(Closed) apparently I'm not even going to the wedding (vent)

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You don’t need him to book the plane tickets and htat can take just 5 minutes if you use a website that does a comparison like this one: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Flights-g186485-Scotland-Cheap_Discount_Airfares.html

You said “many wont take him” pick one that will and just pull the trigger πŸ™‚ If you know a kennel will and you like it, then do it! easy stress reliever.

Hotels.com has sales very frequently, subscribe to their emails and look to see if the place you want goes on sale.

My wedding is July 20 and the guys haven’t looked at suits either, this really doesn’t take as long as it does with Bridesmaid or Best Man. Since you have the international problem pick a large chain like Moores that the guys can go to a local store to get measured with some consistency and then just place the order with the store near your wedding venue for pickup in August πŸ™‚

Getting back can be a simple taxi, really doesnt need to be anything fancy but start sending out emails to limo companies for Bridal Party transport and then you’ll get some quotes.


Mostly just breathe, and give your Fiance deadlines so he can work with them πŸ™‚

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Ugh. I’m sorry. My Darling Husband is the same way. Kid you not, he didn’t buy a shirt until the day before we left for the wedding. Which, was the one color I asked him not to buy! We had to go shopping again later.. Together. 

I would tell you to try to let it go, but there is a point where you just have to do it yourself. Sorry, I totally understand how frustrating it is.

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@Glasgowbound:  *HUGS*  You can get through this.  Maybe enlist the help of a travel agent to get your flights/hotel figured out, then start calling around for kennels/pet sitters.  I told my Fiance his wedding duties were to drink beers (we’re picking local micro brews), practice hitting golf balls, and eat pickles; you’d think they’d all be done right?  Nope, guys just think it only takes a few hours to plan a wedding, they just don’t get it.

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There’s a great suit shop in Glasgow called Slaters (I’m assuming that’s where you’re going with your user name). They can do hire or buy and alterations take place in store if the groom and BM/GM are all there a few days before the ceremony they could have a boys trip to it.

If you need any other Scottish based advice ask away (I’m not there at the moment but spent all my life there) or head over to the UK board for help, us Scots are a friendly lot πŸ™‚

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You’ll be OK!  Smile


My parents haven’t fixed any of their male dogs (my father has issues with it) and they’ve never had issues with kennels taking them.  Just make a few phone calls. 


You still have time to get this all done!


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– the wedding is in Scotland. We don’t have plane tickets yet.

 Ok. This one you need to do NOW. There is no two ways about that one, look up the times and prices and shove them under your other halves nose

– We have no idea what we are doing with our dog. All of the people who have watched him are also going to the wedding. He’s not fixed so many kennels won’t take him

 Ask work colleagues, neighbours, phone round all kennels asap. Out of curiosity why don’t you have him fixed ? Because there are a lot of health benefits to them being done as well as there being no accidents and unwanted pups being brought into the world. It’s a fairly simple procedure in male dogs, we will rehome dogs on the same day that they get done so if you did have it done he’d be ok to go into a kennels whenever.

– we are going to Scotland from August 4th until August 24th. We have hotels booked for the 10th – 15th. That is it. The rest of the time I have no idea where we are staying (we can’t stay with his parents as his 2 brothers and their wives are staying there and there’s no room).

This might not be the most helpful answer but in Scotland there is a right to roam law, so you can always disappear to the middle of no where and just camp for a couple of days by a loch or some other pretty location. Also every city has tavel lodges or  holiday inn style places that take fairly last minute bookings, so don’t worry- you will find somehwere!

– none of the guys have suits yet. Fiance hasn’t even looked at them – Fiance and Bridesmaid or Best Man are here, one Groomsmen is in Hong Kong and one is in England. This will be a process to actually get matching suits.

 http://www.formallyyours.co.uk/ We are using these guys. All done online so you just have to get them all to give you their measurements- for ease we are just having them delivered to one address and we’ll hand them out from there. They are also by far the cheapest I have seen!

– we have no transportation for the day of the wedding. I have no idea how the Bridal Party is getting to the venue or how Fiance and I are getting to the hotel afterwards

http://glasgowtaxis.co.uk/ Black cabs are pretty inconic and classy, this taxi company actually has white ones to hire- from £140 to £175 for the specialty wedding cars. They also have online booking, so you can save yourself the call cost!

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Will your vet board your dog?

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I’ll dogsit for you! I know that’s really not helpful, but I totally would.

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I have a similar situation — I’m a planner and my Fiance is not. I understand that you’ve given him his “to-do” list, but there comes a time where somebody has to get it done, and at this point it doesn’t matter who it is. It’s frustrating that you have to take on extra work, but I agree with previous posters, some of this needs to be done NOW.

Book your plane tickets, figure out your lodging situation (I’m pretty sure August is a busy month over there), call the vet yourself. The suits and the day-of transportation can probably wait a bit longer.

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Hello there, nearly-date-twin!

Please don’t worry, it will all get done πŸ™‚ I think, like you, i have a relaxed sort of a fiancee and it DOES MY HEAD IN! lol. I keep quietly harrassing him about suits, rings, readings, hoenymoon, but I think I am going to have to step it up some. Esp the honeymoon as it’s his dad paying and it’s now getting a bit rude lol.


I cant help with the doggy issue, sorry but as for hotels. I would hugely recommend camping (as a PP suggested BUT hey it’s UK and it could quite possibly rain). Self catering accom could be good too. Save a TONNE on hotels and it means you get to run your own lives, make your own food etc. without having to worry about this and that. This site is good:







As for suits. It depends what type your after? This site is good. We were thinking of it but boyf found a better deal in our city. They have really good reviews and have a good price and go up pretty large, too.



Good thing about them is they delived 8 days before the wedding at only £5.00 per address, so it means if you run into probs you can return them for a new one easy. I’ve also just seen another bee has recommended them, they have lovely fabric samples (posted for free).


I am beginning to feel the strain, too. I’m somewhat a distance bride (though only 300 miles) but it just gets to you πŸ™ I want to get the bleeding invites out and the favours done! agh!

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As for dog sitting (huge issue for us as well!), I would recommend starting to ask around. Casually, in a “Do you happen to know a good dog sitter?” kind of way. More often than not someone will volunteer, or they will recommend a good sitter! Much better than having him go to a kennel.

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@Elky:  This.

Just breathe. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you. Find an international suit company and do it through there.

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Yup, there’s just a point you need to do it.

For the plane tickets, if he’s not going to give input, figure out the dates yourself and just book them.  My boss just dragged his feet about coming with us to LA from the Netherlands and ended up booking a month before the trip.  Our tickets came to about 1,000 euro each where they would have been about 600 4 months ago.  So don’t wait.  Just do it.

For the dog, why can’t you ask the vet?

For the suits, I know it isn’t optimal, can’t you just say you want them in X cut and Y colors and have them all go do it themselves? Sucks, but it’s better than having to wait I think.

For the wedding transport, if you want something more than a taxi (hubby and I did a 1928 Rolls and a classic london double decker for the guests here in the NL) you can get online and look at the wedding car hires.  Otherwise, taxi.  And that’s very, very easy.

And for the places to stay after, I’ve just gone over to the UK for the weekend and checked into hotels w/o prior arrangement.  Not really much issue…and there’s cute little bed and breakfasts all over.

But the most important thing is those plane tickets.  DO IT NOW! πŸ˜‰

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