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Sugar bee

We have a pack n play in our room for a bassinet but it has mesh sides.  i don’t think it’s the bassinet that’s dangerous but the fabric sides.  In case baby rolls and does a faceplant into the side of the crib you want baby to be able to breath.   

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I had all three of my children sleep in a bassinet by my bed, until they were big enough for a crib. Honestly, I don’t understand how you kids can have babies in today’s age. I would be scared to death of all of the stuff they tell you. In my opinion, I don’t think bassinets are dangerous. The only time they would be dangerous is if the baby was too big for it.

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They are really only dangerous once they can pull themselves up enough to be able to tumble out of it (at which point they are way too old and big to be in it anyway). You mostly keep them swaddled when they are asleep when they are infants anyhow, so they don’t move at night, and once they are old enough to be able to roll over, they are in their cribs anyhow. Everyone is so overly cautious about EVERYTHING! My daughter slept in a bassinet her first 2 months (she is now 20 months) right next to my bed and it was fine.

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One of the differences between cribs and bassinets is that there are federal saftey standards published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for cribs, but there are no national standards for bassinets.  Here are some recommendations that are published by the March of Dimes organization.

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Most bassinets that I’ve seen have mesh fabric sides; does yours?  If not, you might be able to exchange it for one that does…

My personal opinion is that the “ideal” situation is the one that works best for YOU.  It’s nice to get advice, but if the best situation for you is to have your baby in a bassinet for a few weeks and then move him/her to a crib in a separate room, there’s nothing wrong with that.  You don’t have to move the crib into your room for 6 months unless you want to.  Your baby will adjust no matter what; it’s whatever is most comfortable for you.

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OMG, these women drive me nuts that spout off about all these supposed “dangers”!

1.  There is no way I’m bring a crib in to our room.  Think about it, did your parents?  You’re still alive, right?

2.  Good info about on bassinets

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I definitely think there is some good info out there for expecting moms, but it has definitely gone overboard. My son is only 2 1/2 but I remember just putting down the book when I was pregnant and asking people around me to just stop warning me about absolutely everything. It was starting to take the joy out of my pregnancy and I was getting scared. Once I just started enjoying it and only looking up specific things here or there – I felt much better. Our son slept in a bassinet with fabric sides for the first 2 months and he is still a motoring!

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Honey bee
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@sessaj: I’ve got two kids.  One 8 one 4.  The 4 will turn 5 in June, the 8 will be 9 in oct.

My son, the 8 year old, refused to sleep in the crib as a baby.  He’d cry, fuss, and wouldn’t sleep AT ALL.  After two nights, we put him in the bassinet and he slept all night.  At under a month old.  (don’t expect the all-night-sleeping thing, he’s not a normal kids… even the pediatrians and his teachers say that…)

My daughter, the 4 soon-to-be-5 year old, refused to sleep in the bassinet.  She was also in the NICU for a week, so had a general fear of things over her head/face and being too “closed in”.  She preferred the crib and slept well in it.

Two different kids, two different preferences.  


My old bassinet had a cloth side, mobile that could be attached to the side, and little toys that dangled from the “hood”.  My son stayed in the crib/bassinet in his room as a baby, but due to my daughter having breathing problems, she pretty much slept with me. (I DO NOT recommend this unless baby has serious health problems that would otherwise wouldn’t realize until too late.  I have horror stories about her problems…) 

Whenever we have another, I plan on having a bassinet and crib (unless we have twins, in which case it’ll be a crib all the way).  

As long as you are watchful, keep the infant swaddled or otherwise immobile, and use a monitor, you’ll be fine.  

Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Arm’s Reach Cosleepers were good – mesh siding and it was right near the bed.

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@sessaj: it’s pretty easy to argue with mom’s who have been there and done that, lol. Some people just like to argue and others like to claim that THEIR dr said this or that and anyone who DOESN’T do whatever the dr said is putting their kid in jeapardy no matter HOW many mothers have done it.

But, really?  if bassinets were so dangerous, wouldn’t we hear news report after news report about them?  Kinda like that baby sling thingies that were suffocating babies.  I think they were eventually pulled from the market and/or lost out in popularity when so many babies were being sufficated from them.  (I never could stand the damn things, always looked like a death-trap to me…)

I figure it’s always up to the mother and father.  If you know your baby, then you have to trust your parental instincts (albeit, not EVERY mother/father has good ones, but still!)  If your baby is gonna scream it’s head off because it despises the crib, ummm…. you’ve got FEW choices.  Let the kid scream itself to sleep and give it problems later in life, sleep with the baby in your bed (bye bye sexy fun time), or get a bassinet and let the baby sleep happily and peacefully.

Personally, I’m all for the last option. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The one thing I learned is there’s ALWAYS gonna be someone to say x is dangerous while someone else says x is fine.  From doctors to nurses to our parents/grandparents.  

example: I was told (practically forbidden) by a doctor against taking my daughter to a chiropractor.  I took her anyway because she was having problems with her leg (it needed readjusting).  Before she went to the chiropractor she could barely walk due to her leg.  When she left the chiropractor, she was not only walking, but trying to RUN!  The second visit, she was a normal toddler running around.  

I’d say the pediatrician was wrong in him saying to NOT take her to a chiropractor and that physical therapy was the only solution.  The chiropractor said he’d seen the problem LOTS of times and it was common due to baby not having enough room in mommy’s belly.  

When in doubt, listen to what your instincts say. ๐Ÿ™‚


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