(Closed) Anyone’s fiance give terrible gifts?

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Helper bee
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Hinting is always good…it’s how I got the Garmin Nuvi for my car from Fiance for my 30th birthday.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Fiance went really overboard our first Christmas together.  We had been dating seriously for about two months at that point.  He got me (all of this for Christmas) – a silver necklace with tiny diamonds on it (a mom-and-child type) from redenvelope (I have a daughter), a bottle of wine that we had on one of our first dates – he had to track it down from a wholesaler and have a friend pick it up, a vegetarian cookbook (I hate vegetables and he’s always trying to get me to eat better), some ornaments for my tree, and (this is the big one) – a gorgeous pair of Judith Ripka earrings from Neiman Marcus.  I nearly fell over when I opened that box, and I’m wearing them for our wedding. 

He didn’t go nearly as overboard for Valentine’s and my birthday – I kid him that he used all of his ideas last Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

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to echo some of the other posters, my Fiance has a tendency to get me things HE wants.  Like, he likes activity gift, (show tickets, trips, etc). While i’m ok with that, I prefer tangible gifts so i can have them to commemorate the occasion.  Every V-Day we’ve been together Fiance has gotten me tickets to this or that.  that’s fine because V day is not important to me.  However, one year on my birthday he got me earrings that I would never in a million years wear.  After a while I decided I needed to say something because they were really expensive and I felt about about the waste of money because i was never going to wear them.  When I finally explained the situation he said we could return them, etc and I asked him why he got them for me if he knew they weren’t my style and had never seen me wear anything like that.  And he said because he liked them and HE wanted to see them on me.  ummmm, no.  that’s not how you give a gift.

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Ugh, the worst was when my Fiance let his mom pick out a necklace for me the day before my birthday because he couldn’t come up with anything. He could have at least gone to the mall himself to pick something out. We have very similar styles and he would have gotten me something I’d wear and love as he has done many times before. Instead he let his mom pick out something, knowing that her style and mine are so different there was no chance of her getting close to something I like. I have to admit I gave him a lot of hell for that one… poor thing. This birthday I got an engagement ring though so that was much better Smile

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oh god, my hubby can be thrown in with this lot too!

my very first birthday card from him, and we were a couple that decided to get married by then, he wrote “fondest regards” as his endearment to me… yep, “fondest regards” to the woman you said you loved and you wanted to marry

he’s also given me a rice cooker and for our FIRST christmas together and we were an engaged couple he bought me a new scuba mask and snorkel… yes i needed them and yes they were in my fav colour but a snorkel isnt at all romantic if you ask me


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Honey bee
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My Fiance is amazing when it comes to gift giving… I’m the sucker.

I am a practical girl… I’d love it if I got a rice cooker or a kitchen scale. haha however, I’ve realized not everyone feels the same way.

For my FI’s b-day I got him a tie & a dress shirt (he has 9 billion already). Then I got him dishes (which is kind of a gift for me) and I got him a comic book coffee table book, but he doesn’t have a coffee table. He never uses or likes anything I give him.

He’s pretty thoughtful & I buy him stuff he already has or can’t use. lol I’m the terrible gift giver.

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My husband is always getting me sweet, thoughtful, romantic gifts but I’m the sucky gift-giver in our relationship.  He always writes me poems/letters or picks out really sweet gifts.  Last christmas, he gave me a bunch of books, some new video games I wanted, and a Wii with all the games I would’ve picked out for myself.  I got him…  a fancy paperweight and a set of magnets.  Embarassed  I just really suck at giving presents.

Don’t be too harsh on your SO.  He is probably just not talented in gift-giving.  One thing that helps me is that my husband now has a “wish list” we keep on the computer.  It has 20 or so items on it that he really wants.  Sometimes he adds new things or takes things off if he becomes disinterested in them/buys them at another time.  Seriously, his list so saved me this year on his birthday.   I was going to buy him ice skates (I have no idea why), but instead he picked his own gift and we were both much happier.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Honey bee
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You’re over-thinking it. Not everyone puts the same weight on gift giving, you know? The Christmas before we got engaged I got the silly idea that he might propose… he was actually sneaking around to buy a PRINTER for me for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Granted, I totally needed a new printer, but… a printer?

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Bumble bee

He claims he’s awful at gift-giving, but I’ve liked the stuff he’s given me so far.  We still owe each other gifts for 2009, but I think at this point they’re going to get rolled into Xmas.

Our first Angry-Pink-Heart Day together, he got me a card, a case of tea and an aloe plant.  It sounds odd when you think about it, but it was my favorite tea at the time, and he couldn’t find a bamboo plant like he’d wanted.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure what was going on, so I had bought him a box of chocolates the day before, just in case, and decided at the last minute that I should probably get him something slightly more substantial.  

I got on the wrong bus, rode it around town, got off of the bus and back to my dorm room five minutes before he came by.  >.<  I went out and got him twice as much stuff the next day, since it was all 50% off.

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Sugar bee
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My boyfriend gives TERRIBLE gifts, I’m not sure what the problem is. He buys me this hideous jewelry that i never wear, yet still insists on buying me jewelry. I have a really hard time telling him I dont like something he gives me, because its the thought that counts, right?


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Sugar bee
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my fiance does well these days, but one time he got me a manual popcorn popper (the kind you turn a crank in a pot for the stove) and some expired popcorn as a gift.  It was so ridiculous, but I remembered that I’d mentioned once that my good friend eats fresh popped kernels and loves it.  But it was kind of a hilarious and random gift (that he hates using by the way, it’s annoying to use.)

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m glad some people love the rice cooker!  It was just so… well… practical, while I was sitting there doing romantic.  I still laugh at it, and he uses it all the time (since he’s really the cook in our household).


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Haha. I just thought of this. My FSIL’s new husband (her Fiance at the time) got her A gallon of her fave shampoo and conditioner for her 21st birthday. Yes that’s right. A gallon! Granted it’s the expensive stuff she hardly ever got to buy. But still. lol.

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Honey Beekeeper
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My guy doesn’t do romantic, unless I push him towards it. I usually get something practical, like a down jacket (that i asked for…and gave him my size in) =P. I’m hoping now that i’ve got all the stuff i need (and my own paycheck) he has to be more creative =].

Dinner usually does the trick, too.

@MrsDG I got a coffee maker one year =]

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Sugar Beekeeper
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ya’ll are so funny… i love jewelry but i’m REALLY tired of burnt rice!!

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Busy bee
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My fiance gives weirdly good gifts, but I hate shopping for him since he never wants anything, and I mean ANYTHING. He keeps telling me and everyone else to give to charity or just not buy him anything. I dread having to buy this man things for the rest of our lives.

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