(Closed) Are there any dogs out there that scare you? Dobermans scare me…

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@abbyful:  I swear I learn something new on weddingbee everyday! LOL

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I’m more nervous around little dogs than big dogs and I’m a huge animal lover.  Little dogs seem more unpredictable and they always seem to get snappy when they are afraid or feel challenged.

I also think that there are more sucky small dog owners out there.  They’re the ones who just pick up their dog when it’s snapping and yapping instead of addressing the behavior with training. 

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I have to chime in defense of pits.  By nature, they are usually very affectionate toward humans.  Of course, there is always an exception, as with every breed.  My girl would lick the face off anyone she meets and is excellent with children.  She even listens well and will remain calm around babies (again just overly eager to lick their little faces).  Now when it comes to other animals it’s a different story with her.  Many pits are just fine around others.  Mine is not.  Part of this I attribute to the fact that she was a stray for the first 4 months of her life and missed important socialization.  In addition, around age 1 she had a serious accident and we stopped going to the dog park for quite a while.  So now she needs a bit of time (days!) to warm up to a new dog before we really trust her.  That said, we keep her on a leash, especially when we know we are going to be around other dogs.  Unfortunately, not all other owners do.  The most frustrating thing is taking my dog for a walk and having other dogs rush at us off leash.  I sometimes find myself trying to calm my dog, stretch half my body out to keep the other dog away, and yelling to the owner that mine is not so friendly.  Leash laws are common sense for everyone, not just people with aggressive dogs!

I wanted to post a pic to melt the hearts of some of you pit-haters:) but I guess the photo uploader is still down.  What I can say is that her pic and story were recently published in a fundraising cookbook!

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Any of the hairless breeds. I know they can’t help looking the way they do, but my gosh… please don’t touch me!


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All! I never grew out of this fear. Dogs have terrified me for as long as I can remember. My parents even adopted a big one at one point, when I was in high school. They didn’t train him either, and the dog ended up having to be put down because he was biting neighbourhood children.

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@Dizbee:  That doesn’t surprise me–Chows are #2 on the bite list. We had a Chow growing up, but he never bit me, my mom, our other dog, or either cat. Then again, he was just dumb lol.


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@Woodstock:  You CAN train cats; it’s called keeping them indoors. My cats don’t hiss (unless they’re really pissed; my little one hissed at me for the first time ever the other day when she was really sick and didn’t want to be touched). The big one is, um, feral? He can be a huge sweetheart, but he has no qualms about biting and using claws. Unfortunately, he was adopted as a kitten and then the lady decided that she didn’t want him and tossed him outside, where he lived for over a year trying to fend for himself. We typically know when he’s getting sharp/bitey, though.

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Speaking of training cats… for those that have been to or plan to go to Key West: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyKxbua9miM


As far as cats versus dogs, one of my dogs (rescue dog we adopted as an older dog) has to sometimes wear a “party hat”, aka muzzle, when he gets shots at the vet. Last time we were in he didn’t need the happy hat, but we always remind the vet that he does sometimes; the vet told us she doesn’t really worry about the dogs, even if they do get nippy, it’s the cats that she worries about! Most dogs just want to give a “stop that” message, where the cats that get annoyed will go all-out biting and scratching.

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Agreed.  I LOVE pits….they are wonderful dogs.  I walk with a group of girls and between the three of us we have four pits.  My border collie is the one you gotta look out for 🙂

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What dog scares me?  Any improperly trained or unsocialised dog (big or small). 

Being a first time owner of a Rottweiler I can tell you that training is key to having a well mannered dog. Not just training for the dog but also for the owner and the others that will interact with the animal on a regular basis. 

Dogs are dogs and unless you keep them in check they will do what they want to do.  Thus, most of the time it is the owner’s responsibility when they go wild.   Still there are some dogs that are wired incorrectly and no amount of training can keep them in check. 

If you are an owner of dog (any breed) know your dog’s limitations.  Most of the time dogs react out of stress.  Improperly socialised dogs are fearful of new situations and people.  They will react by growling, barking, and bititng if pushed/scared and feel the need to defend themselves. Also, let’s be honest, there are also those people who provoke reactions from dogs as well and then wonder why the dog reacted.  In that case I would not blame the owner or the dog for stupidity. 

All this being said, any breed of dog can act agressively.  I hate those “dangerous/bully” dog lists.  The fact of the matter certain breeds are on the list simply because of their power and build.  Bites from these dogs will inflict greater damage they say a Dachshund or Yorkshire Terrier.  So American Staffsfordshire Terriers, American Pitt Bull Terriers, Rottwielers, etc. are destined to be on the list.  However, any dog can bite and inflict damage/harm (physically, emotionally, and mentally). 



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I’m not afraid of any dogs.  Even dogs that are barking/growling at me don’t bother me at all.  I honestly don’t think I’d have any fear of any dog until teeth were meeting skin.

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I think you should always use caution around any dog that makes you uneasy regardless of the size.  Personally I always use caution around German Shepherds.  I have nothing against them and have met many nice ones but they always just make me cautious.  Also I always use caution around farm dogs.  They seem to be very protective


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I was bit in the ass by a husky when I was a kid so I hated that dog. I still love huskies and all other dogs but I now know to use caution around 1. a dog that doesn’t know me and 2. a dog that is strong enough to hurt me. I have three large breed dogs, including one pit, and they are all the sweetest loving dogs in the world. But, even though they know me and I trust them, I also am completely aware that they could hurt me if they wanted to, I’m always on guard. especially once we have kids, that will be a whole different story.

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