(Closed) Are there any dogs out there that scare you? Dobermans scare me…

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Busy bee
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I’m terrified of pit bulls. It’s not because of the stereotype! A neighbor’s pit bull (trained for fighting) ran into our yard once when we had left the gate opened and mauled my little terrier mix (maybe 10-11 pounds) to death in front of me like a rag doll.

As vicious and cruel as it sounds, I was kicking the dog, trying to pull him off, hitting him with a broom, my ex bf pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the pit, but it just kept going and didn’t stop until my dog was broken and limp and lifeless. (I don’t wanna get flamed for that, but he was killing what I treated like my child. It was absolutely horrible.)

I was totally scarred from that and just can’t bring myself to like those dogs or want to associate with them even though I KNOW that it’s in the rearing not in the blood.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Any large dog that isn’t well trained worries me a little bit.  Sure, they might just trying to be friendly, but when a big dog jumps up on me, there’s the possibility I’ll be injured.  I’m not really good with handling dogs in general, so that doesn’t help.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve never been attacked or bitten by a dog before.  Well, okay, puppies bite, but it’s not the same thing.  I am very much a “blame the deed, not the breed” kind of person.  I don’t have a problem with any breed in particular, but if I saw a dog the did not appear to be friendly, I’d use caution.  

My neighbors have a rottie that roams the neighborhood, barking at people, and has bitten one person that we know of.  So yeah, I would be on guard if she approached me, especially if her owners weren’t around.  By contrast, the farm where we board our horse had a rottie, and she would be more likely to lick you to death than do actual harm to you.

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I love my family’s dogs, but strange dogs make me wary. We went to a friend’s one time when I was like 8-9 and their dog (it was either a yellow lab or golden retriever), just jumped up and went for my face. I didn’t do anything to scare him, and had even opened my palm to let him sniff me. Thank God he didn’t get me, but both my mom and the owner were pretty horrified, I guess that was something he’d never done. 

So I don’t have a specific ‘breed’ issue, but I am very wary around strange dogs. 

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Labs. Not scared of them, really… Just really dislike them. Every dog that I’ve ever almost been attacked by was a lab. When I was a kid my neighbor had one that they always left off leash. We’d have to look out the windows before we could even go outside to make sure he wasnt loose because he would try to attack us. Also when I used to volunteer at the humane society, labs were always the ones causing the most problems. I once walked into a kennel with two of them to clean poop and when I turned around they were both within inches of me snarling.

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Sugar bee
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Pomeranians. Seriously. 

I was 6 and my neighbors poms got out and attacked me. I was 6 in my back yard and they bit me on the arm leg and face. I had a Rottweiler at the time and he chased them out  and then stood over me an barked   my mom came out of the house. Neighbors felt real bad.

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Bumble bee
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@imalittlebirdie:  Aww I have a Pomeranian! LOL look at that face!! Haha but seriously my friend has a mean one that bit her kid on the face so I don’t blame you… Mine is sweet though 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m most scared of the owners attached to the other end of the leash ( or lack of leash). 

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Buzzing bee
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Any large dog running loose without a leash. I’ve been knocked down more than once, had dogs snap at me, or ones that approached me snarling, all in just one park in my town. Every single time the owner has yelled, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” as they run at me. Once I was knocked down so forcefully I ended up bleeding. But I’ve never been bitten, surprisingly. I can’t stand when people just let their dogs run all over the hiking trails. Yeah, your dog is friendly with YOU, but when it rounds a corner and there’s a strange person, sometimes you can’t predict how they will react. 

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Busy bee
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I got bit pretty bad in the face by a Westie when I was young, although that has definitely never made me fear them. I love all dogs equally!! 

@allyfally:  That makes me sad – Labs are really the sweetest breed of dog out there! 

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Sugar bee
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@MrsPom:  Oh my gosh I am normally more of a fan of bigger dogs but that little face is too cute!

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