(Closed) Apartment living…….and something I realized about apartments.(Long)

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Oh man, there are PLENTY of things that suck about my current apartment. Our neighbors throw-up in the stairwell outside, talk loudly near our bedroom window, and we’ve had one of our cars broken into. Not to mention that in the snowy months the complex doesn’t de-ice nearly enough and that there’s no AC!

You could always let management know that you are hoping to move into either of those buildings so you could do it sooner. I had a similar thing happen at a complex and they just transfered my lease and deposit over when a unit opened up where I wanted to live. You would have to ask them about their policy, but if your neighbors have a reputation already they will hopefully be understanding about it. 


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No parking, air conditioning, elevator, doorman, laundry in the building, dishwasher, pets allowed, and there’s someone always smoking pot! Aaaand someone just banged on the shared wall.

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Fiance and I have been living in apartments for 2 years and we love it. A couple months ago the person next door started a band and played around dinner time, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. We get some pot smokers around occasionally which I hate. But I like the price, the locations of apartments, the low-maintenance aspect. But we have always lived on the top floor, and right now we live on the edge of the complex with only a nieghbour on one side. All of our apartments have strict no-garbage-on-balcony rules. They don’t allow barbeques or pets which kind of suck. We pick mature complexes (although we have students) to avoid young children crying next door. Also we get assigned parking.

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I don’t think apartments suck. I liked mine so mich that I bought it when it converted to a condo.

Then again, I feel strongly about living small and having a community feeling. We talk to everyone we see here. It’s hard for people to be jerks when they know their neighbors. 🙂

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My apartment building is the nicest one on our block.  We love that it has central air and heat.  I wouldn’t have moved there if it didn’t.  The management is cool and gets things taken care of when needed.  However, I live on the bottom floor and can’t stand my neighbors directly above us.  There’s too many little kids who run up and down the halls and it drives me insane.  he people to our right also blast music often and you can hear it echoing from the other side of the building. It’s ridiculous. 

Oh yeah, I also hate having to share the laundry room with the whole floor.  I HATE when the person doing laundry before me takes forever to come get their clothes so I can start.  I have gone and checked over and over again and the longest I saw before they finally got their crap out was 3 hours!!!!!  How do you not come back?  I always put the timer on for any and all laundry I do so I can get in and out fast. 

I do get 2 assigned parking spots so parking is not an issue for MY car.  However, FI’s car is a huge F350 and it will not fit in the parking structure so he has to find parking on the street.  It’s not a big issue to find a spot, but we do get some nasty notes from a specific house who complains about his monster of a truck.  He tries to avoid parking by their house.  Even when he doesn’t, he’ll still get a note stating he’s not welcome in “THEIR” neighborhood, etc.  Stupid.

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Oh, apartment life! We can hear (and smell) EVERYTHING our neighbors do. Our bedroom shares a wall with their living room, and their back porch is right outside of our bedroom. Sometimes it sounds like they’re actually in our bedroom talking. Luckily they are pretty low key and don’t get too loud. They smoke a lot of pot, but that doesn’t really bother me. Sometimes the guy’s son comes to visit and I can smell pot even when the kid is there. Not my business, but it just seems kind of sad to me. 

One of the most baffling things to me is the dog poop situation. A lot of people in our building have dogs (including us). My Fiance and I always pick up after them and throw the bag in the dumpster. Someone in our building goes to the trouble of buying bright pink dog poop bags, picks up after their dog, but leaves the bags by the entrance of the building. So everyday there’s a pile of poop bags sitting by the door.What’s the point in picking up your dog’s turds (sorry, there’s no real good word for the stuff) if you’re just going to litter the ground with plastic?

The parking situation kind of sucks, and a lot of people park in our lot and then walk to restaurants and stuff nearby. We have stickers for our cars but they don’t really enforce it. That can get pretty annoying.

Other than that, I usually love our apartments. They’re old and charming but updated enough to be comfortable. They’re in an awesome location and we can walk to a lot of good restaurants, shops, bars, and the grocery store.

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My best advise is to find a company with a good mainatence/ feedback, or go with a smaller/ individual landlord.  Right now we live in a duplex.  Our landlord comes over around once a week to do lawn work and other maintenence.  I like not having to deal with tons or people around (one neighboor!), and love the parking situation (2 fixed parking spots!).  In the past I have always have an apartment on the top floor (sucks for bringing in stuff, but great because you don’t have to listen to people walk on top of you all day!) Also corner apartments are usually quieter!  (in the past I have always lived in smaller building where there are only two or four units on a floor). 

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I really like our apartment and our neighborhood – it has a lot of families, it is quiet at night and I feel safe there. I do wish we had laundry in our building and that we were allowed to have a pet (our landlord lives on the bottom floor and has two dogs, so not fair!). I’ve been living in apartments for 5.5 years and dorms before then so I’m totally used to them.

Could you ask your management company to let you know when something becomes available?  If you two are good tenants they may be able to just shift your lease to a different property.

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I actually love my current apartment – FOR AN APARTMENT.  All apartments kind of suck.  I have a loft with about 765 sf.  It has this huge porch that is really nice and gets full sun all day for growing.  It also has realy nice flow, lots of windows, lots of light and the people in the building are adults (mainly 30+).  There are only 24 apartments.  It was designed with good feng shui and built on the principles of Frank Lloyd Wright (who was local) in the 1990s (so it isn’t totally old either).  It is great.  It even has a smaller closet for my dog to use as her “own room.”  The location couldn’t be better.  It is quiet and across from a park and a huge nature area, yet minutes from downtown.

But occasionally I hear my neighbors through the wall.  A young girl lived next to us and one night these guys were throwing furniture off the loft and into our shared wall and knocked my art work off the wall.  All of the appliances are from 1990 or earlier and they basically don’t work.  The toilet never fully flushes (so I CANNOT keep it clean and I have to have a clean toilet!).  It is a battle.  The dishwasher doesn’t wash the dishes, and the vanity in the bathroom is so large it takes up the bathroom.  I also have to share a washer and someone else’s deodorant gets all over our clothes!  (GROSS!)  Plus it is in the hallway.  However, I love this apartment more than any other.

My previous one was HELL.  The floors were unbelievably loud and the people above us made so much noise on the floors- it actually made it impossible to SLEEP, RELAX, do ANYTHING.  They kept us up all night.  It was hell!  Now I only rent the second floor!

It takes awhile living in a place to figure out what you want, what you can get for how much, and the best parts of town to find it.

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Idk my apartment is the 2nd story of a 2 family house–like mother/daughter style–My landlord lives downstairs and his straight off the boat Italian parents stay with him all the time, even though he bought them a house upstate. They grow TONS of different vegetables and are always busy with something outside

They make their own wine (which they share with us), they have an outdoor oven  and often have something tasty baking in it–the only thing is they’re up at the crack of dawn and sometime their little projects wake us up, like using a woodsplitter at 7am on a saturday. 

But I think I would be just as annoyed with the sound issue if I lived next door…so it’s not really tied to being a tenant. And overally they’re really nice people so I can’t complain too  much.


I’ve lived in many apartments before–but only in apartment buildings in New Orleans and Albuquerque. The others were all apartments in houses or cottages. 

In New Orleans it was kinda nice because they had a cleaning crew come in 2x a week. In New Mexico, we had a couple of pools in the complex, a free laundromat, and a gym–so that was a plus. However, they had to have exterminators come and do a routine spray 2x a month–they had central air (obv it’s the desert) and if one apartment had cockroaches they could easily spread to the whole building. Gross. 

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I think when looking at an apartment its important to look at the type of people that live there. Are they younger families, older retirees, young  professionals, etc. That will help a lot in predicting the kind of neighbors you have. Also, would test the walls for noice. We would ask to tour the place when the neighbors would likely be home (at dinner time) and would knock between rooms. the walls within the place is a good predictor of the walls between apartments.  Also, ask what their rules are for carpeting and wood floors. if the place requires carpet it will also be a lot more quiet.

Every apartment/condo I have lived I have really liked. I made sure it had parking and the people in the complex werent college- partying people or young families (crying babies) and its worked out so far. 

The thing I miss about apartments vs house is the outdoor space for BBQ, but at least at your current place we have a nice porch that has enough space for storage, BBQ and  a cafe set. 

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There’s definitely some upsides to apartment life: first and probably the biggest is the low-maintenance and predictable expenses thing. If your sink starts leaking, call the management company and they send someone to fix it and you don’t get a bill.  Clogged up toilet, washing machine died, AC/heat isn’t working… one phone call takes care of it, and if you were in a house that you owned, these would be all your expenses and all your headaches. Even in a rented house, depending on the landlord, some or all of these would be on you.  Plus there’s the social aspect because with that many people milling about, there’s bound to be someone who turns into a friend over time.

Apartment life isn’t for everyone but it’s certainly not a horrible existence.


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The best thing about my apartment is the location. It’s literally three or four hundred feet from the buildings where I work and go to class. So far, this is the best place I’ve lived. Central heat and air? Oh yeah. Dishwasher? Yes. 

I’ve lived in some pretty shitty places, so I’m not complaining. 

The worst thing about this place is the parking. We live right next to campus, so commuters park in our lot, and at night people will drive up in the middle of the lot and just park there all. Night.

Once, there were three cars backed up to the end of the lot so literally no one could get out. I mean, seriously? Just walk the extra few yards and park across the street. No one enforces the rules about parking, so that kind of annoys me. It is awful to have to walk around knocking on the other apartments to find the jerk that blocked me in so I can get somewhere.

I genuinely don’t mind living in an apartment. It’s a smaller place to clean, and utilities don’t cost as much. If something goes wrong, you call the landlord. But, there are times when the people around you aren’t considerate of the fact that you have to get up at 7:00 am to go to work.

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How do I say this without sounding absolutely racist….

In our area, there is a large Somali population. Oftentimes, entire families (mom, dad, 3-4 kids, grandpa, grandma….etc) live in a single apartment, maybe 2 bedrooms. This is not okay in respect to fire codes and lease agreements, but it’s all they can afford. The problem is, our budget for the two of us finding a 2 bedroom apartment is the same as a family of 5-6 living in that same 2 bedroom apartment. I’ve seen this firsthand at 90% of the places we looked. So, while the place is nice, the neighbors aren’t. Also, a lot of them have jobs as taxi drivers, and we have driven by prospective places only to see all of the parking occupied by cabs. Not something I want to deal with.

(to be clear, I don’t care that they are Somalian; that’s not the problem. They could be any ethnicity. The problems are the apartment cramming, the noise, the unattended children, and the parking lots full of cabs that aren’t supposed to be there.)

Finally we found a new place to move into this summer. It’s a newer place and outside the city, but still affordable. They have strict rules about number of tennants and do not hesitate to kick people out that try to cram apartments, as well as a “3 strikes your’re out” policy for noise violations, etc. Can’t wait to move!

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