(Closed) Are acne breakouts common in your early twenties?

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I’m also 23 going on 24 in march and I had the same acne you described plus worse and I had really oily skin and huge pores, I went to the dermatologist and tried every cream and antibiotic possible and nothing worked till I took Accutane. I had been having acne since I was 13 and it only got worse over the years :/ the only thing you can do is find a way to control it by going to the derm. (antibiotics worked but then all the acne came back as soon as I stopped taking it) or find a doctor that will prescribe you Accutane, because it’s a fairly dangerous drug not many doctors are willing to prescribe it.

 I’m also fairly skinny too, my hormones were all balanced and I get my period every month on time as well (also a little on the heavy side, lol I feel like we’re almost the same person O_o) I’m afraid for some people it is a lifelong thing, for me I think it would’ve been if I didn’t find a way to get rid of it. 

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yep. hormonal acne runs in my family. I’ve had it since college, and I’m 38 now. for me, being on birth control has been the best thing to control it.

I’m about to go off of BC and I’m looking into taking zinc supplements to help. there is an entire thread on the topic here: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/i-cured-my-acne-with-10#axzz2q3D33qfd

I reccomend reading through it all because there are a lot of opinions on what types of zinc to take and why. 

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Helper bee

I’m 24 and still have constant breakouts on my face and arms ๐Ÿ™ been happening since my early teens and nothing I’ve tried will fix it! Not even the pill ๐Ÿ™ if you get any good advice I’d love to try it out too! Maybe talk to a doctor or skin specialist?

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i’m 29 and my acne is just now beginning to subside (i started breaking out when i was 11/12). when i was around your age, i also started getting horrible cystic acne. i ended up having to get prescription medication to take care of it. my dermatologist said it may have been caused by the depo i was on at the time, but we don’t know for sure. i haven’t had much of a problem with cystic since then, thank god.


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I am 23, will be 24 at the end of this month, and I still have problems with acne.  I am also quite small, although I had irregular periods until I started BC.  With BC, my periods now come like clockwork, however it did nothing to help with my acne, although it has cleared up some on its own over the past few years.  I know this isn’t ground-breaking advice, but the best way for me to keep mine under control is to drink a ton of water each day.

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I’m 34 and have had acne since the end of high school. Tons of prescription meds work for me. I’ve been told it’s a condition that must always be treated. I just can’t imagine being frigin 60 years old with acne!

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@Birdiebaby4:  Hey, I’m 33 and still get similar ‘one or three big ones’ right before my period starts. I just clean my face normally, not constantly, and go about my business. If people want to stare, oh well. Staring does not make it go away. ๐Ÿ™‚

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@Birdiebaby4:  I still get breakouts and I’m 27. I don’t get the cystic ones though. They are more like flesh colored bumped under my skin that are small but when you touch my face you can feel them. So they aren’t ones you can really see see, but I can see them. 

do you use an exfoliant? That should help.  If your skin is getting dry, you might be over doing it with the wash and treatment and that can cause more acne. 

I highly recommend Juice Beauty. It has helped me out. Especially the exfoliating cleanser. It’s not drying because it’s creamy in consistency and it’s all natural. I love their stuff. Especially their green apple peel. Try them out! You can get the stuff at ulta. 

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I’m 28 and still get breakouts. :/ When I was on birth control my skin was so glowing and beautiful, lol. So, I attribute my breakouts to hormones, diet, and exercise. I think that drinking more water and working out consistently (maybe the sweating or it changing/balancing my hormones?) helps my skin complexion.

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Busy bee

This definitely sounds like it’s related to hormones.  I’ve had acne (to varying degrees) from teenage years to around 27.  What worked for me was a couple of things.

1) I really simplified my skincare routine and went to oil cleansing.  I know this sounds counter intuitive, but using a gentle oil like avocado or jojoba to cleanse your face works wonders.  Basically, you work it into your skin with some water and then take a clean facecloth, run it under hot water and place it over your face to “steam” it.  Rinse the cloth and repeat a couple of times.  Look up “oil cleansing method” for more information.

2) DIET is a huge one. Really really big.  There is the obvious like eating well and drinking lots of water.  However, dairy might also be causing you some acne grief.  Dairy products contain lots of growth hormones.  This makes sense, right, because the young offspring it’s used to feed need those hormones to grow.  These same hormones can cause you to breakout with cystic acne.  Note that the dairy product being “organic” has no impact; all forms of milk from animals have these hormones regardless.

When I stopped dairy, I noticed big results within the first 2 to 3 weeks.  I haven’t had a cystic acne bump in two years since I stopped; I used to get them like clockwork, 2 or 3 at least each month. 

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I’m 26 and didn’t start getting pimples until I was like 23/24… I NEVER had bad pimples in high school. Like the odd one, sure. 

It was after I went off the pill, but it just didn’t go away. 

I am off the pill again (I went on it again for a year) and still had pimples most of the time I was on the pill. I’m hoping it doesn’t get really bad again this time around. 

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@Birdiebaby4:  I would say that acne in one’s twenties is pretty normal, unfortunately. Among my friends and me, it is always connected to our period or stress or both.

I used to get those big pimples when I was a few years younger (I’m 26 now) but I still get a number of medium-sized normal pimples on my chin and jaw. It’s gross, and it is still strongly linked to the time of the month and to how stressed out I am.

I’m in grad school, and I’ve noticed that when I have to actually be at school for a few days at a time for meetings or classes, my skin gets SO much worse– totally stress!

For me, taking zinc every day has helped the hormonal acne a lot.

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@Birdiebaby4:  Are you taking any vitamins?  I got huge, cystic acne when I was taking a lot of vitamins, especially biotin and other B vitamins.  Once I stopped, all my acne went away.  Just wanted to throw that out there! 

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