(Closed) Apartment War: (IR)Responsible Dog Owners & The 'Puppy Paparazzi'

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  • poll: Do you think the 'puppy paparazzi' policy and fines are fair or unfair?
    It is fair - dog owners should be responsible and ensure their dogs go potty in the correct area : (15 votes)
    56 %
    It is unfair - dog owners can't always control their dog's potty situations : (12 votes)
    44 %
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    Sugar bee
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    I am totally fine with the photographs given to management, not okay with the ‘reward.’ What if the owner then bends down and picks it up? Not something shown on film evidence.

    they should sod the dog run to make it easier on the dogs. Peeing on the tan bark and fake turf is disgusting, there are no places for soil bacteria to live and break down the waste matter. How unsanitary! At least with the gravel it could soak down into the ground eventually… But that building must absolutely stink.

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    Honey bee
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    indyJEEP:  Yikes!  I totally understand your comment about, what if the dog stops to pee on the way to the area where the apartment complex allows them to pee?  You can’t really stop your dog from doing that?!  Also, like PP said, what if someone is going to clean up after their dog but the photo only shows the dog going, not the owner cleaning it up after?

    I don’t think WHERE the dog goes to the bathroom is an issue, let’s be honest, most outdoor places are one animals or anothers bathroom.  The cleaning it up should be the real issue the complex is concerned with.

    If I were you I wouldn’t worry about the photographing, because it doesn’t seem like you’re part of the problem in your complex.

    Out of curiousity, how is the complex rewarding the photographers?

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    Bumble Beekeeper
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    I completely understand not wanting dog crap everywhere, but this seems extreme. It can be impossible to MAKE a dog go in a certain area, and what are you supposed to do, drag them down the sidewalk if they start to poo in the wrong place? It’s not like you can make them stop lol. I think the apartment building should arrange some other areas for the dogs to potty in if this is really that big of an issue for so many residents.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper
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    The dog owners should clean up after their dogs.  If I owned the building, I would install cameras so I could see who was being a dick like that.  

    I don’t think the residents should be part of it, though.  Like someone else said, what if the person takes a picture of the dog doing its business, but then not of the owner picking up and disposing of said business?

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    Buzzing bee

    Oh, please  Dogs don’t go to the potty. They relieve themselves. Sorry, but its a particular peeve of mine.

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    Busy Beekeeper
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    You don’t have any expectation of privacy when you are in a  public space like the shared areas of an apartment complex.

    i think it’s foolish of the managers to pit neighbor against neighbor. They could have solicited the information to lead to the bad pet owners in a much more discreet manner. However, I see nothing at all wrong with expecting residents to use only an appropriate area for their dogs to do their business, and I see nothing at all wrong with other residents photographing the offenders and reporting them. I also think tanbark isn’t a good location for the dogs to do their business because it’s expensive to replace and difficult/expensive to clean.

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    Busy bee

    It seems lazy on the properties part to rely on residents to do their job for them. They should install cameras in these areas to find the culprits themselves. I live in an apartment complex with lots of old people and bored stay at home moms who would make it their job to enforce this policy just to make a few bucks. That just creates unnecessary drama. It’s hard enough for people to tolerate neighbors without meddling into each others lives to make a profit. 

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    Busy bee

    arosebyanyothername:  People being unnecessarily annoying about someone else’s word choice is a particular pet peeve of mine. 

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    Bee Keeper
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    indyJEEP:  AHHH! This sounds just like my apartment complex. They sent us an email about a year ago to tell us that our dogs were turning the grass brown and that we couldn’t have our dogs pee on the grass near our buildings. Instead, they wanted us to take them to the “medians” in the center of our parking lot (which arent even grass – just dirt). Last I checked, I can’t tell my dog to wait to pee until we get to the middle of the parking lot – he’s a damn dog – he’s gonna pee as soon as we get outside! 

    They also were big on the picture taking thing – but they got ridiculous with it. My neighbor got a fine for having a dog over 25 pounds ( a rule in our complex ) and she has a TINY beagle that weighs less than my dog (who weights about 22 pounds). She also got a fine for abandoning a truck in the parking lot…which wasn’t hers. How they came up with their name, not sure.

    They too wanted us to report people who didnt pick up / take pictures of their dogs doing it. 

    It was a hot topic for about a month, and then I never heard about it again. I talked to a lot of the other dog owners and we all kind of decided we would NOT be following hte pee in the median rule. It went away pretty quickly and I haven’t heard about it again. 

    Good luck! Hopefully it will blow over quickly…

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    Bumble bee
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    I think the poor dogs should be able to pee or poop when and where they need to as long as it isn’t on the sidewalk and the poop is picked up.  My sister’s apartment lets the dog owners do their own thing but they have to pick the up poop. She actually had to put her dog’s DNA on file so that if poop was found it could be tested for DNA and that person would get a fine.  That I think is a little extreme but I would do it over having to worry about my neighbores taking pictures of me and my dog if he can’t hold it to get to the correct area.

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    Busy bee
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    Interesting…  I have a dog.  And my dog goes to the bathroom where I make her go because that is not shes trained.  I don’t know what to think about people who say their dog has pee and poop flying all over as soon as they are outside and theres no control over the situation.  

    As far as sod…  I live in Mexico.  Its hotter than hell all the time and theres no such thing as sod i my city anywhere ever.  So, I can truthfully say dogs do not need sod to go to the bathroom, if they did my dog would never relieve herself.  But, I do agree that dog pee ruins sod.  And if the sod does not belong to the individual they have no right to take their dog to go to the bathroom on the sod.  Dog pee and poop should not ruin other peoples property and stuff.

    The bag thing to pick up the poop confuses me…  I always carry a bag with me when my dog walks.  So if people carried bags with them to clean up they would not have to worry about people taking pictures with them not being ready with a bag.

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