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Seriously the toilet? ? That is just nuts. They seem like just lovely neighbors. 

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@pixiecat:  Sounds like typical apartment BS.  If they continue and it seems to be harassment, notify the office that you only want to be notified of actual issues not every little complaint.  I’m sure after a few weeks they will find another neighbor to bother.  Other than that I would try to limit contact with them and ignore them when they make their comments (smile and nod or look blankly past them.)

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@pixiecat:  They sound pretty nuts. A toilet flushes too loudly. Seriously? How often are you flushing the toilet?! As far as the car, I could understand if you had assigned parking or were taking up multiple handicap spots. Something along those lines…but as long as there were multiple other parking spots, I don’t see the big deal. 

You could always fight fire with fire and complain about the smoking. Make sure they are the minimum distance your state requires by law if they are outside. If they are listening to peoples doors outside, complain. Tell management they they are pressing their ears up against doors and are deeply disturbing your peace of mind. 

Do they have a pet? Does it make noise? Smell? 

Do they watch t.v. too loudly? 

Do they park their car in the lines? 

This might not win the war, but they would get a taste of their own medicine. 

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@pixiecat:  Eesh, I think they’re overreacting and maybe looking for something to complain about. Has the office actually contacted you about any of their complaints and expected you to do anything about it?

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This is one of the downsides of apartment life. Last week I had to be up super early to take my Fiance to the airport and the guy who lives underneath me was screaming at someone. Like why are you screaming at each other at 11 p.m.? I don’t understand why people can’t be considerate of each other.

Like a PP said, I would just try my best to ignore them. Eventually they will move on.

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@pixiecat:  Sounds to me like they’re going overboard. 

I’m very noise intolerant.  I feel that when you live in an apartment/townhouse, you need to make an effort to not disturb your neighbors.  You don’t have the right to blast your stereo/TV or let your kid run around like a maniac on top of somone else’s ceiling.  

But even I recognize that in shared wall housing you ARE going to hear some things.  As long as your neighbor isn’t being unreasonably loud in the middle of the night, deal.  

I suspect your management office aren’t fans of this couple.  So, disregard their comments to you when they are unreasonable and work with the management office when they complain.  

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No, that’s nuts.

Some people should not live in apartment buildings, and in this case it’s the neighbours who aren’t fit for it.

I’ve lived in appartments for years and being able to hear your neighbours is just something you have to be comfortable with.  We don’t live in soundproof boxes. 

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If it keeps happening for ridiculous reasons, I would file a complaint against their harassment. My grandmother is filing similar charges against her downstairs neighbors because they complain of all the scratching noises being heard overhead. They’ve come up and confronted her multiple times about being too loud.

… It’s her walker. They’re complaining CONSTANTLY about the 89 year old woman’s walker. It has wheels on it now and they still complain.


Sometimes, you get saddled with a bunch of nutjobs. It’s horribly ridiculous, but that’s how it is in apartment life.


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My downstairs neighbor came up two weeks after we moved in (and the night after my aunt died suddenly) and said “You’re walking too loud. Can you stop walking at night?” to which I responded that I live here too, and then proceeded to cry loudly when she left me alone.

I tried EVERYTHING to stop our floors from squeaking, I even started tip-toeing around the apartment… it just wasn’t happening (nor was it really my problem, which I didn’t realize until later)
Since she turned up the TV very loudly (one time thought there were burgalers in our apartment it was so loud) whenever we came home or walked around, I eventually sent a letter to the landlord and basically told him she was harassing us.

The LL is a nice guy and he talked to us both (needed to check our apartment for rugs, which we had TONS of because of her complaining) and she stopped being a super weirdo after that. She’s still weird but we’re moving out this week – after 2 years, she can harass someone new now!

I’d start putting obnoxious wreaths and stuff on my door so he couldn’t put his ear against it (or maybe like, baby powder so he came away from it covered in dust) Or I’d open the door on him and say CAN I HELP YOU?

If it continues, let the LL know that these are unreasonable conditions to be living in – you live there too and you can flush the damn toilet as loud as you want.

Either way I’d start looking for a better place when my lease is up, unfortunatley. :/

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Nah, its normal kooky old people shit.  They honestly run out of things to do and talk about, so they invent shit to bitch about…its pretty typical, and I can’t imagine that management likes it any better or takes it any more seriously than you do…because honestly, I know how to make some noise when I want to…I can’t think of any means to make a toilet flush louder than it already does…short of dumping a bag of bolts down it….

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I’m just impressed that the management office actually responds to all their nonsense! When we lived in an apartment building, it was hard enough to get the office to budge on a *real* issue.

Sounds like these neighbors need to move on from apartment living. If they were my neighbors, they’d get the smile, nod, and “how do you do?” from me- and that’s about it. If the complaints continued to escalate, I’d get the office involved as well.

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My downstairs neighbor at our old apartment in DC was also a raving lunatic. She called the office to complain that our dishwasher was too loud at night. The office had a policy of calling us every time she called them to complain, no matter how absurd the complaint, and after the dishwasher incident (which was like the 10th time she’d called them about absolute BS), I went off on them. I was like “STOP CALLING ME AT WORK. I have better things to do than answer the phone and listen to this f***ing bullshit all the time. Don’t f***ing call me again unless there is a real issue that I need to address. I don’t need to hear about every f***ing thought that passes through this insane woman’s head. Am I allowed to run my dishwasher? Yes? THEN WHY THE F*** ARE YOU CALLING ME.”

From that day on, they always called Darling Husband instead of me. I guess they thought he was nicer.

He’s not. Tongue Out

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@pixiecat:  Ugh. This is why I hate living in apartments!!!!! You’re fine. You’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. I’d like to give my neighbors to yours and see how they’d like it lol. 

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