(Closed) Are people just over thinking it?

posted 6 years ago in TTC
  • poll: Do people overthink conception too soon?
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    @OldMrsMcDonald:  So sorry to hear….. ๐Ÿ™ best wishes for you

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    For centuries women knew nothing about tracking ovulation and charting temps but still managed to get pregnant.  And, those same women didn’t take a pregnancy test practically two minutes after having sex to see if they’re pregnant yet.  Much less wonder six days before their period is due if they’re knocked up.  I have to wonder if people are stressing so much about it that it is hampering getting pregnant. 

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    @GooteyBootey:  I can see your logic if you are a couple that has sex at least once a day or even once every other day.  However, most couples I know have sex once or a few times a week.  In that case, most of the times you’re having sex the female isn’t fertile and sex can only cause pregnancy when the female is fertile.  Couple that with people waiting longer to get married and I think charting right from the start makes sense.  

    I’m 28 and we’re getting married in September when I will be 29 – Fiance will be 35.  We don’t want to wait to have children (partially due to age partially because we’re both really excited about having kids).  We’ll start charting a few months before we get married so that we know when I am fertile.  Why would we spend 6 months trying with limited knowledge of how my body works when we don’t have to and time is of the essence for us?

    That all being said, I don’t think we’re “stressing out” about it.  I think that we’re just trying to be more aware of how our bodies work.


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    @GooteyBootey:  I started out being ‘careful with my timing’ and going off my fertility friend windows for estimated fertility. The one month I didn’t have sex in that window (because of upcoming drinking vacation) I got pregnant. Those are based on averages and I guess I ovulate early, or late, or it doesn’t really matter. Also and this might be Too Much Information – since I wasn’t ‘trying’ I was on top, popped right off and went to the bathroom and cleaned up right away. Literally everything I had been avoiding doing. Also I drank in my TWW which I hadn’t been doing. Maybe I just needed to chill the hell out. If you are stressed out I really believe your body might just think it’s not a great time to add a baby. Annoyting as it is. 

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    @GooteyBootey: I started charting so that I could get to know my cycles ready for when we did TTC. It’s been useful but I am also aware so far it probably has made me too focused so I may not do it this month, who knows I might then be more relaxed and that’s the one thing I’ve seen and heard people say. 

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    @OldMrsMcDonald: Sorry to hear ๐Ÿ™  take care of yourself.

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    @Mrs.LemonDrop:  Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really do think many non-charters overestimate not only the time, but also the stress involved in charting.  I’ve said this on several other “why-would-I-ever-want-to-chart-I-don’t-want-to-totally-stress-myself-out” threads – but charting helps me to NOT stress.  Having more information about my cycle takes away much of the “oh my goodness what is my body doing?!” stress.

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    @SadieBee:  This!

    I never got/get stressed by charting. I enjoy it actually.

    I don’t know what charters get so much negative crud from people. What’s wrong with being pro-active, or wanting to understand our bodies?

    And it’s pretty insulting to suggest that “people are stressing so much about it that it is hampering them getting pregnant”

    …yeah. That’s why people don’t get pregnant, because they’re charting and understanding their body.
    I’ve seen women (friends included) who are SO stressed because they’ve been TTC for months and cannot get pregnant. A few cases, those women didn’t really understand their bodies and that might have been hindering them.
    I have one friend who I told about charting and she conceived within 2 months of starting to chart (after trying almost a year to conceive prior).
    I dunno… I just don’t see why there’s so much negativity! lol

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    I have been charting for the past year to NOT get pregnant, and to understand my cycles after coming off the Pill. Now that we are starting to try, I figure it make sense to keep on charting to try and maximise my chances. Each to their own. I actually really like understanding my body and knowing what it’s up to.

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    @OldMrsMcDonald:  I’m so sorry. Saying a prayer for all 3 of you guys. ((Hugs))


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    [content moderated for baiting]

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    I’ve been charting since the wedding and we don’t plan on TTC until next year so that’s about 1.5 years of information that is actually helping me to ease my stress. I do fear it won’t happen easily for us sometimes, but charting helps me! That’s just me of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @GooteyBootey:  I think sex ed has been too basic in this country. In actuality, people should be informed about their own bodies and cycles rather than the taught knowledge: if you have unprotected sex, you WILL become pregnant.  Usually when couples start to ‘try’ to ttc, they really do want to conceive sooner than possible. Going even 2 cycles trying with no results can get frustrating.

    I think if you are aware when you are most fertile, you obviously will have increased the odds of a positive BFP. Why beat yourself up, if you’re not doing it ‘right’ to start with? Knowledge is power! 

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    @phoebephoebo:  @RedPandas:  @BellaDee:  @CatyLady:  @Spottts:  Thank you all. I’m sorry to be such a huge downer. We really do appreciate the support– it’s hard to know what way is up right now.

    And, @RedPandas:  , we are 19 weeks, 3 days right now. We have a several follow up tests right after Thanksgiving to reconfirm what we know and to discuss any possible options.

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