Anyone with long, irregular cycles trying to get pregnant???

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I’ll bump this for you ๐Ÿ™‚

I know many Bees read Taking Charge of Your Fertility & chart their basal body temperature to pinpoint what’s going on with their cycles.  I used the free fertility friend app on my phone and it worked perfectly fine for me.

Look for a “charters of the hive” thread or join in the August POAS (pee on a stick) thread or jump in when they start a September thread.


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That’s what my doctor told me when I went in as well. So hi! I am long and irregular with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Come find us here:

And here:

Myself, Future_MrsB, Hamikay, StaceyA, Sea_bass and many others I can’t think of right now are with you. We’re all trying to figure it out with ourselvers, our doctors, and our husbands!

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I am! I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). We’ve been TTC for the last 19 months, and my cycles range from 40 days to 70+, almost always WITH ovulation, but occasionally I have annovulatory cycles.

Jaguar just recently got pregnant using IVF, and she had crazy long irregular cycles. I believe that Sapphire Sun deals with them as well, and many others.

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Oh yes, the irregular cycle club! Welcome. It sucks. LOL!

I got off BCP earlier this year so I am really hoping it’s just my body regulating. I went off in Feb and had a 34 day cycle, then 33 then 59 (!!!!!) day cycle. That one was brutal. My last cycle was a lovely 41 days so I was totally thrilled. Well, I would have been more thrilled if I were pregnant, but hey – I’ll take a 41 day cycle.

I am charting, so I am showing clear thermal shifts indication I am indeed ovulating. I have not takled to my doctor about the cycles yet, as she told me to give my body time to adjust and go from there. I think if we don’t have any results by the end of the fall I’ll go chat with her and see if we can investigate.

Hang in there, it does suck. I envy those who get a fair shot every 28 days instead of only really once/2 months.

I will have to wait and see how my body does over the next 2-3 months and maybe then I’ll be able to approach my doctor with legit concerns and questions. At this point I have a feeling everything is still getting adjusted and figuring things out.

Good luck TTC, it’s so exciting!

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@Nut_Meg_18:  Just chiming in to say that it is possible to get pregnant with long/irregular cycles. I was dealing with that and am now 15weeks pregnant. My cycles were 29-49 days, and I got KU (knocked up) during a 47 day cycle, where I ovulated on CD32. So it is possible that longer cycles are annovulatory, but sometimes you just ovulate late.  I started using to help chart and began using OPKs to help figure out when/if I was ovulating. I also was doing acupuncture as well, which I believe helped greatly too. 

Good luck!!

P.S. Here is a link to a lot of the abbreviations

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My cycles are super long and irregular. I got pregnant on my first TTC cycle, but I actually O’d on day 100+. That ended in miscarriage with complications. It wasn’t ectopic as far as we know, but I lost a tube as a result of the complications.

After that I didn’t get my period until about 5 months later. Then I had a 45 day cycle and a 65 day cycle. I got pregnant on the next cycle (ovulated around day 40). But that also ended in miscarriage.

So I may be the exception to the rule, but clearly long cycles do not automatically mean you’re not ovulating. I don’t temp, but I do casually track my CM.

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@Nut_Meg_18:  Though I know you said temping won’t work for you since you wake up at different times during the week, you could always set an alarm to specifically take your temp, then go back to bed! It’s what I usually did since I wasn’t always up at the same time every day. 

I also had really long cycles in the beginning. It took about 8 months for us to get pregnant the first time. I had a missed miscarraige at 8 weeks, had a D&E, and my cycles started to regulate after that. They went from 40-50 days/cycle to about 30 days/cycle. 

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@Nut_Meg_18:  i have long irregularcycles and am TTC! This cycle I have bought a digital opk so I am hoping it will highlight if I am ovulating or not. Good luck at your doctors, that’s great that they are testing you to check if you ovulated or not. Better to know than not know! I know what you mean about TTC taking so much bloody effort, why was I so scared of getting pregnant all this time?!?!?! 

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Hello there!

I am 30 years old pretty healthy as well.

I got off the pill in Januaray of this year and decided to let my body adjust to the no more hormones.

My periods have been very Irregular, I have 49,48,39.38, cycles days.

I started charting my periods and taking my tempatures.

Then when I got the hang of it I started peeing on these ovulation strips everyday.

Im doing everything gradually, from what Ive learned so far I dont Ovulate till like day 20 something.

So a lot of those online apps or charts are wrong when they predcit your Ovulation to Day 16 for example.


Good Luck!

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