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Yay! I was hoping someone would make a post for us April-ians ๐Ÿ™‚

EDD:  April 8th 2012

How far along: 15 weeks 2 days

Weight gain:  Lost 5 pounds the first month and have now evened out once again.

How are you feeling? I practically didnt leave my room for the first 13 weeks – Nausea was so bad – Zofran helped some but not 100%. I am starting to feel better but was just told I have Anemia (Ive always struggled with it even before pregnancy) So that explains the extreme exhaustion Ive been feeling as well as all the comments about how pale I look :(. I told my husband the only glow to me is a green pale glow :(.

Next Appointment? This Monday October 24th.


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EDD:  April 26, 2012


How far along: 12 weeks, 6 days


Weight gain:  1 pound


How are you feeling? Pretty good, though I feel fat and don’t fit in my clothes correctly, anymore. I just feel dumpy and get emotional about it now. I hope once I “pop” a little more, I’ll have a bit more confidence. I swear, any body fat I had before getting pregnant has moved directly into my torso and is gross and jiggly. 

And I really really want my sex drive to return. 

Still no MS, though, so Yay!


Next Appointment? November 9th. 

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1 more thing –





Bree72 – I totally agree with everything you have said about the way you are feeling. I can relate! I totally hate getting dressed and wearing my clothes right now ๐Ÿ™ Ide rather be stuck at home in my pjs. & I am looking for that drive as well but it seems miles and miles away!

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EDD:  April 30, 2012 

How far along: 12 weeks, 2 days

Weight gain:  1.6 pound at 9 week appt

How are you feeling? I’m feeling OK, don’t really have much to complain about. Nausea is still here off and on but no puking so that’s a blessing. I’m hoping it will leave me after second tri??? I’m super excited to be entering my second tri next week!!!! My clothes def have been feeling snug. I lost two shirts this week to the stomach bulge. I’m not too bothered by it bc I can’t wait to have a bump!! I think I’m one of the select lucky few that sex drive never left me, hehehe. I’m def feeling the pregnancy annoyance this week though. Co-workers are annoying me even more than usual.

Next Appointment? Thursday!, Oct 20th for NT scan.


We are SO close together!!!


I don’t think I have anemia perse. But my bloodwork did come back with low hemoglobin so my doc has me on 325mg iron supplement along with my prenatals.

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EDD:  April 16, 2012 (Though it might be moved up since the baby is now measuring a week bigger)

How far along: 14w1d

Weight gain:  Um, I’m kind of jealous of all of you with your small weight gains. 5-6 lbs. depending on the time of day.

How are you feeling? Yesterday was the first day I did not have nausea at all! I had a tummy ache, but it was nice to not feel like puking. My lower back and left hip are hurting and my pelvic region feels like it’s being pulled in different directions.

Next Appointment? TODAY at 3 p.m. I can’t wait!

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EDD:  April 12

How far along: 14 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain:  only half a lb at 12 week appt.  But I think I have gained maybe 2 or so since, but I have a very unreliable scale here at home.  One day it will say I have gained 3, and the next day I am the same as I was pre-pregnancy!  But my belly seems to be coming before the weight gain.  I think I have popped!

How are you feeling?  Besides having a cold right now, pretty good.  Not much MS, but I do gag A LOT.  Brushing my teeth is very difficult.  I am not nearly as tired as I was just a few weeks ago.  And sneezing, coughing, and stretching can hurt so badly if I am not careful!!

Next Appointment?  October 25th.  I can’t wait to see a weight increase just for some added reassurance! 

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@JustlikeHeaven: It’s the worst, right?!  I feel like no one is ever complaining about it on the other threads, but I am so uncomfortable right now. I feel disgusting. I try on like 7 outfits every morning until I can find something that is even remotely comfortable. Almost none of my shirts fits anymore, and I’ve only gained a pound. It’s seriously depressing, especially since most of my friends wore their normal clothing until at least their 3rd trimester. 




@regberadaisy: I know! I keep following you so I can see where you are with appointments and everything. We are just a few days apart!

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EDD:  April 16, 2012

How far along: 14 weeks, 2 days

Weight gain:  Not sure I think about 2 pounds according to my OB, but my scale at home has me at the same weight. Perhaps my scale is broken?

How are you feeling? Hungry, tired, and still have a slight bitter taste in my mouth

Next Appointment? Oct 22nd

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EDD:  First half of April! (We decided to not focus on a due “date”)

How far along: 16wk 1day

Weight gain:  7 lbs as of last Monday from my guesstimated pre-pregnancy weight. I hadn’t weighed since before the wedding and then didn’t get into the doctor until after I was already bloating up. lol

How are you feeling? Finally starting to feel GREAT!!!!! Still get tired pretty quick, house cleaning has to be done in incerments and 1 late night will wiped me out for 2 days, but otherwise I’m started to get things done again, no more ms, and I’m not feeling totally put out by DS anymore. Oh and my sex drive has finally returned! Woohoo! lol

Next Appointment? Sometime around 20weeks for our next u/s.

@pinky44: I totally felt like that until I got some maternity clothes… and I HAVE to have the full belly panel since I already had a little extra layer from DS… if I don’t have it, even with my pop I feel like it looks jiggly. ugh! And don’t worry you’re drive should return soon… with a vengence! lol

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Oh yay!  a thread for us!


EDD:  April 3, 2012

How far along: 16 weeks today!

Weight gain:  At my last appointment 4 weeks ago I was down 5 lbs.  I’m pretty sure I’ve gained back at least some of that over the last month, but I’ll find out for sure at my appointment on Friday.  If I haven’t gained for this appointment, then my doctor is forcing me to see a nutritionist.  I’m really hoping that doesn’t have to happen.

How are you feeling? Unfortunately the nausea is still lingering, although it’s definitely not as bad as it was back at 10-12 weeks.  I did puke 3 times last week though ๐Ÿ™  Other than that I feel good!  I have more energy again, and I’m enjoying watching my belly start to round out.  I still don’t look noticeably pregnant to people who don’t know me, but I can definitely see the changes.  I haven’t felt any movement yet, but I am eagerly awaiting feeling the little one move.

Next Appointment? Friday! (10/21)

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EDD:  April 1

How Far Along: 16+ weeks (I can never remeber exactly.)

Weight Gain:  Down about 5 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

How are you feeling?:  Fine.  Still sick, but it’s getting better.  I feel so impatient this time!  I feel like my pregancy with Dear Daughter just flew by, but this one is taking forever!

Next Appointment:  November 10

I switched to maternity clothes at about 7 weeks, lol.  They’re just SO much more comfortable.

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I just got back from my doctor’s appointment–he changed my due date from April 16 to April 9! He says I’m now 15w1d–this is all so weird to me, but it means I get to learn the baby’s sex sooner than I thought.


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EDD:  April 5, 2012

How far along: 15 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain:  1 pound since I began seeing my doctor around 6 weeks. I’m still -4 from when I first got my BFP, though.

How are you feeling? I’m feeling pretty great! I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago because my gums were very tender. Also, my belly seems more pronounced in the evening after eating all day, but it disappears when I wake-up the next day! Hehe.

Next Appointment? November 9th- Anatomy scan & regular check-up

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aaahhh this top is on Gilt. I freaking love it. But it’s $45. ๐Ÿ™ Le Sigh.

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