(Closed) Apartment Dwellers: I would LOVE your input on something!

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  • poll: Would you/have you ever signed something against your neighbors?
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    No : (97 votes)
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    I havent but I would : (16 votes)
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    I don’t think you should be badgered into signing the petition…if it isn’t bothering you all that much and you haven’t personally thought of doing something about it, then don’t sign it. 

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    @Mrs_Amanda:  I feel your pain.  My neighbors downstairs are ridiculous, but I don’t think I would ever sign a petition against them.  I have this fear of more problems to happen if I did complain.  I’ve noticed our neighbors are very pre-occupied with what we do, etc.  I don’t care for it at all.  Anyways, I would just keep to yourself and do what you have to.  I tell Fiance all the time that our complaints are “apartment living” as well.  Thankfully he’s not on the lease so he doesn’t have the power to run to the office every time he gets pissed off hah.

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    Don’t sign it if you don’t feel it’s warranted. Sounds like these people have nothing better to do!

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    If she doesn’t bother you, then don’t sign the petition. The lady above us has a treadmill in her master bedroom, it is so freaking loud when she is running on it, like shaking our walls, but she never turns it on at times where we would be sleeping so I leave it be. There are too many grumpy people that live in condos, I swear to never be one. A lot of people that live in condos are retired and honestly have nothing better to do but bother the people that are just trying to get through the day to day of work and kids.

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    I wouldn’t sign it.  That person seem like a hypocritical noisy person.  That seems really extreme!  That bothers me.

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    My neighbors get noisy sometimes too (they live right above us and like to vacuum at about 10 at night), but I would never sign a petition before talking to them about it directly. Especially if the woman with the petition was a snide snob who left notes on my car.

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    Honestly, if you don’t want to sign the petition, don’t sign it. I’d be pretty horrified if I found out someone was going around my building signing a petition against me without first talking to me or at least allowing the office manager to talk to me. I think it is very considerate of you to realize that this family must be dealing with a lot – what with having two children and one of them being a newborn – and I think you should just stick to what you feel is the right choice for you. It seems that people in your apartment complex have a lot to say about what goes on and I live in a place that is the same way. I just like to stick to myself and not make enemies out of people. Right now I can hear the person upstairs clomping away and yesterday the woman next door to me was in a huge fight with her daughter – but oh well, it is what it is. That’s apartment living.

    Just a question, if these people live right above you and you never really had a problem with all the noise enough to complain, the entire building can hear them? It seems odd to me that other people would be siging a petition – people who potentially live down the hall or on another floor and would have nothing to do with the issue. Does this woman live next door to them?

    ETA: It’s a good rule of thumb never to sign something and affix your name to something that you don’t believe in 100%, whether its a petition, a contract, etc.

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    This is embarassing.  Has this GROWN woman spoken to these people already?  A petition?????  It seriously reminds me of something an immature jr high girl might do to “vote” another girl out of the group.  Good for you for not signing it!

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    I don’t think you should do this if you don’t agree with her petition 100%. I would have done the same thing you did. I’ve never seen this in an apartment building before either! We did have one neighbor that we complained about (she parks in a handicapped spot despite the fact that she’s clearly just fine, it’s been a year now!), and the office was relieved because they had tried to approach her as well but she turned into tenantzilla, threatening to sue them and all. Now they have a reason to send a towtruck in, finally… Anyway, as long as your neighbors don’t do anything that would bother you a lot, I wouldn’t sign anything like that. I would just tell the petition lady to take a hike… but I don’t like to be solicited about things like this anyway, or brought into other people’s dirty laundry.


    ETA: If she does come over again, you can ask to see the petition and who’s signed it, and just refuse anyway.

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    @Mrs_Amanda:  I’m wondering if she’s going around with a petition because she is one of those people who is known for complaining about everything so no one would listen to her unless it was also a problem for other tenants.

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    I would personally not sign something like that – I think the whole scenario is a little ridiculous. I have *horrible* neighbours (like, people in the building have had to call in domestic disturbance at 3am to the cops kind of horrible), and I still wouldn’t do it. It just isn’t the mature way to handle a situation with your neighbours. It’s one thing to a) speak to the landlord/manager or b) speak to the neighbours themselves if you’re comfortable doing it, but going around bothering other neighbours to sign a petition? Ugh.

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    I haven’t but I would if it was bad enough. It sounds like you don’t mind the noise and it’s not “unreasonable” in this case so I wouldn’t sign in a case like that. My upstairs neighbors are pretty noisy, I’ve asked them to keep things down maybe once when it was keeping me from sleeping and they apologized and obliged. The walls here are paper thin so there’s only so much we can do.

    Funny thing, my biggest peeve with them is I think one of them is leaving their phone on the floor on vibrate, you wouldn’t notice it being loud in your own apartment but it echos through all of mine. When my sister came over and heard it she was, like “what the hell is that” I told her and she was like, omg that’s annoying, so I guess I’m not crazy.

    Moving out at the end of June and moving back with my parents and two younger siblings to save up for the wedding, boy will I have neighbor problems then!

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