Are anyone else's allergies making them absolutely miserable?

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Oh yeah. Mine are awful and nothing works. My eyes and nose are leaking like sieves. I’m glad it rained yesterday because that helps tone them down a bit.

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Will definitely be following this. Not sure if my allergies are getting worse as I’m getting older or if this is an especially bad season for me. I woke up today, and realized if my allergies were bad, my partner’s had to be terrible (he always has awful allergies). I tried taking Allegra today, I usually go for Zyrtec.

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@FutureMrsWeston:  Me me me! But it’s been on and off. A few weeks ago I was DYING from all of the sniffly sneezes and sore throat. Now I’m just stuffy and my lips keep getting chapped and sometimes burn. :/

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me!!! i have really bad allergies always. i take claritan and alleclear everyday and it still doesnt help. i cant take zyrtec or anything with sudafed in it cause it gives me horrible.heart palpitations. The last two weeks it has gotten really bad  my nasal passage is swollen, blocking my airway. nose bleeds.. bloody mucus when blowing nose just horrible and ive been taking tylenol sinus everyday.. doesn’t help. I finally broke down and took some benedryl the other day, cant say if it helped or not cause i was passed out lol


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not allergies .. sinus’.  Mine run right along my top teeth….it’s miserable this time of year.  I can’t hear out of one of my ears (so yeah!!! i figured out why my dad and uncle can ‘t hear us and…. they like it that way lol)


So i’m like .. huh.. what did you say … i’m sorry  you said something?   It’s so much better when it’s cold .  I’m dizzy and spacey (without the meds), and I’m passing on the operation the one Dr. wanted to do. 

it’s kind of ok .. so I just smile and shake my head No at Darling Husband  😀 


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Mine are terrible as well, it’s a bad year I guess.  The pills I usually take are supposed to last 12 hrs, they usually at least get me through the work day.  I’m finding at about 1 or 2pm I’m having to take another.  Sneezing and itchy eyes, itchy ears and roof of mouth are making me crazy!

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@FutureMrsWeston:  I don’t know if our meds are the same as they are in the states, but do you have Allegra-D?  I find it works better than the others, and better than regular Allegra

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i’ve never had bad allergies, thankfully. my eyes get really itchy (and it seems to be worse than usual this year), but that’s about it. i take the kirkland allergy pills from costco and it does the trick.

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@FutureMrsWeston:  *raising hand* Me!! My allergies are making me miserable. My current options are taking Claritin, which eliminates 85% of the sneezing (and does NOTHING for itchy/watery/irritated eyes), or I can take Benadryl, which eliminates maybe 45% of the sneezing, 80% of the itchy/irritated/watery eyes, BUT, knocks my ass out cold. And currently I’m all outta Benadryl. Boooooo.

I’ve been avoiding going outside if I can help it (can’t avoid it when having to do laundry though, the W/D connections are in a storage area attached to the porch). I’ve been reading up on some tips to help eliminate allergy problems, like making sure you shower more often, wipe down your hair (pollen settles on it and we don’t even think about it) and stuff like that, but I never remember to do anything but shower. :

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Mine have been worse, but poor Dh is really suffering.  We’ve been under a high pollen alert, per for weeks.  You can see tons of yellow stuff falling off trees everywhere.


He can’t take Sudafed because he has to watch his blood pressure, so he takes Claritin.


This is definitely the worst I’ve seen him.  We’re in the Palm Springs area.

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Me too!!! I have had awful allergy symptoms for over a month now 🙁 I finally broke down and bought Allegra-d. I love that stuff but try not to take it Often. Honestly, I should probably take it everyday since my list of allergies is so extensive but I hate relying on medication :/

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Me too 🙁 But apparently there’s a new set of antihistamines that don’t cross the blood-brain barrier (hence don’t knock you out). My doc prescribed me Fexofenadine so fingers crossed!

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