Are there any bees who are trying to go from obese/overweight to healthy?

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DaniGirl03 :  I love the goal of just getting to the gym. I always set these really hard goals for myself and then get super down on myself when I eventually fail. Must do this!

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DaniGirl03 :  there’s a website for Big girl yoga too. I’m by no means the biggest person at classes but I want to feel better about me 

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Checking in. I have been focusing on downsizing my portions overall for the last couple of months. I want to also get back into exercising but it’s so hard with my career. I am at work sometimes 10+ hrs a day.

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mememe. I’m slightly overweight and sometimes I feel that I can loose the 20-30lbs. it doenst grow if I eat crap and it doesn’t go away if I work really hard.

I’ve recently moved so I left my old hobbies behind and haven’t found new ones yet. Also my big issue is portion control. I eat relatively healthy food but the portions are too big. Also I have a sweet tooth and I snack too much. getting up from the floor got a little difficult so it’s time to do something about if.

first goal is to find motivation and a hobby that I can attend weekly. I can’t go with just a feeling. I need to pretend that it’s a must. Ironically I’ve lectured to people about heath promotion and the importance of diet and exercise previously for work…and I’m lazy af. so do as I say, not as I do 😁

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I just lost about 50 pounds, and I’d like to lose about 20 more.  I don’t care too much about BMI (I’m a size 8 and overweight according to BMI), just how I feel.   Exercise, calorie counting, and being realistic about eating have all been very helpful for me.

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DaniGirl03 :  I started loosing weight about 7 years ago. I lost around 55kgs and it was a two year process. I’ve kept it off for 5+ years but I still have about 16kgs  I want to lose before starting to TTC in mid 2018. I really want to weigh 68kg before we TTC. 

This last 16 KGS are really daunting to lose. Everyone says its the last 20 percent that’s the hardest. That’s why I stopped way back when because I was plateauing. It signalled that I’d really need to up the exercise and commit to eating bird food. I hadn’t needed to do that up until that point as I had been successful by just being more conscious as to what I put in my mouth and being more active.

Would love a support group and accountability thread. I need to do this once and for all and just get it out of the way. I’m honestly scared of the hard work and dedication involved to reach my goal. I already have lots on my metaphorical plate and coincidentally on my physical plate as well!! 😀 I know I’m going to turn into miserable hangry grump during this next stage so I’m kind of scared…pretty sure hubby may be scared too as he has to live with carb free hangry monster!!.

How are you ladies going to lose the weight? Calorie counting on your own? Some kind of weight loss group like Jenny Craig etc. I’m looking for some inspo as to what you like and works for you?

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DaniGirl03 :  one weight loss guru wrote in a newspaper that it was important to throw out clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Whether they are too small or too large, they will not be good for your weight loss journey and mental health. 

She said that keeping your bigger size clothes kind of gives you permission to ignore that you’ve put on a few kilos and no longer fit your current clothes. By having your larger clothes there you have something that fits.

If you keep your skinny clothes you just feel bad about yourself every time you spy it in your wardrobe which doesn’t help most peoples mental state or your health. Lots of people emotional eat and feeling crap about your weight is a nice path to emotional eating. Not fitting into your skinny clothes quick enough can also unmotivate you and throw weight loss into the too hard basket.

I started doing that when I lost weight. If it was too big it got donated as I never wanted to fit in that size again. If my pants now feel a little tight, I just cut back for a few weeks until I don’t feel that way anymore. I don’t have a fall back wardrobe to get into.

I also donated my skinny ‘I don’t fit into them any more’ clothes at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I did however keep a goal dress from my slimmer days. Once I fit that I went out for a celebration dinner and then donated it once it got too big and purchased another goal outfit. It felt great fitting in the goal outfits and donating too big clothes.

OP,  throw out your bigger clothes once they no longer fit you due to your successful weight loss. Your smaller clothes either donate them or give them to a friend for safekeeping at their house so you don’t have to see them until they fit.

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It’s funny that you say that, OP, because I was just thinking that they should have a page on here for a weight loss support group. I am wanting to lose 20lbs.

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Gurl!! Me!! I really want to start trying to convince but I could lose about 50lbs before I realistically would feel comfortable even trying but I would could overall lose about 80lbs. My blood sugars are a little high, not diabetic but I could get there if I don’t get this under control. So I want to do this for my health and also so I can finally, hopefully, have a baby. 


I have been trying to focus on my eating but I have such a sweet tooth. It’s really hard. Dh tries to be supportive and makes me feel beautiful but honestly he has gained like five pounds while I’ve gained over 100. Its ridiculous and we eat the same stuff!! I don’t get it. He is also the first person to agree if I want to eat crappy food. 

I need to start adding exercise to my routine. 

Please give me tips and advice, I know starting is the hardest part and I need to come up with a definitive plan. I was doing pretty good but then the holidays 🙁

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