(Closed) Anything still kept hidden from your SO?

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    I accidentally farted in front of my now fiancee when we had been going out for a week. I leant over, in his car to grab my bag and it slipped, it was so loud and I tried to stop but it kept going, he laughed so hard and I cried. Then he casually put the window down.

    Ten years later, he enjoys teaching our daughter the fart game. Admit the belching I say!

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    sandy85:  yes! This is so my relationship! Anything gross is considered funny as hell in my house. 

    I say, catch him off guard. Just do it. Let it out! One of the things I love about my Fiance is his sense of humor. He literally brings me to tears almost once a day with His shenanigans, so a burp would just make him laugh his ass off.

    Fiance and I have been together too long for secrets. I guess the worst thing that happened was the morning after I spent my first night with him. He was pushing me out the door! I was so confused! Turns out, he had been holding in a fart four 4 HOURS. I found this out about 6 months after we were dating. Apparently, he was miserable that night :/

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    Lol. I used to hold my farts in ALL the time when I was dating my Fiance and we didn’t live together. It is seriously the worst feeling and sooo painful. I have IBS so it’s really hard for me to control at times. 

    I guess one night I fell asleep before him and it just slipped out – of course he had to tell me in the morning and he thought it was hiarious meanwhile I was mortified and so embarassed. 

    I also hate pooping if I think he can hear me – LOL.



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    Haha I haven’t yet farted infront of SO we live together and I suffe from IBS and also at that part of my pregnancy…

    I also keep my exact wieght a secret.

    Erm I kept quiet when SO gained weight, as it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I didn’t feel the need to potentially hurt his feelings when I didn’t care either way, to me He’s the sexiest man alive. 

    Other than that no secrets! X 



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    I still run the taps in our toilet to mask any potential #2 sounds if I know SO is in the next room!!! He thinks it’s hilarious that I still do it – we’ve lived together for 2 years.

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    I won a burping contest and can speak burp. The biggest thing I keep from him is my shopping habits (we don’t live together yet). While I wouldn’t lie to him, I don’t announce every purchase since he’s a worrier when it comes to finances and I’m more laid back

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    anything #2 related Fiance can know nothing about. Farting and burping are non-issues as I am not a particularly gassy person (despite being vegetarian & eating lots of odd things)

    Fiance will also never know I take hair-remover cream to my lady-stache 2x/week and tweeze out random neck hairs in the car. 😉 

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    I’ll do anything in front of my fiance (fart, burp, whatever), but I’d be SO mortified if he knew how much some of my shoes or purses cost. I’m just glad he doesn’t recognize a lot of brand names (seriously, he probably thinks my Manolos are from Kohls). For the brands he does recognize, he thinks it’s hilarious that I’m so embarassed and keeps pressing me about “how many kayaks could that purse buy?”. I know it’s my money, that we can afford it, and that he honestly doesn’t care, but I feel somehow like he would think I was shallow if he knew the actual dollar amount. 

    Also, there are some personal grooming things that the bathroom door gets locked for (mostly regarding hair removal or skincare of any sort). 

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    shawna.darling4:  I tweeze out neck hairs as well! I swear they grow in a matter of minutes and come out of nowhere. I don’t think Darling Husband knows about them, but then again I have seen them at the end of the day and they were probably visible all day. Eek.

    Darling Husband doesn’t burp or fart in front of me, though if have started to do so more consistently (he’s not a huge fan of it). Hey, it’s been 11 years….lol.

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    Nope….my husband has heard and seen all from me, LOL

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    cbgmtx:  My Fiance and I may know WAY too much about eachother. Seriously WAAAAYYYYY too much. We use the restroom in front of each other which FREAKS my sisters out. No #2 from me though, and he only did that once when I was in the bath and he just kept talking and sat down. He plucks my little hard to tweeze hairs, and I do the same. Checks my back for a dialated pore I have. All kinds of stuff. Before him I had never burped infront of a man, never let a fart slip. I was a steel trap. After living with him it’s all out the window. I even use the dipilatory cream for my woman-stache infront of him. He thinks it’s cool.

    Now we aren’t gross and go around farting and burping and leaving all the bathroom doors wide, but if it happens it’s no big.

    We talk about bodily functions too. I was raised in a home where discussing such things is really very normal so I never thought twice about that till a friend said she can’t discuss her IBS with her Fiance. Huh? You live together and he should probably know about that.

    There are little things he doens’t know. Things I would go to the grave with, but the standard weird grooming body stuff is on the table.

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    cbgmtx:  I have an appointment to go look at wedding dresses tomorrow. The problem: I already have one and my Fiance knows I got it at a great deal.

    The dress Im drooling over which is giving me MAJOR dress regret is over $700 more. We are paying for the wedding ourselves so of course this is a major chunk out of it… Im just thankful we dont have joint accounts just yet so I can keep it hidden. LOL

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    Just one. It’s not anything “bodily” related since he knows I find that type of stuff (burping, farting, etc.) disgusting and while I’m not going to pretend I don’t do it like every other human in the world, I will always be polite about it and try to keep it quiet. I don’t do that kind of stuff even around my own family that I’ve grown up with, I’m not about to start doing it around him just because I can. What I keep from him is a bit more internal (for lack of a better word) than that.

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    I try to hide as much as possible haha! evrything having to so with my period, body hair, skincare… some of my shopping sprees stay hidden in the trunk of my car until I can sneak them in the closet- oh, and junk food 🙂

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