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I personally had a hard time with them. I have a minor hormone issue (estrogen dominance) and this camoflagued my true peak (I could get three or four ‘peaks’ in a cycle). I found I had better accuracy with temp charting personally. But I have heard LOADS of success stories with them.

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I’m confident I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without them. To be fair I hated them at first too because it didn’t make any sense. I had to buy and use them every single day to understand my cycles. It took 5 months to get a solid understanding and many days I was pissed. I can only say this all now because I’m 21 weeks. I suggest Internet cheepies and tracking daily with your temp for a few months, update your apps so they can learn your cycles better. Best of luck bee!

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Kslim13 :  I think they’re worth it unless you have the time, energy, and sex drive to have sex frequently for at least ten days in the middle of your cycle and are impatient to get pregnant. I would give the OPKs a few more days to see if you get a positive. Your ovulation calendar is just guestimating, it might be off. Also, you are fertile up to five days before you ovulate so it is a good idea to start having sex before you get a postive OPK anyway…you could still be “fertile” right now and not ovulate for two or three more days. 

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I would keep using them. All those online calculators don’t know your body or cycle past what you tell them. If you’re irregular even a little bit, you might take longer to get a positive ovulation test. My cycle is fairly consistent within 5 days or so and I’ve ovulated as early as day 19 or as late as day 29. It’s frustrating when you have to start testing early in case you ovulate early but then you end up being much later.

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Kslim13 :  hi bee, I had no luck with the cheapies as could never nail the positive. this month i tried the clearblue digital advanced OPK kit and got my high and peak days it was fantastic!

I dont think i would have gotten the timing right without it as my app had the week later than i actually got my peak. i would have totally missed it. I think this is what has been happening in the past.

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ive been trying for 6 years and being monitored through bloods by doctors so normally dont use them however we just started treatment and I got a blazing positive this time… actually pretty amazing to see

honestly I would keep doing them, they are cheep off Amazon and I was stupid and trusted the doctors who werent reviewing my results… I went SIX months without ovulating and I had to tell THEM, if I had been OPK I probably would of figured it out sooner

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Buzzing bee

I use the [email protected] brand from Amazon. I liked them better than digital because I could watch the progression and definitely tell when it was + 

Without them, I would be BD’ing the wrong days.

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Online calculators mean anything unless you ovulate on day 14, which most people don’t. I don’t get a positive OPK until like day 19-20 usually, but my cycles are longer.

What CD did you start testing? Are you testing in the afternoon? What brand of sticks?

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I used the cheapie Wondfo sticks and really feel like I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without them. I also used an app and started testing about 3-4 days before the app predicted ovulation. I didn’t end up getting my clear positive on the sticks until the day after the app said ovulation would be done. It was helpful since the app is just an estimate and you can really nail down a much smaller window. 

I would keep using them. It could be that you haven’t gotten a positive yet because you’re not close to ovulation and the app might be off. 

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I personally never used them. All the temping and OPK stuff would have stressed me out. I tried to just relax and enjoy being with my husband. It took us four cycles to get pregnant. But I wouldn’t say they are a waste of time or money. I think it depends on your personality, your cycle, and how quickly you want to get pregnant. I know women who would definitely find it more stressful to try my way. 

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I think the expensive ones are a waste of time and money.  But I always got the 50 pack of wondfos for $20.  Those are useful, if you want to figure out when you normally ovulate.  You should use them 2x a day (I would say FMU and then afternoon) until you figure it out, and then you can probably get by using 1x a day.  They helped me to pin down O when my temps were rockier (waking up a lot).  Eventually I could understand my cycle well enough I could have stopped using.  But I liked the extra confirmation so I still used them, I just got down to using only 1-3 of them per cycle.  So that $20 lasted like 8-9 months (I was TTA for awhile).

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I loved the wondfo cheap test strips.  The first month I used them I’m not sure I got a postive, but by the second month they definitely helped me nail down my O date and I got pregnant.  They were definitely worth it for me.  

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Kslim13 :  Patience! You sound very frustrated. It takes a little bit to get the hang of opks.  Are you using a specific app to track your cycles?  Otherwise some of the online ones will just base it off of the “average” 14 days to ovulation.  Apps like fertility friend and kindara will create a personal one based on your cycle stats.

This is also my first time using clear blue advanced.  I got two high days followed by a peak day this morning.  As per the instructions I won’t be able to test tomorrow, but I am using wondfos to keep tabs.  they are super cheap on amazon.  You can also get clear blue tests on amazon with more  test strips so you don’t need to get more boxes.

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