(Closed) Are RK Bridal Alterations any good?

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I didn’t get my dress there but my Bridesmaid or Best Man did.  I understand from her that they are very unaccomodating in terms of days for alterations for brides…only weekdays during odd hours.  She ended up taking her dress somewhere else for the second fitting bc it was just too difficult and no one could go with her.

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Hey Girlie,

I got my dress there, too.  It isn’t in yet, so I’m with you in wondering if they alterations are worth it. 

On a positive note, I have also read glowing reviews of their alterations online so I think it might depend on what you need done, and how much pampering you’re looking for.  People gave them bad reviews for things like a broken bustle, but I hear that’s pretty common anyway. 

I was firmly convinced that they had overmeasured me on purpose to make sure that I needed a ton of alterations.  I was really angry about it for months.  But last night I measured myself, and it turns out that according to the chart on Casablanca’s website, I *did* need a bigger size than I needed for other designers.  They were also really nice when I called to vent about the Casablanca delay.

I’m leaning toward not worrying about bad reviews on the net anymore.  People tend to exaggerate when they’re really angry about one little thing.  My guess is it will be fine.

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I didn’t have a good experience with the alterations.  On my last fitting my dress was way too loose on top (falling down but I am really busty so I have something to hold it up, still can’t figure this one out) and I had to talk her into making it tighter.  She took it back to fix and we inquired about the straps it came with so we could check again that they still fit with the adjustment. 

They went in the back and came out with the wrong straps (mine were beaded these were not).  They took those back and tried to convince me that this other beaded pair were right ones but they looked as if they just made them (they were in the back for a really long time) but I can’t be certain that they did.

They bought out my dress to have me try it on again with the tighter top.  It was wonderful so I came out and looked in the mirror and my mom saw black lint on the back of my dress.  She went to remove it and it was black marker about an inch long on my train.

They rushed the dress off of me and took it in the back for what felt like forever and came back with a clean dress.  It was so stressful and I am very mellow and not into drama but I was getting teary.  They came back out with the wrong straps to measure but they promised they will be there on Saturday when I pickup my dress.

I am so worried about picking up my dress.  I haven’t read the bad reviews and hope my experience was just a rare event.  The other brides seemed to be happy with their experiences and their dresses look great on them.  I also was happy with the alterations besides the straps and marker.  The worst part is we asked if we could take the straps so they wouldn’t get lost after the first fitting but they said no. The women helping me couldn’t have been nicer and seemed to understand my concerns.

Pros: They take their time and you don’t feel rushed, The people are helpful in the alterations department. They want you to be happy with the fit.

Cons: Lost Straps, Got Marker on Dress

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I am hoping to bump this post up…I’m having some anxiety about my second dress fitting at RK Bridal this weekend 🙁

My experience buying the dress was great, Janice was so sweet and remembers me every time I come into the store and says hello.  That’s impressive – I can’t imagine how many brides to be she sees on a daily basis.

Alterations at RK Bridal, however, have been the bane of my existence.  I went in to try the dress on when it came in in October.  I noticed a line across my thighs where you could see the lining underneath the dress, and pointed it out to the manager.  My mom was with me, so she can attest to the fact that they acted like it was no big deal, they would just cut the lining, move it up so that the “line” was underneath the beading and you wouldn’t be able to see it.

Fast forward another month and one of my bridesmaids’ begs me to try the dress on for her, so I make another try-on appointment.  I’m anxious to see if the line is gone, as they said it would be (they told me they were going to fix it the last time I was there so that by the time I came in for fittings it would be gone).  Surprise, surprise, it is not.  This time they tell me again, no big deal, we’ll fix it by the first fitting.

You can imagine my disappointment then, when I went in for my first fitting and -yep, you guessed it – the line was STILL there.  Only this time I started to cry (I think I was just feeling emotional and frustrated – there is a language barrier and the lady was just looking at me blankly when I tried to explain the problem) so eventually the manager came over to talk to me about it.  Mind you, this is Diane, the SAME manager who told me the previous two times that this would be no big deal to fix, only this time Diane tells me that for them to fix it, they will likely have to re-do the entire lining of the dress, which will cost an extra $150 on top of the $350 alterations cost.

Ummm, WTF?  I seriously started bawling, trying to explain that their receipt says alterations are MAX $350, and an extra fee was never mentioned the previous two times, when I was told it would be an easy fix.  I left that day in tears, being told that they would “try one other thing” before deciding if we had to re-make the dress’s lining.

So, that’s where I stand.  I go back this Saturday, and I PRAY that the line in the lining is gone.  I’m bringing a bridesmaid for backup this time…

I am still holding out hope that they will resolve the issue, and not charge me extra, and if that’s the case, I will recommend them to anyone I meet, and will blog/sing their good praises.  But unfortunately until I go this week, it remains to be seen if they’ll get a good review or bad from me.


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@mgbrooklyn: i am very curious what happened at your second fitting.. i just ordered my dress from RK today. i am hoping for your sake (and mine!) that it all turned out beautifully! give us an update!

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