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@edgebee:  Unfortunately this happens a lot.

Senior dogs are often abandoned as well due to escalating costs due to age related health issues. Can you imagine the pain a dog endures after being with a family all its life to be placed in a sheltr, most likely to be put to sleep?

I work with many local rescues and senior dog rescues and it breaks my heart. I’m sorry your SIL feels that way but perhaps you can help her to find a new and more suitable home for the dog? It doesn’t sound like she has the time or energy to give it the attention and exercise it needs.

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That sort of mentality about animals really bothers me. I recently HAD to find a new home for one of my cats (the two of them were starting to have really serious territorial issues), but it was a big, extremely upsetting ordeal. I don’t get how people can go and get a pet without seriously considering everything it entails to care for them.


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@Treejewel19:   Not to thread-jack the OP’s post, but this breaks my heart as well. When SO and I are ready to get a dog, I intend to ask our local shelter about the the dogs most in need of a home (one who’s older or has been there for a while). I really want to rescue a dog who’s been abused but I’m afraid to do so before I have kids.

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Ugh. I have a friend who has had 3 dogs in the past 5 years. Her first dog was with a boyfriend. When they broke up, she gave it to her uncle. Her second dog was with a boyfriend. When they broke up, she gave it to her parents. Her THIRD DOG is with a boyfriend (surprise, surprise). They are still together, so the dog is still with her. I can only imagine what will happen if/when they break up.

She also never trained the dogs, let them pee/poop all over the house. With her current dog, she got fined for letting it use the bathroom on top of her high rise building’s roof (where theres a roof deck/garden).

You would think she would have a clue. 

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I hate people like this… and im not afraid to say it… 

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I hope she does give the dog away to a family that will love it. We have a dog we got from a family like that. She is the most loving cuddler and I am privileged she is in our home. That pup deserves a good, loving attention giving home. 

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I hate it when people get any pet that they aren’t fully committed to supporting for its lifetime :((

I feel like there should be a fine for that… but all that would result in is more pets abandoned by the side of the highway 🙁

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OP I am as sickened about this a you are…

I could never imagine doing this to my dog, who is like my baby and child all rolled into one lump of cuteness….I don’t have any “official children” yet,but he is my first baby and will always be that no matter what.  I don’t understand why people feel that pets are disposable, it breaks my heart reading some of the other bees responses made me tear up.


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My dogs drives me bat shit crazy insane sometimes…but it breaks my heart at the thought of getting rid of her.  I am such a sap with animals and I can not stand when people are so casual with them.  Casual in the sense that they get rid of them so easy.  If you make the commitment to give an animal a home, then you need to make the commitment to make it work!

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My SIL gave away two cats and a dog when my niece came along. I get being overwhelmed, but she had got the dog while TTC, it was like she got the dog to keep her company until she concieved and then it wasn’t good enough for her attention. Her cats she had got like 6 and 7 years ago and just gave them away like they were a secondhand pair of shoes. At least she did try and make sure that they were good homes before giving them to their new owners, but I just felt bad for the animals, especially with the cats who had been with her for their entire life.

This is partially the reason we are waiting until after we are done having kids and they are a bit older so that we can make sure the animal is getting the attention it deserves. I have no idea how my two 7 year old cats are going to react to having a baby in the house, but I know that I would do EVERYTHING in my power to make it work before even considering rehoming them (and that includes behavioralists, vets, everything).

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Makes me very upset too. I was at PetSmart the other day and I always like to look at the cats they have. One of them was 8 years old and it said in her description that her family gave her up when they got a dog. Nice. I wanted to cry. I would have loved to adopt her but it said that she should go to a no pet home (I have a cat). Plus I’m allergic (my cat is a hypoallergenic breed). Plus we live in a 1-bedroom apartment. But still. 🙁

Pets are NOT disposable!!!

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This is a subject that I find close to my heart. I am a huge animal lover, and always seek out the needy ones that need a home. It completely baffles me when people can just “get rid of their pet.” I have to bite my tongue in some circumstances (work etc…), but often find it hard for me to ask “WTF is wrong with you?!” Animal neglectors and abusers are pretty much as low as it gets in my book. I know that calling your SIL an abuser is certainly not fair, but she definitely should not own a dog again if she can’t handle the responsability. Oh I could ramble all day about this topic. 

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@canarydiamond:  not to thread jack, but what kind of cat do you have that gets along with your allergies? I also have allergies and I want a little kitty brother or sister for my pup!

OP, that absolutely DISGUSTS me! My niece now has 2 dogs, but before these 2, she had one and when her and the flavor of the month at the time who was the dog’s “daddy” broke up, she gave him up. My nephew has also been through TWO dogs. He’s 20. He had a dog recently that he got for free of course & when he was bragging about her, he says “I can put her in her crate for like 12 hours and she won’t even pee in it” FUCKING REALLY?!?!?!??? I looked at him and said “no. you can’t. she needs to be let out every 4-6 hours. DO. NOT. LEAVE. HER. IN. HER. CRATE. FOR. 12. HOURS!” he just plain did not get it. YOU’RE TOO YOUNG FOR A FREAKING DOG THEN!!!

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