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I have a similar problem. I have a hard time falling asleep and once im there, I have a hard time staying asleep. If I wake up for any reason in the middle of the night, its difficult to get back to sleep because I usually feel anxious and worried. Then, I wake up at 5:30, no matter what time I go to bed or when I need to get up. I also find myself tired all day and wishing I could take a nap at 10 am and 3 pm. I’m wondering if its related to the amount of light (like a rooster) or like that non-24 disorder that disrupts your sleep/wake patterns. In any case, I am always at least a little bit tired.

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Yes! It’s 2am where I am right now.  My natural sleep cycle is just off.  I try to get into a good routine so I will naturally want to sleep and wake at the “right” times, but my body always fights me.  Usually after about a month of waking up at a “normal” time (around 8am), I can’t take it anymore and totally crash.  This is even if I’m getting 6-7 hours of sleep. It’s just not restful sleep.  I wake up a ton during the night and I have terrible nightmares.  My body wants to sleep from 4 or 5am to around 12pm.  I am most productive late at night, and I rarely get anything done in the mornings.<br />

Also, if I try to go to sleep before I am completely exhausted, my mind races and I end up getting extremely anxious.  I usually have to watch a tv show or listen to podcasts in bed and force my mind to focus on them so I don’t go crazy.<br />

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I can relate here! I used to be able to sleep at night but now I’m living with my husband who has a bizarre sleep schedule because of his work. In order to spend any time  with him I am up til 3 or 4 am. Now my body and mind have gotten so used to this routine that even though he fell asleep tonight around midnight, I’m still awake. 

It doesn’t help that I have a phobia of thunderstorms and we live in Nebraska. It’s been storm central here the last couple weeks. No sleep for this bee!

As for helps, I’ve found reading a book helps. With a dim book light, reading can be relaxing and it’s not enough light that it robs your body of the chemicals that keep you feeling sleepy. Don’t watch tv or keep your phone nearby when you’re trying to sleep and leave those kinds of devices alone for an hour or two before you wish to fall asleep. These are all suggestions I’ve been given. Haven’t worked for me, but everyone is different!

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Have you tried melatonin?  It’s a natural product that a lot of people find works as well or better than any rx.

I quit fighting my sleep problem & now I just roll with it.  Because of the nature of my work, my hours are flexible.  I natually wake up at 1 am & can’t get back to sleep.  Even Ambien only buys me a couple of hours.  I’ve adapted to it.  I try to go to bed super early–I can fall asleep.  Melatonin really helps.

The early morning hours are very productive for me, show prep, booking (guests/contacts are often on the east coast & will respond to emails) & promos all get done.  And since I live in the desert, I can get a 2.5 mi power walk in between 3-4 am before it’s too hot.

By the time dh gets up at 6:30, I feel like I’ve put in a full day.

This only works because I don’t have to keep set work hours.  I really empathize with those of you with sleep issues who have to keep regular hours.



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Pippa28:  What sleeping pill did you try? Was it a prescription? I have been struggling with this for 7 years. I am dependent on ambien to fall asleep. And I also take 50 mg of Benedryl every night. It’s weird, because I can easily take a nap during the day, but I get a sense of impending doom before bed at night. And I wouldn’t say I suffer from anxiety, other than how it pertains to not falling asleep.

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Pippa28:  I have been dealing with the same thing since I was in junior high or so.  For me, a big part of it is anxiety.  At night when i’m trying to sleep and I know that I need to be up in the morning for work or some other commitment my heart starts beating pretty fast.  Even if I’m dead tired this will stop me from sleeping.  

I’ve tried melatonin and if i’m already pretty relaxed it can help, but if it’s an anxious night it doesn’t help at all.  Melatonin makes you sleepy, but if not being sleepy isn’t the issue, then it probably won’t be what you need.  My doctor prescribed trazodone to take about 30 minutes before bed and that worked really well for a while, but not as much anymore. 

My anxiety can overpower just about anything, but there are some things I found that help on nights when my anxiety isn’t at its peak.  Being active during the day and tuckering myself out helps with the being tired part.  At night turning off all the lights, watching TV with the screen brightness turned down, and cuddling with Fiance help me relax and take my mind off of the “omg I need to sleep tonight, what if i can’t??? i’m gonna be miserable tomorrow” thoughts and can sometimes help me fall asleep without trying.

GrannyPantiesRock:  You may just have sleep anxiety.  It’s apparently really common, but it doesn’t seem like people talk about it much.  We know how important sleep is so we get anxious and worried about not getting it.  

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Busy bee

I tried a couple of things that helped (wasn’t a magic cure but definitely helped) – a good quality iron supplement every day and also GABA. Read up on both of them and see if they might help you…

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Pippa28:  How active are you? Do you exercise? Often exercise, and some yoga before bed, can help you sleep. Don’t do any cardio before bed, that won’t help you.

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Pippa28:  I can relate but mine has to do with depression and other mental health issues, so I have a prescription that is not for sleeping pills but makes me drowsy at night so I am able to sleep through the night. It works well for me but it’s for a lot of other things other than sleeping, which is actually a beneficial side effect for me. Before I went for months only getting a max of 3 hours sleep a night, which really messed me up. I hope that you are able to figure something out because it just really sucks.

Have you tried deep breathing exercises? It makes you focus on your breathing instead of what is going on in your mind and naturally relaxes you. I find that it really helps.  Or writing (physically not on a computer) out everything that is bothering you … Something else that kind of helped was having nature music play. It drowns out my thoughts. Also, how much caffeine are you taking in and when are you having it (including chocolate and pop)? If you are having any in the afternoon, even, try to ween yourself off. Boring books also help!

I hope that you are able to find something that helps …

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Have you asked your doctor for a sleep lab study? That will give a clearer picture of your actual sleep patterns.

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Pippa28:  Have you tried sleeping with some light on in the room? Like one of those natural light producing lamps.



If the lack of light is a major component then introducing some natural light might help.

You might also want to consider talking to a therapist because the underlying cause of your insomnia seems to be anxiety that you do not fully understand. Even though adults don’t like to admit to it a fear of the dark as an adult is certainly not unheard of and there is usually some starting place for it that can be traced back to childhood where many of our phobias are formed.

You mentioned a connection to your Grandfather passing away, was he someone who made you feel safe?

I was raised almost entirely by my Great-Grandparents and until I met my partner, no one else has ever made me feel as safe as my Grandfather did, so when he died it felt like my safety net had been pulled out from underneath me. The long-term affects of losing someone that means so much to you can be far reaching and we do not all grieve the same way, the ability to really move forward varies from person to person. 

Part of me wonders if you are asking about this on a forum because you feel like you can’t talk to friends and family about it IRL and I wonder if it might be that vibe I’ve gotten from people before that I “should” be fully over their deaths by now. Or even worse the brush off of feelings based on how close of a blood relative they were. Like someone being your grandparent instead of a parent means you aren’t allowed to feel as sad for as long a period of time.

Oh and to answer the topic question, yes, I have had insomnia since I was 12 and mine is most definitely related to anxiety over feeling safe when asleep. Finding the root cause of it did help a lot, but it was not a fix all, but talking through the issues I believe is what has allowed me to go from averaging 4 hours a night to 6.5.

I did not realize just how much it was based on feeling safe until I met my partner once we started sleeping together,  I mean with actual sleeping 😀 I was shocked to discover that I sleep like a “normal” person 90% of the time when we are together.

I would also be interested to know if when you do sleep do you often have nightmares? If so, do you think they contribute to not being able to sleep when it is dark?

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