only thing that seems to set me off is fruit. Citrus fruit of any kind is a huge no-no (especially orange and grapefruit), and eating a whole apple is a sure fire way for me to feel nauseous for a good 4 hours or so. This cirtus/acid thing hasn’t been an issue my whole life either, only since my poor health started about 8 months ago.

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Wow happy to hear I’m not the only one with this issue! Every one even my fiancé makes fun of me says I’m going to be like the bride in the movie bridesmaids and poop in the middle of the street! I stress about it everyday too and even made sure I got a dress that zippered and was easy to take off if I had to! 

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@Leonard2B:  that was the most horrific scene i have ever seen in a movie ever. ever.

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I’d probably go the Immodium route. IBS is in my family, and it’s a tried and true standby drug for big events. Plus, knowing what causes you to react and which foods are “safe”.

I have my first appt with a specialist in about 2 weeks for my stomach issues. Hoping it’s not IBS and is just an intolerance or allergy but who knows. I’ve been eating mostly gluten-free for about five months now, and it has made a difference – but not enough to avoid seeing a specialist!

 This thread is super interesting to me, there seem to be a lot of options and opinions for stomach problems! GL to you though and I am SURE it will turn out fine 🙂

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  • Wedding: September 2012

I have IBS and I’m slighty terrified for my wedding because stress makes it worse for me, as does heat (i.e., if I get overheated).  My dress isn’t too heavy, so I’m hoping for that to be a non-factor. 

My Fiance is the only one who really knows how bad it can be because he is around me all the time.  I do have a prescription I take to relieve the cramping pain, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help with the more embarrassing aspect. I’m just going to be super careful about what I eat that day.

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I have a lot of the same issues as others here, but nothing diagnosed.  I went through several years of daily upset, I lived on Pepcid and Immodium.  I used to pop an immodium every morning, alongside my pepcid.  I missed an entire course in college becasue I couldn’t make the walk from my house to the facility without the need for a batchroom.  I think I had Salmonella or E Coli as i had been in contact with some beef cattle that were infected, seeral other students got sick also, but were treated.  For whatever reason, I didn’t follow up on myself.  It plagued me for a number of years, off and on, very food related.

I have given up coffee (caffine gets e going within minutes), I don’t drink milk (almond or soy only), I limit my cheese/fat intake.  I can handle natural healthy fats like avocado, but greasy fats, ugh, pain and cramping much like Dove’s experience. 

I would suggest taking an immodium the day prior and morning of your wedding, and planning all your stops within a vicinity of a bathroom.  I find just knowing I have a bathroom near lessens my stress.  Car trips are the worst for me as we have long stretches of nothing around us, not even a tree for shelter!

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I got diagnosed with IBS about 4 years ago, and I never eat any dairy, avoid processed foods and spicy foods and caffeine.  Sometimes, I’m not great about sticking with it (esp the processed foods and caffeine) but when my stress level goes up, I know I need to be better about my diet!  We’re planning on making sure the venue makes me special meal without dairy and getting a dairy free top tier of our wedding cake just to be safe!  I’d try to figure out a food plan that works for you and make sure you stick to it leading up to and on the big day!

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Not sure how much help this is, since you’re already consulting with your physician/running tests, but I had the opposite problem (constipation in the extreme) for most of my life.  Doctors never questioned it because it was “normal for me”.  Umm, yeah.  This year, I started taking a probiotic supplement, and it has truly changed my life.  I take Philips Colon Health daily, and I went from 20+ years of only going once a week or every other week to being able to actually go just about every day.  Amazing.  When I was researching the various probiotics, a TON of the positive user reviews online were from IBS-d sufferers.  Might be worth looking into, anyways.

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I too, have IBS and it sucks.  I used to be very embarassed to talk about it as well, until I discovered how common it is.  I haven’t thought about it on my wedding day because if I think about it, I’ll stress over it.  Stress causes some of my worst flares.  Try to put it out of your mind so that won’t get you. 

Also, since cutting dairy from my diet, I’ve noticed my stomach has felt much better. Maybe that would help you too.

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I don’t know if I have IBS, because I’ve never gone to the doctor about my digestion issues.  I don’t have diarrhea after every meal, like a lot of you.  But, I fluctuate between extreme days of constipation and bouts of diarrhea so bad that I’ve actually not made it to the bathroom (at home) twice this year, alone!

What I do know, is that anytime I’m nervous, I get bad diarrhea.  When I *THINK* about the wedding, my stomach starts hurting and I have to rush to the bathroom.  My tiara came this morning.  I just modeled my tiara and veil together for Fiance, and now I feel like I’m gonna have to stop writing this comment so I can go to the bathroom.  Seeing the veil and tiara on made it more real.  But, I get like this even when I listen to our wedding music. 

I am so scared I’m gonna end up with diarrhea on our wedding day.  It’ll really be bad when I get into my undergarments and dress and it gets to be like one minute before I walk down the aisle and I’ve gotta go.  There won’t be any holding it, so the whole wedding will have to be paused.  How embarrassing!

I wish I could offer you some good advice, OP.  But, it looks like you and I both need it!

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I’ve never been diagnosed with ibs but I have a stomach that seems to be very touchy and many foods send me running to the bathroom.  One thing that I’ve found helps me is ginger ale. Don’t know if that would help you or not but it seems to help me!

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I have IBS too but instead of getting the runs I just get very gassy and bloated…so I am worried about a fitted dress if I am bloated (my tummy gets big)…I think the biggest thing I’ll have to do is just eat very delicate food the last cuple weeks before the wedding!

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