(Closed) Are inductions as bad as people say!?

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Uh-oh.  I hadn’t ever heard anything bad about inductions before (though I also hadn’t ever looked up info about them before).  Because of a congenital condition I’ve got, it’s likely that I’ll be induced a few weeks early when I do get pregnant, so I’d like to follow this thread.

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I don’t have any personal experience, but one of my friends was induced and she had her baby 12 hours later, it was her first and she’s preganant again and due in January, so I don’t think it was so bad if she’s doing it again!….good luck to you.

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I have heard both, good and bad stories. I think it is one of those “fun” pregnancy things where you have to wait to see how your body will respond. My sister was induced and it didn’t really take, she was given one dose of the medicine, waited four hours, made no progress and was given another dose before being sent home with instructions to return when contractions were less than 10 minutes apart. This was on a Tuesday, she didn’t have the baby until Thursday. Hopefully baby will come before Friday and you won’t have to experience it either way.


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I think they do this to ensure the baby doesn;t get too big to deliver? Am I right? If that’s true, it may save you a nasty episiotomy.

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Why are they inducing you? Just because you’re past your due date?

My doctor would have let me go 2 weeks over if everything was okay. I had an appointment scheduled for 41w1d to do a ultrasound and non-stress test to see if I could still go over. (I had my baby at 40w6d, so I didn’t have to go to the mentioned appointment.) Could you ask your doctor about that maybe?

According to Harvard, the actual gestational time of humans is 41w1d, not 40w. Unless there’s a medical reason to induce, I’d try to have your doctor let you go up to 42w.

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They can’t all be bad.  I think the general consensus is that because it ramps up contractions so quickly, that inductions are generally more uncomfortable than natural labor and also more likely to end in a C section or an episiotomy.

I would want to know specifically what the danger is of waiting rathan being induced.  Due date calculations are not an exact science and just because you hit a magic date without delivering doesn’t automatically mean there is something wrong.  The valid reasons for induction that late are usually due to poor conditions in the womb caused by the degeneration of the placenta, low fluid levels, and/or a large baby they want out sooner rather than later.

Bottom line: is getting induced for the health of the baby or a convenience for you and your doctor?

I always turn to Mayo when I am in doubt: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/inducing-labor/PR00117

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I was SOBBING at my 40wk appt when my OBGYN told me that he wanted to schedule an induction for the next week because I really didn’t want to be induced!  My water broke that night, but there was still no dilation/softening so they watned to get going on the induction to avoid risk of infection.  I adamantly refused Pitocin, but they did use a Foley catheter to jump start labor. I had an otherwise intervention free 11 hours of labor after that 🙂

Like PP mentioned, unless there’s an urgent reason to get the baby out, you don’t need to be induced at 41 weeks…your doctor should let you go to 42 weeks without getting all intervention happy.

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The important thing about induction is that you read up on the different methods for induction (cervical ripening, foley bulb, breaking the water, and Pitocin) and discuss a plan that you are most comfortable with.

Everyone is completley different in how the respond to induction techniques. I had Pitocin with my first and did not have any pain interventions, so it is definately possible to still have minimal interventions even with induction.  It did really help get my contractions more regular, I had already been contracting we just needed them to come closer together.

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I had an induction. It wasn’t as bad as people put it out there to be. BUT it does prolong labor. My labor was 9 hours with the pitocin. Just be prepared that you will have contractions when they start pitocin.

Don’t stress(:

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I was induced at 42 weeks because my baby girl didn’t want to come out.  I went into the hospital at 5pm on a Wednesday and they officially starting inducing me about 630pm.  Labor was extremely painful and I couldn’t do any of my Lamaze breathing because the contractions were not regular and were rolling on top of each other.  Finally dilated to 4 cm so they could give me an epidural at 4am – from then on it was a piece of cake.  I actually slept for a bit.  lol.  Had my daughter at 1221pm on Thursday.  Ended up needing an episiotomy because she was sunny-side up (instead of face down) coming out.  All in all, not that big of a deal for me as I was only in hard labor for about 12 hours but I know everyone responds differently to an induction. 

The very best of luck to you! 🙂 

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I was induced with both pregnancies.I think the pitocin brings on strong contractions pretty quickly.That was the only tough part for me.You will be fine,labor is uncomfortable no matter the route you take.lol

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I was induced with my daughter. I went in at 9am, started pitocin at 10am, broke my water by noon, had her by 2pm. No epi. She was 8lbs even. Total time: 5 hours.

The reason I think mine went so well though, is because I was already dilated 4cm and effaced I think 50% (it’s been 10 years, I don’t really remember that part) when I went in to the hospital. I walked A LOT in the weeks leading up to having her. I’d say about 2-3 miles a day. I had an elective induction because I was having a hard time breathing, so I asked, no, I begged, my dr to induce me. She gave me the OK ONLY if the hospital wasn’t full that morning. Thankfully it wasn’t. I think my body was just ready…and I’m sure if I would have waited for her to come she would have come naturally on her own not too far from the day I was induced.

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