(Closed) Are or were you "skinny fat" and what did you do about it?

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Septmber 2014 I was skinny fat on the left at around 119lbs, 5ft nothing. The middle photo was after I completed Les Mills Body Combat on their home programme, and the last photo was after I completed Les Mills Body Pump 90 day at home programme. I finished Body Pump last May, and thankfully have kept up doing 3-4 days a week of combat and pump so am still healthy and toned and 108lbs. Motivation is the key, even when you reeeeeeally don’t want to do it you need to get off your butt and do something and you always feel 100% better for it. 

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I was skinny fat, now I’m just fat

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I’m skinny fat lol I’m 4’11 and 106 pounds very slim I have a nice toned body but have been trying to gain muscle and weight which is very hard when usually eveything helps you lose weight -_- but so far I’ve gained 2 pounds in muscle in less than a month so that’s nice. I’ve always been this way and have never liked it I always wanted to be of normal weight and height lol maybe something a little more curvy I look amazing in tight dresses but just wish I looked more womanly especially at my age I look like a 12 year old!

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I’ve been skinny fat back when I used to only do cardio and nothing else, I probably still am skinny fat to a small extent. I feel your pain and it can be hard to get sympathy on the subject from anyone as to them you look skinny (in clothes) so they don’t see the problem. Besides even if they did see the problem they would just tell you that being skinny fat is still better than being fat-fat!!

Anyway I got out of it by cutting back the cardio and replacing it with heavy weight low-rep training. I have also traded home cardio (like running outside) for the Fitness Blender HIIT workouts that you have been doing. Results have been gradual but I am starting to look stronger and areas that were holding the fat are starting to look more toned!

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Yep. Me. I was always a UK 8-10, and am now definitely a 10. So I’m not big, but big for me, with squish. I don’t know how much is no longer being a teenager, and how much is not excercising. I’ve not been working for a few months which means me sitting at home not rushing about. But I have no motivation to actually get up and work out! (Also, I bought new bras up a cup size and I don’t want to lose that, Hah!) My diet itself isn’t too bad, and I home cook nearly every day. But I do snack too much.

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I’m skinny fat. (God it feels good to say that!)

I’m 5’1 and about 115 pounds. Now, for some people, this is a perfectly reasonable/healthy weight. This is close to the heaviest that I’ve ever been, and since I’m really petite, it shows. I’m trying to get down to 105 pounds. This used to be my base weight and the weight that which I felt the best. 

I’m also in law school so I spend a lot of time sitting down, stressed, reading, and snacking. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse because of two bar exams this summer that I’m taking. 

I used to run a couple times a week and really liked it, but was benched with an injury. While I was healing I did some pilates, but injured myself again (not because of pilates) so I’ve been benched again. Apparently, the bench has a lot of snacks! 

I’m beginning physical therapy today, so I’m hoping that they clear me to start working out again. I really like using the bike and the rowing machine at the school’s gym, but since it’s been so cold, I can’t get motivated to leave my warm apartment. 

I think I just need help staying motivated. I’ve seen moving stones from one jar to another (“to lose” to “lost”), taking photos after every week (TBH, I would be completely mortified to have somebody take a picture of me without sucking in, doing the skinny arm pose), paying yourself per workout, etc. 

What do you ladies do to stay motivated? 

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Just putting it out there…”skinny fat” isn’t bad. Everybody is allowed to do whatever they want to their body and have aesthetic goals, but nobody has to feel bad because they’re skinny fat. Or fat fat. I have a history of disordered eating, so for me being skinny fat is actually a fantastic thing because I can eat what I want without  freaking out and feel relatively comfortable with my body. Just wanted to make sure that this was said for anybody reading this post and freaking out about their body, because I’ve 100% been that person. I’m “skinny fat”, 5’4 and 130-135 lbs, but I don’t dislike my body and I’m fine how I am. I want to build more muscle and stamina for health and capability purposes.

That being said, the key for me to exercise consistently is doing what I like. I’m trying to get back into running because I used to love it, but it sucks in the meantime haha. I also have a subscription that allows me to go to a bunch of different workout classes at gyms around the area which is fantastic. I just started barre classes and love going. I would say that a mix of cardio and strength training that you enjoy is the only way to sustainably get a body that you are comfortable with. If you force yourself to do stuff you don’t like, it’s not going to stick and the muscle gain or weight loss will go in the other direction once you get sick of it. 

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I was skinny fat. I’m 5’6 and was about 125lbs. I looked fine in clothes, but was fairly jiggly. I decided to start weight lifting about a year ago and it was the best decision. For the first year of lifting, I didn’t count calories or try to lose weight, just focused on getting stronger and enjoying it while eating healthily. I probably weigh closer to 135 now (I don’t own a scale), but I wear the same size clothes. I’m just firmer and less jiggly, and I’m starting to get awesome curves (loving my hamstrings and glutes!). And I just love the feeling of getting stronger. 

Now that I’m a year in and have built muscle, I’m cutting to lose a little fat. Probably only about 5lbs, maybe a few more–just want to see muscle definition a little more!

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not for this topic, but have you ever heard of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)? I have competed in several figure/bikini competitions, several with a STRICT “bro-science” diet and another that followed the concept of IIFYM. The IIFYM was BY FAR the “easiest” prep I’ve ever done and even now, when I’m not prepping. In addition to shorter workouts versus spending HOURSSS at the gym and I only did cardio 2-3 times per week. IIFYM is basically giving you a certain set of macros for the day…meaning you get a certain amount of fat grams, carb grams, and protein grams for the day and as long as you meet those grams per day by the food you eat (whatever it may be), you are good to go. Some people take it to the extreme if junk food all day can fit their macros, then they will eat junk food. I indulge every now and then, fitting things into my macros, but for the most part I eat fairly healthy. When prep is in session, it’s a different story as far as my macro sources. 

This is more off subject from the “skinny fat” topic…not saying that any of you Bees have ever had food relationship problems (I most certainly have), but this type of dieting has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my relationship with food and I can say after years of having an unhealthy relationship with it, we have an amazing relationship now! I don’t see food as the enemy. 

But going back to the “skinny fat” topic, I have seen SO many ladies (& guys) that have been “skinny fat” (as well as fat and even competitors) do AMAZING with IIFYM and working out/lifting/cardio. I am thankful that I have been introduced to IIFYM.

If you’re interested, check out:




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I’ve always just eaten whatever I wanted with in reason and proper portions – luckily my eating habits are generally healthy since we don’t eat out too much or do frozen meals or junk food on a regular basis so that has kept my weight in check for the most part.  I’m 5’4, usually around 125, and have crept up to 130 due to poor eating habits.  I know I’ve been eating more junk and snacking more.   My ideal is 115-120.  The only way for me to lose this fat layer is to run and hit the gym and do weight training… but I’ve been too lazy to do that, so I’m just trying to curb the eating right for now.

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I was definitlely skiny fat at 115lbs – 5’10″…  It was unbelievably unhealthy. So little muscle tone that the first few times I worked out, I would get faint since I had no muscle to keep my blood pressure up.

I gained about 10 on my own by eating and that was pure fat. I realized it wasn’t the way to do it so I started hitting the gym. Thanks to lifting heavy weights I’ve gained another 20 lbs to be at 145lbs and a lot of that was muscle.

But then I stopped going to the gym, not even sure why but it just happened and now getting motivated to get back to it has been hard. I’m still 145-ish lbs but things are moving around – my butt’s not as full haha. 

For anyone looking to tone up – Just lift and don’t worry about the number on the scale, worry about how you look and feel! 

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Splodge2003:  Amazing transformation! Did you gain weight on the program, but the right weight?

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I’m not petitie (5’10”), but I’m in an even rarer category: skinny FIT fat. My cardiovascular is off the charts (I can run circles around 21 year old 100 pound things), but I’m jiggly. 

Hot yoga is the way to go. Seriously. That’s what stretches out the thicker muscles and fat areas that aren’t worked out properly through CV or high intensity or even weights. Good luck!

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whytneynicole:  lift weights! 

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There are so many apps about it and they are helpful! You need to do actual weights – not just toning. Less cardio too. We need to strengthen underneath our skin!

Former skinny fat here*

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