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Bumble bee

It’s possible another dog moved in and your neighbors are misplacing the sound. 

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Bee Keeper
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I used to get complaints about my dog barking. The thing was that he was barking while I wasn’t home and I had no idea. Luckily they just complained to me by leaving a note on my door and didn’t report me. After that, I put a note on my door apologizing and saying that I was working on it. That seemed to keep them at bay while I figured it out. But it sounds like you don’t think your dog is barking enough to warrant the complaint, so maybe it would be good to get a doggie cam to confirm this. If someone complains that the dog was barking when you weren’t home (or when you were), you can then check the tape and have proof that they are either exaggerating or hearing someone else’s dog. 

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Bumble bee

beevincent18 :  If you’re fairly certain your dog isn’t barking, then get some type of camera. My dog was accused of barking, but the neighbor complained to the city and thecity threatened legal action. My roommates were always home and said she never barked. The city kept wanting me to go to mediation meetings and making threats but I knew it wasn’t my dog. I got a letter one day saying they were going to investigate themselves and if it was determined my dog was barking, I’d get evicted. Two weeks later I got a letter from them apologizing saying it wasn’t my dog that was barking. Luckily the onus was on them to figure it out. I’m not sure how it works in apartment buildings.

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Sugar bee
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Get a camera. I used to have one that would alert me when there was a noise or motion, so I could go through and watch little clips where it said there was noise. It would be good for you to have, just to say “The complaint is incorrect, and I have proof if you want to watch it.”

Sorry this is happening. 🙁 I’m so scared I’m going to end up in that position. Luckily my dog doesn’t bark when we aren’t home, but it still makes me nervous.

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Bumble bee

I use Arlo. It’s small and easy to move. Can fit in my purse actually. And not too expensive

I got it when I first got my dog because I wanted to monitor for separation anxiety from the beginning when she was a puppy. I also spied on dog walkers to see if they were actually walking her (some did not…)

I have footage though of her sitting quietly in her pen when a maintenance guy came in to fix something. Worst guard dog ever!

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Helper bee

beevincent18 :  Do you have an ipad and iphone by chance? They have apps that you can use. The one I used didn’t record-it was just a video camera, but I think some can record. 

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Blushing bee

I don’t have any advice, just a story.  A long time ago, when my husband and I bought our house, I still had an apartment.  It was cheaper to pay the rent for a few months than it was to break the lease.  So I would just go over every couple of weeks and check the mail but other than that, it was empty…not a soul in it…..I stopped by one day and there was a note on the door from the leasing office stating that someone had been watching my dog go to the bathroom all over the property and I had not been cleaning it up and that I had to pay a fine….After I went into the leasing office yelling like a crazy woman, they sheepishly told me that they had put that note on the door to every resident who owned a dog because they couldn’t figure out who the problem dog owner was.

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About Ten years ago we lived in a duplex and we had a  german shepherd , we would get complaints that she would bark while being home alone. Almost got evicted, but then a good friend (husky owner) told us to leave her with the tv on. She was such a good girl and we didnt need to crate her if she was left alone, but i did try the TV thing. Lucky for us the TV worked. Now we have a Yellow Lab mix and he is still a puppy, only 10 months old, but he does suffer from separation anxiety. when i take trips to the store, i do crate him and leave him infront of the tv. I started doing this with him after leaving my ipad recording him, and we saw how he cried and barked while being alone. Lucky for us we now own a home, so we dont deal with neighbors bitching over barking. It just gives the pup some peace of mind when he has noise in the house. Just an idea for you guys, and best of luck w your doggie.

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