(Closed) Are chiavari chairs worth the extra money?

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  • poll: Which option should we go with?

    Banquet Chairs (Free)

    Chair Covers ($900)

    Chiavari Chairs ($1800)


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    To me it’s worth it. I was going to pay that much ($6.50/chair x200guests) but somehow got them thrown in for free by the venue. I know exactly what you mean about wanting your decor to make a statement. I know a lot of people say they don’t remember what kind of chairs people have had at their weddings but I honestly do and I ( personally) really dislike chair covers. I say just do it. Some people may think it’s silly but it’s really just a matter of opinion, I think it’s silly to spend $500+on a cake but that doesn’t mean it IS silly.

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    $6/chair is a pretty good price. They can go upwards of $12 in some areas. Do it!! 

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    Oh one more thing! I noticed you’re in canada I’m not sure where from but I’m from the GTA and just got an email from a vendor with chiavari chairs on special for $5/chair. Inbox me if you like and I will forward the email ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @WannaBeeMrsB:  While I do agree that decor should make a statement, I think that as long as the chairs are nice, I would take the money and put it on something else. While chair covers are becoming more of the norm at weddings, chavari chairs, although beautiful, won’t make people’s jaws drop. 

    If I was you, I would go with the chair covers, and put the extra $900 to upgrade your centerpieces or backdrops (or add some other element of decor, like ceiling swags, which is in the 2nd picture).

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    I have never, ever noticed what the seat I put my butt in looked like. I do remember if it was uncomfortable and chair covers and chavari chairs are uncomfortable. I always get my legs tangled in covers and chavari chairs just hurt. So many better things to spend money on then chairs! And frankly,  if your friends are so snooty that they turn their nose up at having *gasp* chairs that just look like chairs then maybe you should evaluate why you care what they think and why they are invited to your wedding. Because maybe it is just me, but I go to weddings because I am happy for the people getting married, not to judge them on what chairs they rented. 


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    (MOB answering) Photo 2 looks like the same kind of stretchable chair covers my daughter had at her wedding last year. (They matched the ivory tablecloths and napkins). They didn’t sag, look wrinkled, or get caught between the guests legs/feet; she did not have sash’s. They were put over the regular banquet chairs. They cost $7 each to rent – we were told because of the labor involved (DE-USA).

    She and her father and I sat on chiavari chairs, in the banquet managers office, for the 2-hour meeting we had, to iron out choices and plans. Rather she and I were tortured by the seats – a wood slab with a thin, removable, foam cushion. My husband moved to a regular banquet chair, after half an hour. The banquet chairs were bigger, more comfortable, and had a little bit of spring to them.

    We recently went to a wedding that had clear chiavari chairs – they had some “give” to them are were far less uncomfortable than the wood. 

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    Yes, I would definitely splurge on the chairs…they make a huge difference

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    I love the chiavari chairs and if you want to make a statement then def. it’s worth spending the extra 900 $. They make the venue look better and the decor more elegant. I myself find the chair covers a bit outdated and not comfy. I would def. go with the chiavari chairs if they fit in your budget ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I was faced with the same dilema and have chosen chair covers. Well, really, I wanted Chiavari really badly, finace thought spending any money on chairs was dumb, so we compromised with chair covers ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it will still look nice and for our budget it made sense.

    But if you can afford the Chiavari, I really do think they look much nicer ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @WannaBeeMrsB:  Lmao! It must be nice to have a spare $900 to blow on chair covers. No one at your wedding will care about your chairs. They are for sitting on and that’s it.

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    I think most of your guests will not even notice the chairs; they’re more likely to notice the center pieces and decoration than chairs.

    Chiavari chairs were included in my package, no additional cost. I wouldn’t have paid extra for chairs; very few people notice the type of chairs anyway.

    But if they’re important to you and your Fiance, and you have the money for it, then get the fancy chairs, it’s your special day!

    Best of luck with planning! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I would do the chair covers and sashes. I can’t really tell what color the banquet chairs are, but if it’s a color that doesn’t clash with your decor I would go for the free option. Otherwise, chair covers and maybe the sashes.

    Sure, the chairs look pretty in the photos, but no one is going to notice them. At least not enough to spend $900 more!

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    I feel that chiavari chairs are so elegant and they really CAN elevate your reception decor to another level. I personally don’t like chair covers – they seem outdated to me. But that is personal preference and the ones in your photo are nice and more modern than some others. If you can afford them without having to take money away from more important things (like food and drinks), then I would go for the Chivaris. But if you would rather save some money and go with the chair covers, that’s fine too! Your gusets will enjoy themselves no matter what type of chair you select. 

    I used gold chiavaris as was very happy with how they looked and tied into our pink/gold color theme.




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    While I do love the look of the chiavari chairs, I would say no, only because I believe that $900 could go towards something else in the wedding or something else outside the wedding even! In your case, the chairs would probably bother me enough to pay for the covers, but like others have said, a good sash could make a statement without paying a whole lot extra. Of course, if you have it in your budget, and by that I mean you won’t be going into debt an extra $900 then I say go for the chiavari. Most people really don’t remember the decor, even if it was spectacular, they may remember it as being exceptionally nice, but a couple years down the road they won’t remember the little details like chairs.  

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    bad influence here but I love love love how the chiavari chairs look in the pic you posted..would you be going with those colors cause it looks sooo pretty. I was gonna go with the chair covers and changed my mind and went to the chairs and although it was almost twice the cost, I feel better because I’m gonna be happy with the way it looks and not second guessing it.

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