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    First of all, I just have to say how thoughtful and considerate you are being to your guests. I think it’s wonderful that you are thinking about several different people’s situations when deciding on your wedding decor. I think that’s so sweet.

    – Also, don’t worry about the wedding shows. Four Weddings is about these brides picking at things that they normally wouldn’t notice just to fill an hour time slot and give themselves the edge. The incessant bitching on that show about things that dont even matter is kind of ridiculous. I know 2 people that have been on that show and it was BRUTAL watching how they tore eachother apart over the smallest things and I find myself to be pretty picky and never even came close to seeing what the hell those brides were talking about when I was attending the weddings.

    Silk flowers are lovely and they will look amazing in your pictures! 🙂

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    I’m  pretty sure that the producers encourage the brides on that show to be as critical as possible.  The average person probably isn’t going to judge so harshly. Silk flowers can be beautiful.  If you’re really worried about using silk flowers, maybe you could just use them in your bouquets, which will mostly be viewed from a distance anyway, and do non floral centerpieces for the tables.

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    I like SOME silks.  What I don’t care for are ones that are extremely fake looking and especially representations of natural flowers in colors that do not occur in nature.  I’m sorry… I cringed at the blue peonies in one of your pictures because that is what I HATE.

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    Jakesgirl110:  I’m not a huge fan of silk flowers. While it’s not impossible to find some that look real, the problem is that the ones that look real are VERY expensive…probably more expensive than real flowers. To me, the cost savings of silk flowers (when getting “average” ones) isn’t worth how bad they look. I think if flowers are really an issue for health reasons, I’d pick non-floral centerpices…like vases with candles or something else, lanterns, etc. There are plenty of cool non-floral bout options for guys and I think you could easily chat with a florist about the least fragrant flowers for a modest bouquet for yourself. Realisticlly outside of a few family and bride/groom portraits your Fiance won’t have to be near it.

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    There are good fake flowers and bad fake flowers… I think the bad ones give all florals an unfair reputation. Just take your time building your bouquets and arrangements and think hard about dsign elements like shape and color, and you will be fine.

    I saw some very realistic roses and lilies at Michael’s recently.

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    I’m not a fan of the way they look, but that’s just me. I certainly wouldn’t knock a bride for using them…it’s personal preference, budget, etc. You have very good reasons for using silk.

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    Jakesgirl110:  Honestly, I’ve never met anyone in real life who cared about what flowers the bride and groom used for their wedding. I think silk flowers can be beautiful depending how they’re arranged and put together. 

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    I think the “problem” with silk flowers is they are almost always arranged pretty awfully. If they’re in a beautiful arrangement I’m sure they can look nice. I would prob go for a mix of silk and real if I was to use them to give a more natural undone look. But everyone has different tastes so who cares what is said on some TV show – do what you love.

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    I’m gonna have real flowers for my bouquet and few table centerpieces,  but i incorporate a lot of silk flowers as well.  For  example here’s my silk flower car decoration

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    It is hit or miss with silk I have noticed.

    I ordered a silk orchid spray and it was hideous. Then I order a sample of “preserved” orchids and those are absolutely perfect. I also ordered “real touch” calla lillies and those are great too! 

    I would just suggest you get samples from a few places and compare before you commit to getting all of your floral form one place.

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    Some silks look really bad and some look really good. You just have to do it right and use nice silks. 

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    No, people are just judgey. No one is gonna remember what your flowers looked like. We’re gonna use some single stem flowers for the centerpieces and then everything else will be silk flowers, and when we’re done we’re going to put them on some of our deceased family’s graves (his grandma and grandpa, my brother and grandpa and uncle). I think it’ll mean a lot more to us that way instead of having a ton of flowers that will die in a few days.

    If you havent bought them yet, hobby lobby has some really awesome looking ones, they’re called like “fresh picked” or “garden picked” or something, just FYI. They also have some true touch ones that look SO real, but they’re expensive. Sometimes they run 50% off floral deals though if you check their “weekly deals” ad

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    Even on the Bee, people tend to prefer real flowers, but I think silk flowers are fine too. In your situation, they totally make sense.

    My mom made my bouquet and several boutonnieres out of silk flowers for our wedding celebration so that she could make them ahead of time. They turned out very nice. Unless you are looking at them up close, I don’t think it’s usually that obvious that they are not real. 

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    I decided to have fake flowers because the cost would be cheaper. I purposely wasn’t going to spend tons of money on fake flowers cuz to me it just didn’t matter. Here’s how mine turned out: 

    All my guests said they looked great and I have them in my house as decoration. I think buying real flowers is a big waste, they are expensive and only last a couple days. I say go for it, OP!!

    I would suggest mixing things up. You can cut the stems on fake flowers with a good pair of wire cutters. This allows you to mix and match flowers in bouquets. Having different petal shapes, different colors are important. I mainly used orange but worked in pink, cream, red. Even the oranges were different shades a little bit.  You can even slide off the leaves if you want. Put a few together and wrap a rubber band to see if you like your assortment. Once you are happy, get some floral tape. This will only get sticky when it is slightlly pulled. It takes a little getting used to cuz too much stretching will tear it. I would wrap it around at the top and stick it to itself. Then holding that at the top with one hand, gently stretching it wrap the stems in the tape. I started with two or three flowers at the center of the bouquet, wrapped them in tape, then added one or two more at a time until I was pleased. I made sure the stems were long enough for both my hands to hold them, and no longer. Wrap the bottom with tape too so there are no wires to poke anyone. Then I wrapped my stems in ribbon and secured it with small, silver, flat head pins available with sewing supplies. 

    Good luck,OP!!!

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    I did silk flowers and they were great! If that is what you want, then you should do it. Real flowers are a waste of $ ad just die. You and your BM’s can keep your bouquets and you can give your centerpies to guests or sell them.


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