Are mined diamonds going out of fashion? De Beers hits rough patch.

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Blushing bee

Lab diamonds are structurally and chemically the same as mined diamonds. I will never understand why some people turn their nose up at lab diamonds.

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Worker bee

kayaa :  Snobbery. People can find pretty much anything to look down upon. 

Just yesterday I read that when it was first purchased, Princess Diana’s (now Kate Middleton’s) ring was considered too common because it was picked from a catalogue and not custom-made like the rings that most Royals have. 

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Blushing bee
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 I can’t read the article because it’s behind a paywall. I think there is some truth to the fact that lab-grown stones and diamond alternatives are becoming increasingly popular and I’m sure it’s a contributing factor, but I feel like (at least in my area) they haven’t really caught on. 

My guess is that the main reason for the decline in popularity of diamonds is that a lot of people can’t afford them or choose to put money toward other things. We had a horrible recession within the past decade or so, and there may be another one coming up. People are delaying marriage, buying a house, having children, etc. because they are struggling with student loan debt or just don’t feel financially stable. 

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Busy bee

I think lab diamonds have for sure caught on, even if you don’t think so. There’s no way to know! They are identical to mined diamonds, so even the most savvy jewelry enthusiast won’t be able to tell (unlike moissanite, which while the lay man may have no idea, people who know what they’re looking for can certainly tell). Just check out the recently purchased rings at Brilliant Earth:

At least half, likely more, have gone the lab grown route. And someone could reasonably lie about having a lab grown diamond forever and never be caught. 

I think they’re more common than you think…

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I have a very beautiful lab created diamond. Darling Husband proposed with a mined diamond, but it was stolen during a break in. We were traveling out of the country and I left my engagement ring at home.

Anyways because of the conflict diamond issue, we opted to replace my mined diamond ring with a very beautiful high quality lab created diamond. The darn thing is bigger than my original ring but half the price. Its set on a platinum band and was half the price of my original ring. 

Its lovely. I get compliments on it all the time, and if its ever stolen, then its not that big of a deal. 

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I’m glad.

I’ve never understood the need for such unncessary mining and pollution and corruption and human suffering for a shiny piece of carbon. I know some people believe in the Kimberley certification process but everything I’ve read and researched has shown that it’s still a very deeply flawed system, better than what we had, but still not good enough.

I’ve always preferred any lab-created stone, because that gives me a “cleaner mind”.

Quick overview if anyone wants a gander.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t think it’s so much that mined diamonds are going out of fashion as much as it is people finally realizing that it’s okay to pick something else. For a long time it was diamond or bust, and I think we’re finally coming out of that artificially created fog and realizing that there are an endless amount of absolutely gorgeous stones to choose from. 

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I dont think mined diamond will ever go out of fashion. There just too many rich people who will buy them. And why buy mined when you have so much cash to spend lol.

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kayaa :  

I don’t understand either. They look exactly the same so why pay several times more to get the same stone?

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Paywall- didn’t read.

The market for various luxury items will expand and contract as different generations grow up.  The group of people in peak engagement age in the US are also the generation facing significant student loan debt, much higher housing costs, and social media. 

I imagine that a 27 year old today is better educated on stone choices, and is more likely to pick a larger moissanite or lab diamond over a smaller (or lower quality) mined diamond.  The market for freshwater pearls grew at the expense of lower quality higher-end pearls, so too did the market for lab sapphires and rubies at the expense of low quality natural stones.

When your average department store starts to stock more lab diamond options, I think the shift will be even more noticeable. A couple of years ago, many diamond retailers I knew didn’t want to stock too many lab options– soon, they won’t have a choice.

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I think a lot of people choose non-mined stones for two reasons: they don’t support the exploitative and environmentally harmful mining industry, as well as significant savings in cost for the same product.

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Helper bee

No blood-diamonds for me!!! 100000% lab-diamonds I am. 

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chiara :  everyone around my age that I know who has a diamond has a lab diamond. 

It helps that one of the biggest jewelry retailers in our city was one of the first to introduce lab diamonds. 

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